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noiseunit 01-16-06 07:57 PM

I'm a UK Trader who got Two Val Lewton sets for Xmas...anyone wanna swap me?
Hi - make me some offers if you've anything you want shut of; I adore Karloff, Tourneur and Simone Simon as much as anyone, but two identical box sets are more than enough for anyone.

Giallofan 01-16-06 08:43 PM

Is the Val Lewton set a US Region 1 ntsc? If so, anything here for it:


To my knowledge, I believe there's only that one, but just wanted to make sure? I can play imports on my players, but would like the R1 of it anyway. Please let me know? Thanks.

stonecountry 01-16-06 11:51 PM


Anything there interest you for it? E-mail me at [email protected]

noiseunit 01-17-06 12:28 AM

thanx both - but I'd rather swap it in the UK to avoid any customs hassles - I'd feel pretty bad if it got held up at customs (it's pretty big).

stonecountry 01-17-06 12:37 AM

I always mark customs forms as a $5 value, and I never have problems. I ship stuff thru ebay to the U.K. fairly regularly. Parcel Post Air Mail isn't extremely costly and only takes 4-7 business days, so the less time in transit, the less time for questioning packages.

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