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BennyB 01-06-05 08:29 AM

Over 80 DVDs (out of Print, Disney, Criterion and many more)

*** = sealed
ADDED = new to listing
CC = Criterion Collection

Out Of Print (OOP)

Basic Instinct Unrated with Ice Pick Case Limited Edition ***
Dog Soldiers
Ed Wood SE (recalled 1st Print, released february 2004) ***
E.T. Gift Set ***
Reservoir Dogs Limited Edition (Mr. Brown) ***
Reservoir Dogs Limited Edition (Mr. Brown)


Bank Dick
How to get ahead in Advertising ***
M (1st Print)
Sid and Nancy ***


101 Dalmatians 2 ***
Beauty and the beast 2-disc ***
Behind the Studio Glimpse Treasures Tin ***
Disneyland USA Treasures Tin ***
Fantasia ***
Lady and the Tramp 2 ***
Lion King Gift Set Limited Issue ***
Little Mermaid 2 ***
Mickey Mouse Black & White Treasures Tin ***
Mickey Mouse Black & White 2 Treasures Tin ***
Mickey Mouse Living Color Tin
Mickey Mouse Living Color 2 Tin ***
Monsters Inc. 2 Disc
Silly Symphonies Treasures Tin ***
Snow White and the seven dwarfs 2-Disc Platinum Edition ***
Toy Story ***
Toy Story 2 ***
Toy Story 1 & 2 Double Pack
Toy Story 1 & 2 Double Pack ***


American Splendor
Apocalypse Now
Apt Pupil
Beast Cops (Tai Seng)
Blue Sunshine 2-disc Limited Edition
Citizen X
Death Race 2000 (Roger Corman Classics) ***
Face Off
Friends Finale Limited Edition ***
February 15, 1839
From Dusk Till Dawn
Happy Gilmore
Kill Bill Added
Majestic (back cover dent)
O Brother where Art thou
Pledge, the
Punch-Drunk Love Superbit 2-disc
Scarface 2 Disc
Sleepaway Camp Survival Kit Limited 4 DVD ***
Suicide Kings
Terminator 2 (2 Disc) Hard Metal Case
Total Recall Limited Edition Tin ***
Wonder Boys

Other Regions

Hairdresser's Husband / Le Mari de la Coiffeuse (R2 France Import) Anamorphic Widescreen, Le Batteur du Bolero Short Film included. French audio track with Removable ENGLISH Subtitles ***

Ichi The Killer Uncut Limited Edition 2 Disc Set with Slipcover (R2 Dutch Import) OOP Added

Salo 120 days of Sodom (R2 UK Import) BFI release, white case


Pick up lines 46 (Tera Patrick)

Jenna Jameson Exposed

Buttman's Bend-Over Brazilian Babes 3

Assault that ass #3 (Robbie Fischer)

Naughty Bedtime Stories 2 Disc

Seymore Butts Tunnelvision

Two in the seat #1 (Red Light)

Wild on Sex (Jewel De'Nyle)


Star Wars/Tetris World
NHL Hitz Pro


Lost Highway (R2 German or Portuguese Import)

animal instincts
Arabian Nights (Pasolini)
Blues Brothers CE
Canterbury Tales
Carnivale Complete First Season
Cut Thoats Nine Limited Edition
Day of Night
Dead Ringers Criterion
Disney's Treasures Tin Mickey in Living Color Tin
Dr. Giggles
Fantasia 2000
Fantasia Anthology
Femme Nikita second season
Flesh for Frankenstein criterion
Gospel According to St-Matthew
In my skin
I saw what you did and I know who you are
Ipcress File
island earth
Jean de Florette
Killer cc
Lady in White
Last Temptation of Christ criterion
Last Year at Mirenbad
Lilja 4 ever
Manon of the spring
Panic Room 3 Disc
Play Time (Monique Parent)
Puppet Master Box set
Rabid Dogs
red desert
Return of the pink panther
Robocop cc
Salo cc
Sassy Girl
Straight story
Swamp Thing (first print recalled)
Take the money and Run
Tarzan (2 Disc)
This is spinal tap cc
To catch a killer
Toy Story Ultimate Toy Box
Twin Peaks season 2
White Palace
Woman in Black
Woman of Desire

Adult (porn) : Anything, especially Chasey Lain, Silvia Saint, Jenna Jameson and Tera Patrick.


Gold Trader

JackBurton 01-06-05 09:05 AM

ygm, re: tomorrowland & fantasia

classicman2 01-06-05 09:14 AM

Interested in Lady & the Tramp

My list: http://www.dvdtalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=402840

wewantflair 01-06-05 06:02 PM


BennyB 01-07-05 08:11 PM

Jack and wewantflair : YGM !

Classicman2 : I just want to confirm that you were interested in LATT 2? Since, I do not have part 1 available at the moment. LMK

classicman2 01-08-05 05:30 PM

No, I was interested in the original.


KatjaKassin 01-09-05 01:07 AM

I am interested in these:

How to get ahead in Advertising
Sid and Nancy ***
Silence Of the Lambs
Time Bandits
Unbearable Lightness of Being
Ichi The Killer Uncut Limited Edition 2 Disc Set with Slipcover (R2 Dutch Import) OOP

(I'm cool with getting the opended copies as long as they don't have scratches and what not)

I have a ton of adult titles that I would be willing to part with for any/all of these!

Off the top of my head I have the Virtual Sex (Or My Playthings) of Silvia Saint, Jenna, and Tera. Just about every Jenna movie put out from Wicked alond with most of her comps, Krystal Method, all three Island Fever films, and Rocco vs. Miss Erotica (Evil Empire, Silvia Saint). I have a ton more as well.

Please email me!

[email protected]


KatjaKassin 01-13-05 01:00 AM

I emailed you

BennyB 01-13-05 06:03 AM

KatjaKassin : YGM !

Matt McKeehen 01-20-05 08:19 PM

BennyB, YGM!

JoshB 01-20-05 08:26 PM

Interested in E.T. Gift Set and/or Beauty and the beast 2-disc. look over my collection list and see what interests you


Matt McKeehen 01-22-05 09:44 PM

I'm interested in Mickey Mouse B&W Vol. 1 and Mickey Mouse In Living Color Vol. 1, if they are still available. Let me know how much you would want for both. Thanks.

mrbisco 01-25-05 09:42 PM

what are you looking for for silly symphonies ?

SlingshotBandit 01-25-05 10:29 PM

I'm interested in these:

Chronological Donald Tin ***
Mickey Mouse Black & White Treasures Tin ***
Mickey Mouse Black & White 2 Treasures Tin ***
Mickey Mouse Living Color 2 Tin ***
Toy Story 2 ***
Toy Story 1 & 2 Double Pack (the sealed, or unsealed one...although preferably sealed)

Not sure there's much interest in these, but here's my thread:


LMK. [email protected] Thanks.

BennyB 01-26-05 08:13 PM

Mrbisco : Check my want list or post what you have to trade. Thanks !

Slingshotbandit : sorry but I couldn't find anything I really want.

Josh: I'll check you list and get back to you asap

Matt : YGM !

mrbisco 01-27-05 09:38 PM

i have the toy story ultimate toy box...and mallrats..both opened.

SlingshotBandit 01-28-05 04:57 AM

BennyB, can you email me at [email protected] and quote me some prices for the dvds I inquired about a few posts up? Thanks.

BennyB 01-28-05 11:41 AM

mrbisco : What kind of trade we can arrange. I'm definately interested in both of your dvds. Especially the Toy Story Ultimate Box. LMK

mrbisco 01-28-05 05:30 PM


what is your email? i'll send you an email so we can discuss this outside the forum.



mrbisco 01-28-05 07:03 PM

mine is [email protected]

BennyB 02-01-05 09:09 PM

mrbisco : YGM !

BennyB 02-10-05 07:56 AM


BennyB 04-01-05 10:41 AM


miketyson220 04-01-05 12:59 PM

would you trade two in the seat for blues brothers ce? or time bandits criterion for blues brothers ce?

BennyB 04-01-05 01:09 PM

miketyson220 : I would definately trade Two in the seat for blues brothers ce. What is the condition of the dvd (disc, case and insert)? Since you're new on the forum, would you mind sending first? Otherwise, I'll pass.



Gold trader

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