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tdog 01-23-06 03:51 AM

F/T: a little here and there

I've got the following for trade:

B&W Demo disc with DTS ES music in a cardboard sleeve

Elizabethtown Best Buy promo disc

Sin City Best Buy exclusive disc

Stealth Best Buy promo disc

Starwars: The story of starwars (Walmart exclusive)


Corpse Bride
Cinderella Man collector's edition
Sin City Extended
Jackie Brown
...may consider others

willing to trade 2 or more for 1 of my wants.


Giallofan 01-23-06 06:14 AM

what exactly does this have on it please?

- Sin City Best Buy exclusive disc

tdog 01-23-06 12:52 PM


this is the content of the Sin City DVD:

Scenes from Sin City
behind the scenes of Sin City
Sin city teaser trailer
Miramax 25th Anniversary Montage

bad santa
kill bill v.1
kill bill v.2
the hole
finding neverland
shall we dance?
hellraiser: deader
dracula III: legacy
prozac nation


Giallofan 01-23-06 01:09 PM

oh, ok, thanks. Some of that, the things I think I'd be interested in, not the trailers necessarily, I think maybe on my Sin City; Recut, Extended set? Such as the teaser trailer, that I know of, but not sure of the behind the scenes, as I haven't watched it yet? Thanks though for the info, I appreciate it.

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