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TequilaYuen187 05-10-06 12:10 PM

Need to Lose Discs, Pick Up What I Need...
All Discs are in like new condition from my own personal collection. Contact me at [email protected] if you would like to make an offer! Open to 2:1 or more trades (within reason!). add $2.00 for shipping. on the good trader list here as well as asiandvdguide forum.

21 Grams [Penn, Watts](r1 Focus)- $5
8 Mile [Eminem, Curtis Hanson](r1, Universal)- $5
American Pimp [Hughes Bros.](r1, MGM, OOP)- $7
Army of Darkness [Raimi, 2-Disc, Limited](r1, Anchor Bay, OOP]- $50
Blade [Wesley Snipes](r1, new line platinum, snap case)- $5
Bride with White Hair [Ronny Yu, Leslie Cheung](r0, Tai Seng, OOP)- $8
Dark Water [Hideo Nakata](r3, Widesight, w/DTS)- $9
Doppelganger [Kiyoshi Kurosawa](r1, Tartan, w/DTS)- $7 (has scratches on disc, but it plays just fine.)
Elf (2-Disc, Infinifilm, r1, w/Slipcover)- $9
Face/Off (r1, Paramount)- $5
HK Triad [Lau Ching Wan, Clarence Fok](r0, MegaStar)- $5
House on Haunted Hill/Last Man on Earth [Vincent Price](r0, Diamond, OOP)- $5
Hulk [2-Disc](r1, Universal)- $7
In the Mouth of Madness [John Carpenter](r1, New Line, Snap Case)- $7
Last Boy Scout [Bruce Willis, Tony Scott](r1, Warner)- $5
League of Gentlemen [1st Series](r1, BBC)- $8
Life is Beautiful [Begnini](r1, Miramax)- $9
Predator [McTiernan](r1, 2-Disc, Fox)- $9
Tale of Two Sisters [w/slipcover](r3, Panorama]- $7

Specific Wants...

Sympathy for Lady Vengeance [Cj, Tartan UK, or Panorama 2-Disc]
Heat [2-Disc]
Casino [10th Anniversary]
Dr. Katz Season 1
MST3K [Single or Box Sets]

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