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ashore 02-06-05 09:38 AM

Looking For: The Grudge, Resident Evil:Apocalypse & Saving Private Ryan
Hey All, im lookin to trade for copies of.....

The Grudge
Resident Evil: Apocalypse
Saving Private Ryan

Up on the trade list is.....

Se7en (2 Disc) Platinum Edition
Panic Room Suberbit Edition
Cold Creek Manor
The Lost Boys
Jason X
Event Horizon
Terminator 2: Collectors Edition (w/ Metal Case)
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
El Mariachi/Desperado
What About Bob?
The Patriot
*Also have a few adult titles up for trade....Email if interested.

I'm on the GOLD TRADER list so trade with Ease.

speedyray 02-06-05 10:51 AM

As posted in my thread, sorry did not see email.

Is that the new 2 disc special edition of The Lost Boys? If so, I could probably do that for The Grudge as long as it is mint like my copy.

ashore 02-06-05 12:01 PM

It is the Original (1 Disc) version of The Lost Boys. Sorry....

and all discs are in Mint/Like new condition.

ashore 02-07-05 03:57 PM


ziondog 03-02-05 03:49 PM

Trade Resident Evil: Apocalypse OR The Grudge for Se7en: Platinum Edition 2 Discs Digipack?

Or I'll buy se7en off you.

email me: "[email protected]"

ashore 03-07-05 09:26 PM

Sorry for the late responses.... I was away for a few. In any case.... ALL emails should have been responded to.

Also... I have acquired The Grudge and Resident Evil: Apocalypse so I'm only looking for Saving Private Ryan (Preferrable the 60th Ann. Ed.) right now. Thanks.

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