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meiso 05-20-06 10:11 PM

FT: some CC (kurosawa, tokyo story etc) & few cheap titles...
i am in canada.

i have CC:
rashomon CC
throne of blood CC
stray dog CC
tokyo story CC
man bites dog CC

these i might want to get rid of CC:
brazil CC
contempt CC
band of outsiders CC

i have:
audition (original), titus, jerry maguire se, almost famous se, felicia's journey, other titles that may or may not have been reissued and/or nobody cares about but you get the idea etc


looking for CC:
l'eclisse CC
l'avventura CC
andrei rublev CC
bergman CC
suzuki CC (low priority)
ratcatcher CC (low priority)

looking for:
un flic & other non criterion melville, chinatown, la notte, style wars... that's it for now i think.

i'm also looking for a copy of joy division's unknown pleasures LP.

email me through here/at [email protected] or post in the thread and i'll get back to you.

thanks for looking.

explosivej 05-20-06 11:33 PM


Richard Malloy 05-22-06 10:17 AM

Ygm. :)

meiso 05-23-06 04:15 PM


meiso 05-28-06 06:39 PM

( :

namesaredumb 05-29-06 01:14 AM

I am interested in Tokyo Story and Stray Dog. Here's my trade list: http://forum.dvdtalk.com/showthread....2&page=1&pp=25

Let me know if anything tickles your fancy!

meiso 05-30-06 02:48 PM

namesaredumb, i'm interested in chinatown, and have a very mild intrest in rubber johnny...

namesaredumb 05-30-06 04:43 PM

meiso, if you're interested in setting up a trade, please e-mail me at [email protected].

meiso 06-03-06 06:51 AM


meiso 06-05-06 10:38 PM

nobodu? ];

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