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tomliffe 12-27-04 05:15 PM

FT: Japanese/HK/Korean DVDs - Samurai Trilogy Criterion, Dersu Uzala
Celestial/Shaw Brothers:

Sword Stained With Royal Blood
Twelve Gold Medallions
The Golden Buddha


Bullet For Hire (Ocean Shores R0)
F*** Off (Universe R0)
Police Story 3: Supercop (Fortune Star R0)
Bogus Cops (R0)
100 Ways To Murder Your Wife (Fortune Star R0)
The Dragon Family (Universe R0)
The Spy Dad (Panorama R3)
Only Fools Fall In Love (Mei Ah R0)
Beyond Hypothermia (Guang Dong Tung R0)
Web Of Deception (Fortune Star R0)
Fist Power (Chiu Cheuk, Anthony Wong) (R2, MIA)


Kids Return (R3 Spectrum)
Moon Child (R3 Universe)
Samurai Trilogy (R1 Criterion 3 DVDs in box)
Stray Cat Rock: Sex Hunter (R1 HVE) Pending
The Triple Cross (Kinji Fukasaku, R2 Tokyo Bullet)
Neon Genesis Evangelion - End Of Evangelion (Manga/Madman R4)
Sure Death Revenge (R2 Kinji Fukasaku, Artsmagic)
Kinji Fukasaku Yakuza Boxset (R2 3 DVDs in box - Yakuza Papers, Yakuza Graveyard, Street Mobster)
April Story (R3 Korean Version)
Red Shadow - The Ninja movie (R2 UK DVD, from the director of Samurai Fiction)
Score (Japanese action, MIA, Tokyo Bullet, R2)


Hellsing Box 1-4 (R1 Pioneer, 4 DVDs in Box, top left of box slightly dented)


Who's Got The Tape (CJ Entertainment R3)
Real Fiction (Jeong Moon Information R0)
Tube (R2 UK version Columbia with making of featurette)

Charlies Angels (R1 SE)

Some wants:

Chushingura (R1)
Killing Machine (R1)
Karate Bull Fighter (R1)
Karate Bear Fighter (R1)
Wong Kar Wai Collection (R1)
Pale Flower (R1)
Female Convict Scorpion: Jailhouse 41 (R1)
Go, Go Second Time Virgin (R1)
Toshio Matsumoto Box Set (R2J)
Graveyard Of Honor (R1)
Life On A String (R1)
Human Condition 1-3 (R1)
Young Thugs (R1)
Youth of The Beast (R1)
Ikiru (R1)
Kagemusha (R1)
The Pornographers (R1)
Down By Law (R1)
Dr Akagi (R1)
The Eel (R1)
An Actors Revenge (R2)
Owls Castle (R2J)
Female Convict Scorpion: Jailhouse 41 (R1)
Gonza The Spearman (R2)
Village Of Doom (R2)
Blackmail Is My Life (R1)
Shaw Brothers DVDs

BloodMan 12-27-04 06:18 PM

Interested in -

Samurai Trilogy
The Triple Cross

Anything here -

Not all for trade but we'll see.

[email protected]

SlingshotBandit 12-27-04 11:31 PM

I'm interested in the Samurai Trilogy. What dvds are you interested in?

tomliffe 12-28-04 07:35 AM

Bloodman, from your DVD list I'm interested in these: Kichiku, City Of The Lost Souls, Three... Extremes and Shintaro Katsu's Zatoichi: The Blind Swordsman. Let me know if we can work something out. I'd trade any two of those for Score and The Triple Cross.

SlingshotBandit, I've added a wants list, mainly looking for Japanese and HK films.

tomliffe 12-29-04 09:06 AM


GnX18 12-30-04 12:33 AM

Hi. Anything on my dvd trade list for your Tube UK dvd? Please let me know. Thanks!

tomliffe 12-31-04 05:53 AM

Nothing there at the moment, thanks anyway.

tomliffe 01-01-05 01:11 PM


tomliffe 01-02-05 11:17 AM


tomliffe 01-03-05 09:28 AM


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