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CH offerering to close accounts

Old 09-14-07, 07:29 PM
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CH offerering to close accounts

This past week I've received 2 offers about CH DVD Clubs I have already fulfilled. One I've had since 4/04 and the other since 4/06. It appears to be the "best" deal we are all familiar with around here. They would close these 2 accounts and open new ones in their place.
  • 6 selections for 49 cents
  • 7th selection for $9.95 (reducing 2 year commitment to 2 selections)
  • 8th selection for $9.95 (doesn't reduce commitment)
  • fulfillment selections due within 2 years
  • FREE shipping

Are these usually 100% approved? What's been everyone's experience with this sort of offer? Each of the accounts have different billing methods. I have a CC on file with 1 and would be charged upon shipping. The other one is on "Bill Me" status. This is correctly indicated on each of the respective account offers so it appears they would remain unchanged in that regard.

Additionally, I still have a 3rd DVD Club account that is unfulfilled. I've had this many since I accepted a phone offer last year. I'm wondering if I take both of these offers that one may be denied due to the existence of this 3rd account. Opinions??

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Old 09-16-07, 09:41 PM
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This has been reported recently in another thread. But I don't recall if anyone has tried accepting the offer to close the account and open a new one.

It does seem to answer the question about whether Columbia House minds customers cycling accounts.
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Old 10-15-07, 10:54 PM
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I've had the same offer (and posted it here as well). I haven't taken them up on the offer though.
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Old 10-18-07, 10:58 PM
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I decided to go ahead and take their deal (as mentioned above). When I previously applied I used a credit card, so at least I was able to see if the charge went through. This offer did not ask for a credit card, maybe because I'm a member in good standing with no history of late payments. I applied on Oct. 17th and got this email a short time later:

Thanks for submitting your application to join the Columbia House DVD Club. We recommend printing out a copy of this order confirmation for your records.

Just to let you know where things stand, we're now in the process of reviewing your application, which should take about a week.

Once your application is approved, we'll send you an email notifying you of your membership number, and instructions on how to register to shop on our
members-only website.

At that point, we'll also send you your Member Welcome Package, which will
include the introductory DVDs you selected:

Haven't heard anything since then though. I was hoping for a quick turn-around because I think there's a B1G1 code active right now and I wanted to pre-order Shrek the Third as a fulfillment at $19.95 rather than the $22.95 it'll probably be after the release date.
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Old 10-20-07, 10:42 AM
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Oct. 20 and my previous account is now closed. No email yet with my new account number though. Damn. I wouldn't be anxious except I want to use that B1G1 code before it expires tomorrow.
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Old 10-21-07, 01:44 PM
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Well, I did get my Welcome confirmation today (10/21) and was able to take advantage B1G1 offer, along with the $4.99 sale for 3 DVD to get free shipping....YEA!

Enrollment order:
Man of the Year 1 selection $0.49
The Godfather 1 selection $0.49
Dazed and Confused Flashback E 1 selection $0.49
Singin' in the Rain Special Ed 1 selection $0.49
Zoolander Special Collector's 1 selection $0.49
The Big Lebowski Collector's E 1 selection $0.49
The Longshot/They Went That-a- 1 selection $9.95
Shipping & Processing: FREE
Order Total: $12.89

This order:
Ocean's Eleven Free
Rumor Has It $4.99
Shrek the Third (Pre-Order) $19.95

Subtotal 24.94
Tax: 1.50
Total 26.44

Average price of $3.78 per DVD and only 1 fulfillment left. Even less if you figure in my last selection on my enrollment was actually a double-feature. Not to bad....I'm gettin' the hang of this!
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Old 10-21-07, 03:01 PM
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True, you are getting the hang of it, but you need to use the Sale Offer Codes thread to find the best deals and pay attention to the discussion about how people are using them. With 802334 right now, you can B2G3F on regular priced selections, and B4G1F on the $4.99 selections.

So, you could have gotten your 2 enrollments plus 3 free regular priced DVDs for $39.90. You wouldn't have had to get a $4.99 title, but could have if you wanted to (even though it would have raised(!) your average cost).

Your cost would then have been $12.89 + 39.90 = $52.79(+tax) for a fulfilled account, or $4.40(+tax) each.

Since the $4.99 DVDs with B4G1F work out to only $4 each, if you buy 5 of them, it then helps to lower the average (by a few cents), as long as they are DVDs you would have purchased anyway, and aren't just impulse buying.

To give you an example of how you can work the system even more, and use FunCash wisely:

Over the past 10 days, I got an account, fulfilled with B2G3F and 15 $4.99 DVDs, then did another B2G3F and 15 more $4.99 DVDs, which gave me $64 (I don't know why it showed up at that amount--it doesn't match what the orders said) FunCash, which I then used at $10/20 each to put toward 5 box sets, including some low priced ones like Teen Titans and the higher-priced Superman Ultimate Collection.

1) about $13 to enroll
2) about $100 for the first 20 DVDs and fulfillment
3) about $100 for the next 20
4) about $80 for the FunCash order (big shipping charge included)

So, about $293(+tax) got me 47 DVDs and 5 box sets, including Ultimate Superman.

Step 3 cost me an extra $16 (difference in average cost of the DVDs times the number of DVDs, compared to if I had stopped after Step 2), but gave me $36 in FunCash (again, I don't completely understand why that amount for 14 non-free DVDs, but that's CH for you...). And I don't know why my first order gave me $28 FunCash, either. But Step 3 also gave me a couple of pre-orders for free that I won't get for a while (Non-set DVDs listed as pre-orders that don't have a "Special Price" listed in red can be gotten free even if its longer than 7 days before their release).

I should say thanks to all the members who regularly contribute to the forum here that I learned strategies from. And especially thanks to Lizard and Jester for finding all the great Sale Offer codes!
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Old 10-21-07, 06:39 PM
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Good Job Cheato! My problem is I'm not a huge movie watcher...in fact I still have enrollment DVDs from my last account! I decided to go with one $4.99 movie on the last order so I could get free shipping. Shipping was about $5 so what the heck? Get another movie instead!
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Old 10-21-07, 11:04 PM
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Smart shopper! Most of the discussion in this forum is about keeping the average cost down for buying en masse. Maybe you're the smartest one here, keeping your *overall* cost down with discipline!
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