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Giallofan 03-03-06 03:55 PM


Looking to sell:

- The Rock: C.C. - discs look excellent/near mint, same w/ insert/booklet. case shows some shelf wear, nothing major at all. $16 (shipped). (SOLD!!!)

- The Aquatic Life With Steve Zissou: C.C. - SE 2 Disc-Set w/ slip-cover. Disc 1 looks near mint/nearly flawless, just like the insert/booklet, unfortunetly, Disc 2 has some scratches on it, not excessive, and nothing that effects play, and the funny thing is, is this disc was never watched, nor even removed from it's spindle, until now, to make sure it looks nice, before posting it. I'm just glad I checked, otherwise, I would have thought it was in mint cond. since it's never been out of it's spindle and all. So seems like a factory mess-up/defect to me. $12 (Shipped). (SOLD!!!)

Or, take them both for $26 shipped w/ delivery confirmation, as usual.

I'm a Gold Trader on the board, with well over 60+ trades/sales. I ship fast, as soon as payment is received. If not that day, it'll go out the next business day, including Sat.

Please feel free to e-mail me, for fastest response, from my link below, in my sig, that says "my e-mail". Or through the DVDTalk e-mail service, Or, you can post here as well, either way is cool with me.

Thanks & hope to hear from someone on these. :wave:

neocheddar02 03-07-06 05:01 AM

I Have: Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas Criterion

Looking For: Do The Right Thing Criterion

John Galt 03-07-06 10:35 AM


Lemdog 03-10-06 05:12 PM

I have a copy of The Silence of the Lambs

EDIT: Traded off, :banana:

John Galt 03-13-06 04:20 PM

I have the following brand new Criterions for trade:
44: The Red Shoes
132: The Ruling Class
156: Hearts and Minds

Looking for the following criterions(High Wants are in red):
A Night to Remember
Henry V
Peeping Tom
The Passion of Joan of Arc
And God Created Woman
The Blob
All That Heaven Allows
Written on the Wind
George Washington
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Naked Lunch
Tanner 88
Heaven Can Wait
An Angel at My Table
The Man Who Fell to Earth

Shoot the Piano Player
The Virgin Spring
Dead Ringers (OOP)
Flesh for Frankenstein (OOP)
Blood for Dracula (OOP)
How to Get Ahead in Advertising (OOP)

Spellbound (OOP)
Notorious (OOP)
Straw Dogs (OOP)

Lemdog 03-16-06 01:52 PM

I have a Sealed copy of Hoop Dreams

Looking for any of these

Andrei Rublev
Divorce Italian Style
Do the Right Thing
F for Fake!
Fighting Elegy
Grand Illusion
Great Expectations
The Lady Eve
Loves of a Blonde
Shoot the Piano Player
Short Cuts
That Obscure Object of Desire
Throne of Blood
Tokyo Drifter
Umberto D
Wild Strawberries
Youth of the Beast

[email protected](dot)edu

Gigantopithecus 03-17-06 01:22 AM

i have
Tokyo Drifter
Youth of the Beast
Man Bites Dog

i looking for
Dead Ringers
Naked Lunch

ambrose1am 03-18-06 04:10 PM

Criterions FT

I have the following CCs for trade:

Flesh for Frankenstein (CC, sealed)
Blood for Dracula (CC, sealed)
Spellbound (CC, sealed)
The Browning Version (CC, sealed) TRADED
Wages of Fear (CC, original)

Looking for these:

The Night Porter
Le Million
Cleo from 5 to 7
And God Created Woman
Variety Lights
The Blob
Fiend Without a Face
All That Heaven Allows
My Man Godfrey
Billy Liar
Closely Watched Trains
Children of Paradise
Ballad of a Soldier
The Horseís Mouth
The Importance of Being Earnest
Under the Roofs of Paris
Coup de Grace
Quai des Orfevres
Hiroshima mon amour
Knife in the Water
Le Corbeau
Stray Dog
A Woman Is a Woman
Early Summer
Eyes Without a Face
The King of Kings
The Bad Sleep Well
The Virgin Spring
La Bete Humaine
Young Mr. Lincoln
Kind Hearts & Coronets
The Children Are Watching Us
Louis Malle collection

Herzog-Kinski box
MOC titles
SCTV Volumes 2 and 4

And lots of other stuff: Try me! Iím pretty reasonable and have good feedback on the forum. Send offers to [email protected].

JKiller 03-18-06 08:32 PM

I have a like new copy of Notorious for trade. The disk has no marks at all and the insert is perfect. There is a small, maybe 1/8 inch, crease in the top right of the front artwork but it is nothing major i assure you.

I am looking for other Criterions especially Down By Law, By Brakhage, or The Harder They Come. Will do 1 for 1 trade if it is a high want title.

I am not a gold trader, but have 100% Ebay feedbacks and will ship first to gold traders.

kramer921 03-21-06 05:54 PM

I already own the Cassavettes box set and have recently lost my copy of Faces. Because of this I'm going to have to buy a new copy of the set and was wondering if anyone would be interested in trading for what would be brand new, never watched copies of Shadows, A Woman Under the Influence, The Killing of a Chinese Bookie, Opening Night, and A Constant Forge. If interested, let me know what you've got. I'd specifically be interested in these:

And the Ship Sails On
Battle of Algiers
The Firemen's Ball
I Vitelloni
Le Cercle Rouge
Nights of Cabiria
The Seventh Seal
The White Sheik

But I'd be interested in much more, so just let me know.


gryffinmaster 03-23-06 03:59 PM


SlingshotBandit 03-23-06 09:56 PM

Originally Posted by gryffinmaster
Juliet of the Spirits: CC. (watched once, mint w/ insert, original owner)

Top CC Wants:
Le Samourai CC
Peeping Tom CC
The Blob CC
Charade CC (reissue)
Hamlet CC

Full CC Wanted List: DVD Aficionado.

From the full CC want list above, I have Yojimbo I'll trade for it. LMK! [email protected] Thanks.

Jd Shapps 03-25-06 09:01 AM

Criterions FT: all mint

Young Mr Lincoln CC (2 disc set)
Black Narcissus CC
La Strada CC (2 disc set)
The Vanishing CC

Looking for: Do the right thing CC, Hoop Dreams CC, Gimme Shelter CC, Masculin Feminin CC +others email: [email protected]

Jd Shapps 03-28-06 07:09 PM

looking to buy The tin drum criterion..if anyone has 1 to sell email me [email protected]

mbrunet 03-28-06 10:41 PM

Have Do the Right Thing in very good condition.

Looking for Videodrome


elitewowhan 03-29-06 09:18 PM

I have

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Looking For

Virgin spring
Le samourai
The Man Who Fell to Earth

Email:[email protected]

mambomike 03-30-06 02:07 PM


I have Jules & Jim (Sealed) for your Harakiri

Let me know,




gryffinmaster 04-01-06 12:21 PM

CC Exchangers:

Looking For:
The Blob
Charade (re-issue)
Eyes Without a Face
Peeping Tom
In The Mood For Love

... or anything from My DVD AF CC List.

Check out my trade thread (in my sig) and let me know if you'd like to trade any combination of these items for the above CCs. Also, if you have a Criterion you feel I might be interested in, please drop me a line.


- gryff

Sylvain Morin 04-01-06 01:57 PM

questions from student ...Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
removed post

Mikey2Dope 04-05-06 12:44 AM

Both gone

Spunkymonkey 04-09-06 06:19 PM

Looking for a trade, i have:

Hoop Dreams (sealed)
Le Samourai (mint)

Looking for:
The Seventh Seal
Black Orpheus
Young Mr. Lincoln
Stray Dog
Throne of Blood
Red Beard
The Third Man
Man Bites Dog
The Man Who Fell to Earth

NoirFan 04-10-06 08:40 PM

Looking to trade unopened Spellbound.
Looking for other Criterions in return.

Mikey2Dope 04-10-06 11:46 PM

Originally Posted by Spunkymonkey
Looking for a trade, i have:

Hoop Dreams (sealed)
Le Samourai (mint)

Looking for:
The Seventh Seal
Black Orpheus
Young Mr. Lincoln
Stray Dog
Throne of Blood
Red Beard
The Third Man
Man Bites Dog
The Man Who Fell to Earth

Would go Onibaba for Le Samourai. Let me know: [email protected] or reply in this post.

djsmooth 04-11-06 11:40 PM

I have the following for trade:

Battle of Algiers CC
George Washington CC

Mostly looking for Videodrome, but would consider all offers.

explosivej 04-12-06 09:08 AM

Originally Posted by djsmooth
I have the following for trade:

Battle of Algiers CC
George Washington CC

Mostly looking for Videodrome, but would consider all offers.

Anything here for Battle of Algiers?

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