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MBoyd 01-10-06 10:27 AM

Anyone interested in Bond slipcases only?
These 3 slipcases are from the original release in 1999/2000. I had them up on ebay for sale with the rest of my Bond dvds, but nobody was interested.

dkh48 01-10-06 05:23 PM

I'm adding something else to this thread. Hope you don't mind, MBoyd.

Don't know what the official name for these are but ... I have the paper sleeves that wrap around the slipcases. I'll have to check if i have them for all 3 sets. Not in the greatest condition but its just sitting around and I have no need for them.

MBoyd 01-10-06 05:56 PM

Hey if some Bond completist wants those with my slip cases then :thumbsup:!

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