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Civic2oo1 11-05-04 07:51 PM

FS: Many discs, foreign, TV, Criterion
Everything must go, so here's the list of what I have left.

1. All buyers must be from the US only and pay with non Credit card funded Paypal unless I have dealt with you before and then money order or well concealed cash will be allowed.

2. Discs that are in the sealed section are 100% sealed and are brand new. Other discs range from good to mint condition.

3. Discs are held in the order that emails are received. They will only be held a span of 24 hours until they are put back on the market. If interested please EMAIL me, I do not read the forums regularly

4. I will ship anyway you prefer using the USPS.
Media Mail/First Class - $2 for first disc, $.50 each additional disc
Priority Mail - $4 for first disc, $.50 each additional disc

And finally the normal I am a Gold Trader routine. :)

Bringing Down the House -$6
Freddy vs Jason -$10
Matrix Reloaded -$8
Phone Booth -$6

Import Most are Region 3, some are All-Region, please ask before you buy if you need to know
Attack the Gas Station -$12
Battle Royale 2 -$14
Christmas in August Limited Edition (Out of Print w/soundtrack) -$22
H -$14
Il Mare SE (3-disc) - $22
Ju-On 2 - $14
Kill Bill Limited Edition Boxset (DVD, box, T-Shirt only) -$40
Musa (2-disc Limited Edition, Out of Print w/book) -$28
My Sassy Girl Limited Ediion (DTS, Soundtrack, Limited to 2001) - $80
Nowhere to Hide -$10
Ping Pong -$10
The Record -$6
The Ring Virus -$10
Say Yes -$10
Siren -$10
Soul Guardians -$12
Tell Me Something -$10
Two Cops 2/Two Cops 3 -$14
The Way Home Limited Edition (Out of Print, w/collector's book) -$22
Yellow Hair 2 -$12
Yesterday (2-Disc) -$16

Two-Disc Sets/Multi-Disc sets
Adventures of Robin Hood (2-Disc) -$10
American Pie 3 Gift Set (w/Bonus disc, no t-shirt) -$20
Bruce Lee the Master Collection (Fists of Fury, Chinese Connection, Return of the Dragon, Game of Death, Bruce Lee the Legend) -$22
Bug's Life (Original Casing) -$12
Cleopatra (Five-Star) -$12
Dances with Wolves (2-Disc) -$10
Die Another Day -$8
French Connection (Five-Star) -$12
Gladiator (2-Disc) -$10
Ice Age (2-Disc) -$6
Independence Day (Five Star) -$10
Jerry Maguire (2-Disc) -$10
JFK Director's Cut (2-Disc) -$10
Legend UE -$10
Lion King Gift Set w/book and Prints -$22
Lord of the Rings Two Towers -$8
Master and Commander SE -$18
Minority Report (2-Disc w/bonus CD-Rom) -$10
"O" (Deluxe Edition, 2-Disc) -$8
Open Range (2-Disc) -$10
Patch Adams UE -$10
Pearl Harbor (2-Disc) -$8
Pearl Harbor (Vista) -$16
Scarface Gift Set -$35
Signs (Vista) -$8
Singin' in the Rain (2-Disc) -$10
Sixth Day SE -$10
Sixth Sense (Vista) -$10
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (2-Disc) -$22
Speed (Five-Star) -$12
Spider-man Gift Set - $14 Opened/$16 Sealed
Star Wars Episode II (2-Disc) -$8
Terminator 2 Ultimate Edition (w/Tin) -$12
There's Something More About Mary (2-Disc) -$10
Tombstone (Vista) -$10
Unbreakable (Vista) -$10
Unforgiven (2-Disc) -$10
West Side Story (3-Disc) -$22
X-Men 1.5 (2-Disc) -$10
X2: X-Men United (2-Disc) -$8

Superbits All $12 unless noted
Air Force One
Big Hit
Charlie's Angels -$10
Das Boot
Dark Crystal
Hollow Man
Johnny Mnemonic
Lawrence of Arabia
Leon the Professional
Mask of Zorro
Panic Room -$8
Punch Drunk Love
Quick and the Dead
Vertical Limit

TV Shows
Bernie Mac Season 1 -$22
King of Queens Season 1 -$22
Sex and the City Season 1 -$20
Sex and the City Season 4 -$20

Armageddon -$20
Branded to Kill -$16
Charade -$22
Royal Tenenbaums -$10

Intial D Vol. 1 + 2 - $10 for both
Last Exile Vol.1 w/box (6768 out of 15000) -$25
Love Hina Vol. 1 w/box -$20
Metropolis -$10
Rahxephon Vol. 1 w/box -$20
Robotech Vol. 1 -$6
s-CRY-ed Vol. 1 w/box -$20
Witch Hunter Robin Vol.1 w/box -$22
Zaion Vol. 1 w/box -$12

DTS Discs All $8 unless noted
Apollo 13
Dante's Peak
For Richer or Poorer
Out of Sight
Primary Colors
River Wild
Prince of Egypt

YourOlympicHero 11-05-04 08:07 PM


clappj 11-05-04 08:21 PM

Interested in your copies of:
Master and Commander SE
Breakfast Club
Higher Learning
XXX (w/keychain)


-Gold Trader

DrGerbil 11-05-04 08:29 PM


nhess 11-05-04 08:35 PM


Civic2oo1 11-11-04 06:06 PM

Bump, updated with what's remaining.

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