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fender69 12-26-05 11:41 AM

FT: Hard Boiled:CC, Tampopo, Blood for Dracula:CC and others
Here's the list:
Tampopo (OOP)
Hard Boiled:CC (Sealed, OOP)
Blood for Dracula:CC (OOP)
M:CC (First Release)
The Bank Dick:CC (OOP)
Lord of the Flies:CC (Sealed)
The Ben Stiller SHow
Space Ghost Coast to Coast vols.1 & 2
Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter
Amelie (little case wear)

Curb Your Enthausim Vol 4
Batman the Animated Series vols 2 & 4
Carl Segan's Cosmos
Complete Cosmos (Region 4)
Sam Peckinpah's Legendary Westerns Collection
Heavenís Gate
The Sicilian
Freaks & Geeks: Complete Series
Dead or Alive (Unrated Director's Cut)
Dead or Alive: Final
Young Thugs:Innocent Blood
Audition SE
Unsolved Mysteries sets (not Ghosts)
Nova - The Elegant Universe
The Complete Prisoner Megaset

Samurai Champloo - Complete Series
R.O.D. - vol 4-end
Gungrave vol 4-end
Neon Genesis Plat. vol 4-end
Wolf's Rain vol 4-end
Texnolyze vol 5-6
Paranoia Agent vol 2-end

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