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yourlocalcinema 01-11-06 01:38 PM

Buying SLIPS for Millions & Charlie and the Chocolate Factory & Shrek 2
Looking to buy the slips (sleeve to go around DVD case) for:
  • Millions (widescreen, although if you have FS let me know anyway because I'm kind of desperate),
  • Shrek 2 (also Widescreen, but again let me know if you have FS),
  • and for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 2-disc (it's a Shiny/hologram one, I believe).

I know a lot of people throw out the slips, so if anyone just wants to get rid of 'em, I'd be very interested in buying.

Post here or email gotariverfenixep [at] aol [dot] com.


spartanstew 01-11-06 04:48 PM

Neither my Shrek 2 or Chocolate Factory 2 disc came with a slipcover. Are you sure there is one for these titles?

yourlocalcinema 01-11-06 07:07 PM

Positive. Saw the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory one at Suncoast this weekend. It's shiny & semi-holographic. Pretty cool.

The Shrek 2 one was at Best Buy. It's mostly white & has the film's logo and some pictures of the characters. There were separate ones for the fullscreen and widescreen releases.

spartanstew 01-11-06 08:02 PM

Oops. I was just reminded that I already sold my Chocolate Factory slipcover. No wonder I don't have it.

Don't know what could have happened to my Shrek2 though

J.P.V. 01-11-06 08:40 PM

Shrek 2 didn't have a slipcover when first released.

gryffinmaster 01-11-06 08:42 PM

That shint slipcover was one of the main reasons I tackled the D.E. (granted at a similar price) over the single-disc. Waited for a good deal at the z Ships at Amazon, and nailed it.

yourlocalcinema 01-11-06 11:14 PM

Yeah, the shiny one is fantastic. I'd love to find it. :(

yourlocalcinema 01-12-06 05:58 PM


yourlocalcinema 02-11-06 11:56 AM


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