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dvddude79 01-04-05 01:10 PM

FS: Napolean Dynamite and others
I have 3 dvds i wanna sell all together at once i also have a bunch of gamecube games i wanna sell.

napolean dynamite 13.00
run away jury 7.00
indentity 7.00

Shipping add 3.00
they are ready to be shipped if anyone is interested let me know they are all in good shape napolean dynamite was just bought yesterday brand new, watched once. I take paypal and i can be trusted. i think i have some referalls on here and home theater forum as well, and i have ebay referalls radoo19.

clappj 01-04-05 02:10 PM

Would you take $25 for the lot, instead of $27? :)

dvddude79 01-04-05 02:17 PM

yeah i would but dont know what shipping would be were is calcaa?

clappj 01-04-05 02:20 PM

Originally Posted by dvddude79
yeah i would but dont know what shipping would be were is calcaa?

It means North Carolina. Also, I meant would you go for $25 shipped? Thanks!

dvddude79 01-04-05 02:24 PM

no you would have to pay shipping i forgot to add it on it would be 3 dollars for shipping

clappj 01-04-05 02:41 PM

Okay, I understand.
If you decide to sell them separately, let me know.
I'm really most interested in ND anyway.
I appreciate the offer!

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