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aeron 04-14-06 08:39 PM

-- FS: for the distinguished collector! Simpsons, Big Lebowski, Oliver Stone, more --
For sale (Paypal non-credit card payment only, and only U.S. buyers, please)...All are in excellent condition. Shipping is not included in the prices. Deals can be made for multiple purchases...

<b>Big Lebowski: Achiever's Edition (OOP, sealed) $50

Joan of Arcadia: Season One $28

Mr. and Mrs. Smith $9

Simpsons, The: Season Six (Homer head case) $22

Ultimate Oliver Stone Collection $50

Versus: Ultimate Edition (Japanese, Region 2, no Eng subs) $20

Wonderful Days: Limited Edition (Korean, 3-discs, Region 3, DTS, NTSC, Eng. subs) $28</b>

<b>The Ring Trilogy (Tartan, PAL format)</b> $22
Ring 0 (says R2, but maybe all region?)
Ring (All region)
Ring 2 (All region)

<b>Lord of the Rings trilogy</b> $20
(widescreen, sealed, theatrical versions)
Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

<b>Serial Experiments: LAIN collection</b> $30
(first version, not Signature Series)
Serial Experiments: Lain #1 Navi
Serial Experiments: Lain #2 Knights
Serial Experiments: Lain #3 Deus
Serial Experiments: Lain #4 Reset

<b>Andromeda Season 2 collection</b> $8
(not a boxed set; these are individual)
Andromeda Season 2, Collection 1 (2-discs, promo)--included for free
Andromeda Season 2, Collection 2 (2-discs, a couple minor scuffs)
Andromeda Season 2, Collection 3 (2-discs, minor scuffs on disc 1)

<b>Chow Yun Fat titles</b> $23
(all region, NTSC, with Eng. subs)
Better Tomorrow, A (Media Asia)
God of Gamblers (Mei Ah)
Prison on Fire (Universe)
Prison on Fire 2 (Universe)

I am a long-time <b>gold trader</b> (aeron) on the GTL; have [+203] feedback (100%) on EBay (Euler2718); and [+26] on Yahoo! auctions. I have recently completed trades with: Gilriz1827, Leeta, Brif, myrdh, Janus3, yachtsman, stonecountry, Bill Geiger, ajjetpsst, onitapgr, Omshanti Green.

Thanks for looking!

aeron 04-15-06 05:54 PM


aeron 04-17-06 01:21 PM

Update: Lowered some prices...

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