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AvaDoodle 05-15-06 05:08 PM

Tryin’ this one more time. I may do multiples for my wants. I have the following for trade. They aren’t the sexiest titles out there, but hey somebody may want ‘em.

For Trade

Million Dollar Baby (WS)
Crimson Rivers 2
In Cold Blood
Open Water (WS)
Check back, more titles to come…


Dog Day Afternoon (2 Disk)
All The Presidents Men (2 Disk)

Logic 7 05-15-06 06:49 PM

Ok who's crap is worse? I'll trade some of mine for yours
I've got these.

Mission Impossible (original)

Con Air (original)

Four Weddings and a Funeral (original)

Titanic (Original w/ Kate & Leo)

Elizabethtown Best Buy preview promo disc

Demo/surround Music demo discs

B&W Demo which includes info on their 800 series but more importantly both stereo music demos with interviews with the artists plus 5.1 & 6.1 DTS/DTS ES music demos

Kenwood Sovereign again info on their Sovereign line but also has THX EX trailer (Tex II)and demo Jungle Sounds both of which are great EX demos, 5.1 music demos as well as surround video clips from Peter Frampton,Don Henley and Travis Tritt. It also has Faroudja video test signals and material.

Bet on Jazz. The Jazz channel presents. 5 Jazz music videos in either 2.0 or 5.1 from BB King,Lou Rawls,Keiko Matsui,Jeffrey Osbourne & Chaka Khan

A Sony SACD Music surround music sampler with cuts from James Taylor, Midori/Esinbach (Mozart)Miles Davis & Roger Waters

JVC special edition DVD audio of music from the Yes albums Magnification (5 cuts) & The House of Yes: Live from the House of Blues ( cuts)

Inside DVD discs which include 30 or more movie trailers as well as interviews and music videos

I have all the Total DVD disc which have trailer movies & special features

Best Buy Star Wars Episode III litho

legend42 05-15-06 10:41 PM

I can do Kids (sealed) for In Cold Blood, if you want.

AvaDoodle 05-17-06 09:15 AM

Legend42 Deal. E-mail me at [email protected] and lets get these pups sent. I can't seemd to e-mail you from the forum.

AvaDoodle 05-17-06 09:16 AM

Logic7 Sorry bub, didn't see any crap I wanted. Thanks anyhoo...

legend42 05-17-06 02:02 PM

YGM, Ava.

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