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dmpre99 02-13-06 09:32 PM

fs/ft Transporter 2, Cinderella Man, Four Brothers, etc
Prices include shipping can discount if you buy more than 1.

blade trinity unrated $12
cinderella man $12
four Brothers $12
dark water $12
unleashed $12
transporter 2 $12

I am a gold trader thanks for looking

want list
Alien vs. Predator unrated
Hidden Blade
I, Robot 2 disc
Into the Blue
Man on Fire 2 disc
Sin City
Sky High japanese film
any korean films i dont own

stonecountry 02-14-06 12:45 PM

Are Dark Water and Unleashed Unrated, and are all the titles Widescreen?

If so, I'd offer you this deal, which is essentially the same price I could get them for at Movie Gallery in the Buy 2 Get 2 Free Deal:

I'll give you $40 paypal for:

Cinderella Man (WS)
Four Brothers (WS)
Dark Water (WS, Unrated?)
Unleashed (WS, Unrated?)
Transporter 2 (WS)

That's about $8 each. You can ship them media mail if you like, if you're in the States.

E-mail me at [email protected]. Thanks.

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