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Dr. Phibes 05-20-06 08:00 PM

New trade list! Come On!
I'm looking to trade off some stuff. Most of these aren't very recent releases, but there may be something of interest to someone. Here goes:

3rd Rock From the Sun Season 1
Alf Season 1
American Werewolf in London
Apartment, The - Monica Bellucci
Beast That Killed Women/Monster of Camp Sunshine - SWV
Big Girls Don't Cry
Blood Feast 2
BMW Films - The Hire
Butcher Boy - VHS
Cars That Ate Paris
Company of Wolves
Dawn of the Dead - Theatrical "Divimax" release
Dead Heat - Treat Williams movie
Demon Seed
Dracula A.D. 1972
Eight Diagram Pole Fighter - Celestial release
Fast Company 2-disc
Fear No Evil
Friends Season 2 - Sealed
Friends Season 7 - Sealed
From Hell 2-disc
Gore Gore Girls
High Fidelity
I Know/I Still Know What You Did Last Summer
Kill Bill vol. 1
Kill Bill vol. 2
Last House on Dead End Street 2-disc
Malcolm in the Middle Season 1
Mystery Science Theater 3000 - vol. 6 - Sealed
Night of the Bloody Apes/Feast of Flesh - SWV
Night of the Lepus
Night of the Living Dead Millenium Edition
Nightmare Before Christmas
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - 2-disc
Prince of Darkness - R2 release with commentary
Private Parts - WB release
SCTV Volume 2
Season of the Witch
Seven Samurai
Stranger is Watching, A
Taste of Blood, A
Tim Roth's The War Zone
To The Devil a Daughter
Usual Suspects - w/ slipcover
Violence in a Women's Prison
When a Stranger Calls Back
Yokai Monsters - Spook Warfare

I haven't really been keeping up on what new stuff has come out recently, so I'm pretty much looking for horror or tv releases. Feel free to make an offer.

robbb 05-21-06 08:58 AM

Interested in Usual Suspects

the only things I have in horror - Savage Island and Birth (not really horror but kinda creepy)

let me know


Zane Charron 05-21-06 10:58 AM

Sent you Email.

Dr. Phibes 05-28-06 08:55 PM

Sorry for the late response. I checked both of your lists but I didn't see anything I really need right now. But keep me updated if you add anything new. Thanks!

Dr. Phibes 05-28-06 10:02 PM

Updated the list with about a dozen new titles.

Dr. Phibes 06-17-06 08:11 PM

Up Top!

onitapgr 06-19-06 09:33 PM


lwhy? 06-19-06 11:45 PM

Anything here for Malcom S1 or Usual Suspects? http://forum.dvdtalk.com/showthread.php?t=468989 PLMK

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