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noazrk 12-08-10 02:25 AM

WB Insider points problem with Inception?
I bought the Inception combo Blu-Ray/DVD pack today, there is an insert in there with a code & on the back it even mentions the WB Insider rewards.

I logged in to add the code which worked BUT my points total never went up and here's the message I received :

You've earned 0 points
Your new Point total is 2694.

click here to enter another code

ZERO points??? Their list of titles with codes does include Inception not to mention the flyer inside the movie.

Has this happened to anyone else? I guess I'll have to email their Customer Service dept. to get my points.

How many points is this even worth?

Thanks for any help!

joltman 12-08-10 06:14 AM

Re: WB Insider points problem with Inception?
The exact same thing happened to me.

noazrk 12-08-10 11:05 AM

Re: WB Insider points problem with Inception?
Whew! Good to know I'm not the only one. I sent an email to [email protected]

and hope to get resolution by tomorrow. I checked the website and my points haven't changed, I also told them I wish I could see my points history (how/when) I earned them because I took a survey a couple weeks ago and I don't think I received the 50 points yet but it's hard to tell.

pot 12-08-10 05:29 PM

Re: WB Insider points problem with Inception?
This appears to be a common issue because it happened to me as well. I sent an email about it yesterday and WB got back to me today and added 100 points to my account. I've heard horror stories about WB's support so I was happy they got back to me within a day.

Just click the "having a problem with my code" on the code entry screen and a screen should pop up. Make sure to pick the correct title and format and put your code in the place where it tells you. I told them I entered the code but received no points and that is now says my code doesn't exist.

Reply to the thread when you get your points, just curious to see if 100 points is what everyone gets.

joltman 12-10-10 06:06 AM

Re: WB Insider points problem with Inception?
I contacted them and they gave me 100 points.

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