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SlingshotBandit 12-09-05 04:28 AM

a smattering of dvds
Gold Trader status.

All prices include shipping/handling (media mail with delivery confirmation, unless it's cheaper to ship first class...which is the case sometimes). All dvds are widescreen, unless otherwise noted. All dvds are in excellent condition (may have a light scratch or two) to near mint/mint condition.

Attack the Gas Station - $9
Barbershop Deluxe Giftset (contains Barbershop 1 & 2, plus other stuff; sealed) - $18
Batman Begins (1 disc, no slipcover if it comes with one...not sure if it does) - $9
Boogeyman - $8
Breaking the Waves (R1, oop) - $18
Crank Yankers: Season 1 (sealed) - $15
Dumb and Dumber - $7
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - $9
Fletch (sealed, 2 copies) - trade only
Interpreter, The - SOLD
Kibakichi - $9
Kicking and Screaming - $9
King of the Hill: Season 1 (sealed) - $15
Kingdom of Heaven (2-Disc) - $10 (no slipcover)
Tremors 4 - $4 (all white where the barcode is supposed to be)
Ran: Masterworks Edition - $10
Sahara - $9
Star Wars III: Attack of the Clones - $9
Stoked: The Rise and Fall of Gator - $8
Unleashed: Unrated - SOLD

May list more. Not sure if I got anything else available at the mo'.


40 Year Old Virgin, The
Airplane: The Don't Call Me Shirley! Edition
Alien Nation: Complete Series
Cinderella Man: LE 2-Disc
City of God (low want)
Frank Miller's Sin City - Recut, Extended, Unrated
Island, The
Office Space: SE
Seinfeld: Volume 3 and 4 (the new ones, forget which seasons they are)
Sex and the City: Complete Collection
Se7en: Platinum Series (low want)
Tales from the Crypt: Season 2
Tommy Boy: Holy Shnike Edition (low, low want)
Twilight Zone: 80's Series Volume 2
Wedding Crashers
War of the Worlds: LE 2-Disc

Might add more later.

dmpre99 12-09-05 10:06 AM

i will take unleashed and batman begins if it is still avaliable email me at [email protected]

J.P.V. 12-09-05 10:35 AM



Jean Paul

aggressivemx 12-09-05 11:11 AM

do you still have unleashed, ready to paypal now

stonecountry 12-09-05 02:05 PM


Anything there interest you for your Sealed copies of Fletch or Unleashed? Need them for Christmas. E-mail me. Thanks.

SlingshotBandit 12-10-05 04:09 AM

The Interpreter and Unleashed are both sold. Sorry to the others that were interested.

dmpre99, I still have Batman Begins. Let me know if you're interested.

stonecountry, i barely started browsing through your dvd library. my browser was acting up when I did...pages very slow to download... i'll have to revisit it later.

stonecountry 12-10-05 11:54 AM

OK. Let me know as soon as you can. Thanks.

aeron 12-10-05 07:35 PM

If they're all widescreen, I'm interested in your:
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Kingdom of Heaven (lower interest)

Please check my thread at:


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