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SncDthMnky 01-17-06 11:21 AM

Help me get rid of these, please.
I want the director's label 2 boxset, the most recent one, or criterions. make an offer.

2 disc Lawrence of Arabia Superbit 12$
Crime Lords (4 movie set.) 3$
Straw Dogs (MGM, uncut) 5$
The Thomas Crown Affair (MGM 1 disc) 3$
The Final Cut (Robin Williams) 7$
L.A. Confidential (Snapper) 8$
The Corporation (2 disc Canadian release) 14$
Don't Tempt Me (Penelope Cruz) 6$
Musa: The Warrior (130 minute international cut) 11$
A Life Less Ordinary (McGregor/Diaz) 5$
Club Dread: Unrated 7$
The Osterman Weekend Anchor Bay 2 disc w/ Slipcover 12$
The Big Lebowski 6$
Full Time Killer (PALM pictures) (disc only) 3$
Sleepy Hollow 3$
U-Turn 3$
One Night at McCool's - Alliance Atlantis 2$
Airheads - Fox 3$
Crime and Punishmen in Suburbia - MGM 2$
De Palma's Casualties of War - Columbia 3$
Swept Away (Guy Ritchie's Version) - Columbia 3$
Sonny Chiba Samurai Classics: Legend of 8 Samurai, The Bodyguard, and Shogun's Ninja - 1$
Working Trash - Fox (Ben Stiller/George Carlin made for TV movie) 2$
Naked Killer - Fox 3$
Zulu 3$
Igby Goes Down 3$
Hunt for Red October (not special edition) 3$
Mad City 3$
Formula 51 3$
Mulholland Falls 3$
Animated Lord of the Rings 2$
The 6th Day 2$
The Weight of Water 3$
For a Few Dollar's More 3$
Fever Pitch (filmed in fullscreen) Colin Firth Version 2$
2 Days in the Valley Snapper 3$
Fellini's Roma 5$
City of Industry 4$
Daredevil 2 discs theatrical cut 3$
Ravenous 3$
The Young Americans (Harvey Keitel) 4$
The Rock (non-anamorphic hollywood pictures release) 4$
The Shining (Warner Remastered Edition) 8$

mijorico 01-17-06 02:29 PM

Anything here for L.A. Confidential and/or Sleepy Hollow?


Cinemaddiction 01-17-06 02:44 PM


SncDthMnky 01-18-06 12:54 AM

updated with a want, a really big want.

SncDthMnky 01-29-06 07:59 PM

prices lowered on most discs.

bigt7117 01-30-06 12:46 AM

How much will you take if I buy all of them? Do you accept paypal?


TequilaYuen187 02-22-06 09:17 AM

interested in...

for a few dollars more
lawrence of arabia

please check my thread at: http://dvdtalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=456743

[email protected] if anything interests you.

Tibor 02-22-06 01:10 PM

Hi any thing from my list for Musa The Warrior



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