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teamwinfan 02-22-06 01:25 PM

FS/FT: Suspiria 3 Disc Set (OOP), Transformers the Movie (OOP), ALF, LASERDISCS, MORE
<b>UPDATED 02/22.......</b>

Willing to trade or sell. <b>Prices INCLUDE SHIPPING to continental US.</b> I prefer to trade, especially for Criterions.

I have the following:

Suspiria 3 Disc Set (OOP) $18
Detention $7
Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (snap case) $7
WWE Holiday Tribute to the TROOPS 2 Disc (Sealed, Cases will need replacing due to scratches in plastic.. no damage to cover artwork.) $7

Anchors Aweigh $12
Shaolin Soccer $5 (Light Scratches)
Alf Season One $18
The Warriors OOP (Original Theatrical Cut) $30
Transporter 2 $11
Shaolin Soccer $5 (Light Scratches)
Jem Vol. 1 (Played Once, 100% mint) $225 No trade, Wife's..
Jem Vol. 2 (Played Once, 100% mint) $85 No trade, Wife's..
Transformers the Movie OOP $40
The Devil's Backbone $8
Dragon's Lair 20th Anniversary SE Box Set (Slipcase has minor wear) $13
Final Countdown 2 Disc LE $16
Plan 9 From Outer Space $4
National Geographic: The Last Royals $7
G-Saviour The Movie $6
Jin-Roh The Wolf Brigade 3 Disc Special Edition (Includes Slipcase. Slight wear on digipack. Discs Mint.) $15
Final Fantasy - The Spirit Within $4
Mudvayne - Dig $3
Mudvayne - Live in Peoria $5
Pain & Suffering Tour DVD $3
VH1 Storytellers THE DOORS: A Celebration $11
Inside TRL $4

<b>LASER DISCS: CRITERIONS: $8 All Others $5</b>

Arsenic and Old Lace - CRITERION (UPC: 715515002363)
Adventures of Robin Hood - CRITERION (2 Discs, UPC: 715515000017)
Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo (2 Discs, UPC: None)
Alfred Hitchcock's Notorious (Hole Punch, UPC: None)
The Women (2discs, Hole Punch in art, UPC: 027616050366)
Billy Rose's Jumbo (2 Discs, UPC: 027616181961)
Take Me Out to the Ballgame (UPC: 027616050366)
'TESS' (UPC: None... Roman Polanski Film)
Neil Simon's Chapter Two (UPC: None)
Troop Beverly Hills (UPC: 043396102965)
Close Encounters of the Third Kind Special Edition (2 Discs, UPC: None)
Play Murder for Me (Hole Punch, UPC: 014381256963)
Free Ride (UPC: 013023314467)
Killer Tomatoes Strike Back (Hole Punch, UPC: 086162191367)
Phantom of the Ritz (Hole Punch, UPC: 014381863369)
Blades (Hole Punch & Bent Corners, UPC: 014381785364)
Tricks of the Trade (Hole Punch, UPC: 014381206661)
War Party (Hole Punch & Bent Corner, UPC: 014381711363)
Going for the Gold (Hole Punch, UPC: 014381843767)
Vital Signs (Hole Punch, UPC: 0861621831640)
Freeze Frame (UPC: 014381235364)
Keep the Change (UPC: 014381219661)
Two of a Kind (Clipped Corner, UPC: 086162133961)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II (Clipper Corner & Hole Punch, UPC: 014381856569)
Bozo The World's Most Famous Clown Wowie Kazowie Clown Tales (Hole Punch, UPC: 014381838862)
Jurassic Park (UPC: 096894182960)
Bye Bye Birdie (UPC: None)
East of Eden (UPC: None)
HEROES starring Henry Winkler (2 Discs, UPC: None)
John Steinbeck's The Red Pony (Hole Punch, UPC: 014381623260)
Lullaby of Broadway (Hole Punch, UPC: 085391186663)
Auntie Mae (2 Discs, UPC: 085391115267)
Irving Berlin's White Christmas (2 Discs, UPC: 013023257658)
Jane Goodall: The Baboons of Gombe (UPC: None)
Finian's Rainbow (2 Discs, UPC: 085391223665)
The SeaHawk (2 Discs, UPC: 027616185563)
Pocahontas (UPC: 786936014440)
Gypsy (2 Discs, UPC: 085391120766)
Rodgers & Hammerstein The Sound of Movies (UPC: 014381357967)
Scrooge w/ Albert Finney (UPC: 086162914362)
On a Clear Day You Can See Forever (2 Discs, UPC: None)
Brigadoom (Hole Punch, UPC: 027616181763)
The Pink Panther (UPC: 027616210869)
Finian's Rainbow (2 Discs, UPC: None)
The Pajama Game (UPC: 085393508562)
Damn Yankees (UPC: 085391119661)
Company (UPC: 090266091461)
Man of La Mancha (2 Discs, UPC: None)
Good News (UPC: 027616087768)
The Music Man (2 Discs, UPC: 085391227663)
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (UPC: 027616170866)
The Bridge of the River Kwai (2 Discs, UPC: 043396796164)

Harry & The Hendersons OOP & Not on DVD $17
Monster Squad OOP & Not on DVD $17
Howard the Duck OOP & Not on DVD $12

XBOX: Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (SEALED Original Rated M Version, Damage on Rear Cover Artwork.) $35
Tons of NES games..

Any Criterions I don't have, especiall OOP titles..
M - Criterion
Brazil - Criterion
Rushmore - Criterion
Lord of the Flies - Criterion
Sopranos Season 3 / 5
Where the Buffalo Roam
Sin City Extended & Recut
Breakfast with Hunter
To Catch a Killer
Dr. Giggles
When I Die - The Gonzo Monument
Land of the Dead w/ Slip Cover

eBay feedback:

Created a new thread because I no longer had most of the stuff in the title..

mijorico 02-22-06 02:03 PM

I'm interested in Willy Wonka if it's the widescreen version.

If so, anything here?


SlingshotBandit 02-22-06 02:16 PM

I'm interested in Surspiria 3-Disc LE (OOP). Email me to iron out details: [email protected] Thanks!

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