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Kicker_of_Elves 11-11-04 04:29 PM

F/S: Superbits, BTTF Trilogy, Shrek: 2 Disc and lots more
Gold Trader/ I accept Non-CC Paypal Payments Only.
USA/Canada Traders Only Please!

All movies are adult owned. None are former rental's. All titles listed are Region. 1 and Widescreen! I ship via first class with delivery confirmation. Prices are NOT firm, so make an offer if you see something you want via email only @ [email protected]. I'm very easy to deal with and the worse i can do is say no.


For Sale:

Shrek SE: 2 Disc/WS - $17 - Sealed/Brand New
E.T. WS - $17 - Sealed/Brand New/OOP
Back to the Future Trilogy: Widescreen $27 - Sealed/Brand New
The Jack Ryan Special Edition DVD Collection $23**
Three Kings - $8 - Mint
Darkman - $10 - Sealed/Brand New
Silver Bullet - $10 - Sealed/Brand New
Airheads - $8 - Sealed/Brand New
<strike>The Mask of Zorro Superbit Deluxe</strike>
<strike>Starship Troopers: Superbit</strike>
<strike>Desperado: Superbit</strike>
<strike>Quantum Leap Season 1</strike>
<strike>Star Trek: Generations SE</strike>
<strike>Black Hawk Down: Superbit</strike>
<strike>Red VS Blue</strike>
<strike>Monsters Inc.</strike>

**= Box is opened, each movie inside is Sealed/Brand New individually. I got it as a gift and started opening it but realized i already had it so left the movies themselves sealed.

Also have a GBA game listed here.

Thanks for looking! :wave:

Kicker_of_Elves 11-15-04 07:49 AM


RicP 11-15-04 01:23 PM


Drew_W 11-15-04 05:49 PM


Brewc 11-15-04 07:46 PM

Red vs Blue already gone?

Kicker_of_Elves 11-15-04 07:50 PM

Yup, sorry.

Kicker_of_Elves 11-16-04 06:04 PM

Updated the list

Kicker_of_Elves 11-17-04 12:12 PM


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