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RUN-DvdMC 12-17-05 09:40 AM

FS: HBO Sets (Wire, Sopranos, SFU) $37 shipped
All great condition in original boxes.

Each set $37 shipped media mail except those marked

Sopranos Season 1
The Wire Season 1
The "L" Word Season 1
Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 1-3 ($25 each shipped)
Family Business Season 1 & 2 ($22 each shipped)

I'm a gold trader and am looking for paypal non-cc only and for U.S. traders. Thanks!

RUN-DvdMC 12-17-05 10:40 AM

Wire Season 2 is now sold.

RUN-DvdMC 12-19-05 08:33 AM

Peggy, sent out Wire 2 this morning. :)

Medspeaking 12-19-05 09:20 AM

Thanks, Randy...look forward to it!


Wolfchild 12-19-05 09:21 AM

Sent you an email regarding SFU #3.

RUN-DvdMC 12-19-05 10:27 PM

YGM back and I've added a few more boxsets to the list.

RUN-DvdMC 12-20-05 08:33 AM

List updated with sets that are still available.

J-Flow 12-20-05 12:15 PM

I'm interested in Sopranos Season 5 if its still available. Have paypal funds in account, ready to go if everything looks good and is complete. Thanks.

RUN-DvdMC 12-20-05 02:55 PM

J-Flow, send paypal funds to [email protected] and you're good to go on Season 5 and I'll send out tomorrow if possible.

J-Flow 12-20-05 03:02 PM

Done, thanks.

RUN-DvdMC 12-20-05 03:14 PM

Sopranos Season 5 now sold. List updated.

RUN-DvdMC 12-21-05 01:13 PM

All sold sets sent out today. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

RUN-DvdMC 12-22-05 11:28 PM


ziondog 12-23-05 06:30 AM

The Wire Season 1
The "L" Word Season 1



RUN-DvdMC 12-23-05 09:26 AM

Sorry Ziondog, just looking for non-cc paypal cash.

lwhy? 12-24-05 07:40 AM


RUN-DvdMC 12-24-05 09:38 AM

YGM back

RUN-DvdMC 12-26-05 10:37 PM

Some sets still available

dugnarug 12-27-05 05:26 PM

Hello, I am interested in

Soprano's Season 2
Soprano's Season 4
Six Feet Under Season 2

$111 shipped? email me [email protected]

RUN-DvdMC 12-27-05 09:44 PM

dugnarug & jwill you both have mail.

RUN-DvdMC 12-28-05 09:34 PM

dugnarug, you out there?

ivelostr2 12-28-05 09:48 PM

Ill take SFU season 2 for 37 if it is still available...

RUN-DvdMC 12-28-05 11:24 PM

ivelostr2, if I don't hear back from dugnarug by tomorrow I'll shoot you an email.

ivelostr2 12-28-05 11:47 PM

Originally Posted by RUN-DvdMC
ivelostr2, if I don't hear back from dugnarug by tomorrow I'll shoot you an email.

great ty

RUN-DvdMC 12-31-05 10:39 AM

Ivelostr2, I haven't been able to get in contact with dugnarug so SFU 2 is yours if you want it still. Just paypal [email protected] (non-cc funds) and I'll send it out on Monday.

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