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SlingshotBandit 12-03-04 04:26 AM

Selling These 4 DVDs for $9/Each. Buy These Before They Go To Ebay. New-ish Releases.
$9/shipped (media)each!

By all 4 for $30/shipped (media), with delivery confirmation.

Buy 2, knock off $1.
Buy 3, knock off $2.
Buy all 4, knock off $6!! (That's 4 Newer releases for $30/shipped!)

NOTE: I'm hoping to get offers within a day (maybe 2), or I'll just give up and put these up on ebay. Save me some hassle, and get a bargain while you're at it. I've dropped these prices 2 times, so I guess it was worth the wait if you have some interest in these.

-A Cinderella Story (Hillary Duff's newest)
-Around the World in 80 Days (Jackie Chan, Arnold Schwarzanegger)
-Shaolin Soccer (The great Miramax version)
-White Chicks: Unrated & Uncut (Wayans Brothers, and an assorted bunch of hotties)

Email offers at [email protected], or post here. I accept paypal or money orders, or well concealed cash (at your own risk).


Erick 12-03-04 08:58 AM

ok...i'll take them 4 for $30 shipped here in Canada? i'll pay via paypal. let me know.

SlingshotBandit 12-03-04 01:39 PM

Hmm, for Canada, shipping is usually extra. Can you throw in a couple bucks extra? I should've mentioned that those were domestic prices.

SlingshotBandit 12-04-04 07:09 PM


blackchubby 12-04-04 07:25 PM

Will u do $28 for the 4 DVD's. Are the DVD's complete with Original cases and Chapter Inserts? Are they in Widescreen?

SlingshotBandit 12-04-04 11:29 PM

Hey blackchubby,

The only one of those that came with an insert is Around the World in 80 Days. They're all store bought, and in original cases. The others didn't come with inserts. As we're finding out lately, a lot of new releases won't have chapter inserts nowadays. (Don't know which companies mainly do this.)

As for the total, I'd rather keep it at $30/shipped. I'm not sure if Erick is still interested, however I never emailed him. If you're willing to do $30/shipped for mint condition dvds, that are new releases and are widescreen let me know.


SlingshotBandit 12-05-04 06:30 PM


blackchubby 12-06-04 03:23 AM

I only have $28 in my PayPal, so I'll pass.

pilot 12-06-04 02:32 PM


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