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schaelli1 01-02-05 05:39 AM

OOP, Arthouse, Trash... something for everyone
I'm a Gold-Trader from Switzerland. All my stuff is viewed once, but mint condition. For the OOP's I would want a little more than just one of my wants... ;)

Dogville LE (Korean R3) w/Box, Postcards, Book...
Battlefield Baseball (Japan R2) w/Kubrick-Figure

Following (R1)
Desert Hearts (R1)
Young Adam (R1)
In the Cut (R1) - unrated
Carmen (R1) - Jean Luc Godard

Trash and other:
Spartan (R1)
Curse of the Deviel (R1) - Paul Naschy
Shizo (R1) Pete Walker
Bloody Moon (R2) - Jess Franco
Boa vs. Python (R1)
Prey (R1) - Redemption
Dark Blue (R1) - Kurt Russel
Bacchanales Sexuelles (R1) - Jean Rollin

Assault on Precinct 13
Bad Inclination
Mishima: A life in four Chapters
Saddest Music in the World
Kamikaze Taxi
Lady Terminator
Crazy Lips
Street Mobster (Home Vision)
Yakuza Graveyard (Home Vision)
Underworld Beauty (Home Vision)
Stray Dog (Criterion)
Dawn of the Dead - Unrated DC
R-Point (Korea)
The Hypnotizes (Korea)
Acacia (Korea)
Happy End (Korea)
....many more in the same vein.

Summerwine 01-02-05 05:07 PM


would you SELL as well?

Interested in...

Following (R1)
Desert Hearts (R1)
Young Adam (R1)
Spartan (R1)
Shizo (R1) Pete Walker
Bacchanales Sexuelles (R1) - Jean Rollin



schaelli1 01-03-05 02:45 PM

Summerwine: Not really interested in Selling, but you could buy 1 of my wants and get 2 of yours (or something like that...). Mail me if you think that would be an idea. [email protected]

schaelli1 01-04-05 03:20 PM


mensachicken 01-04-05 05:43 PM

Anything <a href="http://www.dvdtalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=402385">here</a> for Dogville LE?

schaelli1 01-05-05 07:09 AM

mensachicken: very interesting list you got there, but nothing there for me, sorry.

schaelli1 01-07-05 03:19 PM


schaelli1 01-10-05 02:33 PM


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