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BadBrandon 07-28-05 09:36 AM

Couple dvds for sale
I have the following dvds for sale:

Escape from New York(2-disc collectors set) $10

Re-animator(2-disc millenium edition)$10

Dead Alive($7)

Ghosts of Mars($7)

Jason x($7)

Jason Goes to Hell($7)

Session 9($8)

Angel Heart($8)

Deranged/motel hell(midnite movies) $7

Ginger Snaps 2:Unleashed($8)

Ginger Snaps Back($8)

Make an offer if interested. Thanks. All are mint and complete.

JackBurton 07-28-05 11:40 AM

ygm, re: sleepaway camp

BadBrandon 07-28-05 05:49 PM

sleepaway camp is gone.

Darthebarbarian 08-08-05 02:33 PM


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