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hoyalawya 01-07-05 02:50 PM

FT/FS: Manchurian Candidate, Riddick, Dodgeball, the O.C., Troy, Cliffhanger SB, etc
Let's try again. Here is what I have for trade. All DVDs are in OAR (widescreen on most titles). More titles and wants to be added later. I am a Gold Trader. Items that do not have price are for trade only. US Shipping is $2 ($3 for a boxset) for the first item, $.50 for each additional item. Canada shipping is $3 ($4 for a boxset) for the first item, $.50 for each additional item.The shipping charge mentioned applies only to US and Canada shipping. Other international buyer please contact me first for shipping rate.

Box Set

Taken: the complete series ($65)
The O.C. Season 1 ($37)
Fantasia Anthology (OOP)
CSI: Miami Season 1 ($42)
CSI: Season 4
Rolling Stones: Four Flicks (sealed) $24 Traded
The Dead Zone Season 1 & 2 (sealed) $21 each
Looney Toons Golden Collection
Frasier Season 1
The King of Queens Season 1 and 2
Roswell Season 2

Movies DVDs

The Village $12

American Splendor (sealed) $8
Avalon (by Mamuro Oshii) $8
Badder Santa (unrated - sticker on UPC) Traded
Big Fish $6
Barton Fink (sealed)
Cliffhanger Superbit ($13) Pending
Confession of a Dangerous Mind $8
Cowboy Bebop: The Movie $9
Dark Blue (Kurt Russel) $5
Dances With Wolves (4 Disc R0 Korea in Leather Jacket) $25 Traded
Daredevil (DTS) $5
Dawn of the Dead (2004 movie - unrated director's cut) $12
Dodgeball (with slipcase) - $11
Dracula (Superbit R0 Korea) $12 Traded
Enter the Dragon (2004 SE 2 disc) $10 Pending
Fahrenheit 9/11 $9
Ghost in the Shell (the movie) $8
Giant (2 disc SE sealed) $12 Traded
Goodfellas SE (2004 edition) $11 Traded
The Great Escape (2004 SE 2-disc sealed) $12 Traded
The Hulk (2003 Movie) $6
In the Cut (unrated) $5
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (2 disc) $5
The Manchurian Candidate $11
Metropolis (Japanese Anime - 2 disc) $10
Minority Report (2 Disc sealed) $11
Mystic River (3 disc set) $15
North By Northwest (snapper case - sealed) $9
Once Upon a Time in Mexico $5
Punch Drunk Love (2 disc SE sealed) $12
Resident Evil: Apocalypse ($11)
Royal Tenenbaums (Criterion) $12
Runaway Jury ($8)
School of Rock ($8)
Seabiscuit (2 disc CE in red box) $24
Secret Window (sealed) $11
Shattered Glass $8
Shawshank Redemption (2004 edition) $11 Traded
Spartan $9
Solaris (2002 movie) $5
Stuck On You $5
Top Guns (2004 SE): $9
Touching the Void $8
Tears of the Sun $5
Troy (2 disc) $12 Pending
Underworld (superbit sealed) $16
Unforgiven (2 Disc SE sealed) $11 Traded
Universal Soldier SE (2004 edition) $9 Traded
West Side Story (2003 SE sealed) $16
Whale Rider $7
Where Eagles Dare (2003 Edition) $7


New releases
Disney animation OOP

Tru Calling Season 1 - Highest Want Pending
Gilmore Girls Season 2
Las Vegas Season 1 Pending
Carnivale Season 1
Open Water Pending
Anchorman Pending
King Arthur Pending
Without a Paddle
Shaun of the Dead
Mary Poppins (2004 edition)
Iron Giant (2004 edition)
Van Helsing Pending
Arrested Development S1 Pending
Six Feet Under Season 2
Northern Exposure Season 1 and 2
Smallville Season 3
Spartacus CC
The People v. Larry Flynt SE
Species SE Pending
Amores Perros
Castle In The Sky Pending
Splash (20th Anniversay)
Clerks X
Jurassic Park 3 - low want
Fresh water fishing DVDs
Tara Patrick Adult DVDs
16x9 adult DVDs (Pending - Euphoria)

More Titles and Wants To Be Added Later

Please contact me at [email protected] for a faster response. Please offer me only even or roughly even trade. <br>I can accept or send money via Paypal to even out the trade. I will only trade for OAR (widescreen for most titles) disc.

TNAJason 01-07-05 04:28 PM

So that Dances With Wolves will play on a R1 Player? If so then you have a buyer. Email me please if so at [email protected] . Hope you accept Paypal.....

Abrave9 01-07-05 05:55 PM

Will you take $13 shipped for Troy 2 Disc rather than $14? If you will I'll take that. LMK. Thanks

Email is [email protected]

legend42 01-07-05 07:56 PM


J.P.V. 01-07-05 08:43 PM



Jean Paul

imp66 01-07-05 09:25 PM

Interested in:
Looney Toons Golden Collection
Goodfellas SE (2004 edition)
The Great Escape (2004 SE 2-disc sealed)
Resident Evil: Apocalypse
Underworld (superbit sealed)

Anything here?

RonBoster 01-07-05 09:55 PM


ChefWinduAZ 01-07-05 10:26 PM


hoyalawya 01-10-05 08:25 PM

Updated. All emails have been answered. All packages have been mailed to the traders/buyers today. Please email me if you have not received the delivery confirmation number from me (except for JPV who is in Canada).

pyxis 01-11-05 12:52 AM


EDIT: oops, forgot to add in my email that I have Anchorman for trade if you still need it.:)

Bubble 01-11-05 01:11 AM

Anything here for In the Cut:

hoyalawya 01-12-05 03:03 AM

Pyxis, YGMB.
Bubble, the link somehow does not work.

ChefWinduAZ 01-25-05 07:41 PM


SlingshotBandit 01-26-05 04:27 AM


Alan Scanlon 01-26-05 09:16 AM


Logic 7 01-26-05 03:08 PM

Interested in The Village.
I have
Volcano Reg.4 Pal anamorphic. The case has some sticker residue. The region one disc is not anamorphic

Queen Greatest Video Hits vol. 1 (2 disc) DTS 96/24

The Ghost & Mr Chicken

The Incredible Mr. Limpet

The Others

The Last Samurai pvd

The Matrix Reloaded

The Matrix Revolutions

Outside Providence


Young Guns (original) with a printed cover

Fox Demo disc #2

Hellboy Best Buy preview

Brett 02-05-05 10:59 PM

I'm interested in Roswell S2, let me know if anything on my list interests you.
I apologize if I've asked before, can never remember where I posted before.


obi_ant 02-06-05 01:08 AM

If I take 3 or more movies will you offer free shipping?

lugslady 02-08-05 04:17 AM

hello - interested in The King of Queens Season 2 & CSI: Season 4, heres my link and be sure to check my incoming - lmk



803W.Washington 02-08-05 08:50 AM

I will definetly take the following:

TequilaYuen187 02-08-05 05:44 PM

interested in...

barton fink
N by NW

[email protected] if anything interests you.

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