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Important Membership Update = More Hassle

Old 01-27-07, 11:07 AM
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Important Membership Update = More Hassle

I'm sure you guys have received this email as well:

"Now that 2007 is underway, I'm sure you'll receive your fair share of notices from companies that will refer to you as a "valued customer." It's an easy thing to say, but hard to prove. That's why I'm writing you now.

Since becoming President of Columbia House, I've been determined to build on the relationships with our members by making your experience more rewarding with each passing year. Now, you'll find even more chances to save on all our titles including up to 21 Director's Selections! Plus, get better sales, a bigger selection and exclusive online deals on the DVDs you want at columbiahouse.com.

Once again, thank you for being such an important part of the Columbia House family. Please accept my best wishes for a healthy and happy year ahead."

I thought that this email was funny considering that I don't think that CH has really improved their relationship with the members. It has been and still is sort of a pain to even get to talk to a CH rep. The 21 Director's Selections surely isn't anything to look forward to. Now we have more of them to have to worry about if CH will mistakenly ship to us or not. We'll be cancelling new DS every couple of weeks. My hope is that CH improves its response time on applications, improves their customer service and finally continues to provide the B1G1F offer often (with free shipping thrown in from time to time).
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Old 01-27-07, 12:02 PM
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I just got that...I can't believe they're trying to pawn it off as a good thing. I hope that it's just 21 options for director selection, but I have a feeling that isn't the case.
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Old 01-27-07, 01:38 PM
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I think that is about the amount I've been getting for the last 6-12 months anyway.

I almost always decline them within a day or two of receiving the email and always receive the next one roughly two weeks from the decline date rather than two weeks from the expiration of the declined selection.
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Old 01-27-07, 01:39 PM
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if "bigger selection" = fox, Miramax, etc. then this would be a good thing. Of course, that is highly unlikely.
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Old 01-27-07, 02:23 PM
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They have even slashed the hours their CH reps are available to "provide you with great service." Now they are only there on Monday-Friday from 8 am to 6 pm Eastern time. They used to be available on Saturdays as well as later in the evenings during the week. They also disabled the ability to close an account through the account and force you to call them and play verbal tug of war. This is really irritating as I have two accounts and a lost shipment that I need to take care of.
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Old 01-27-07, 04:07 PM
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That reminds me back in my old job when our boss told us he was pay capping our jobs and that the bigger annual raise was going to be harder to get and he tried to make it sound like a good thing.

This is really only going to hurt the non dvd talk peoples though (the ones they make the most off)
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Old 01-27-07, 05:09 PM
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You are still able to cancel accounts without calling. I have done it lately. You just contact them in the membership obligation section saying you want to cancel account. They never got back to me but I tried logging in and it said it was closed.
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Old 01-27-07, 06:55 PM
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Originally Posted by abintra
I almost always decline them within a day or two of receiving the email and always receive the next one roughly two weeks from the decline date rather than two weeks from the expiration of the declined selection.
Sorry, but this is the complete opposite of the strategy that you want to employ, especially now.

I like to wait until I get the snail mail offer, then log in to cancel the DS. If El Presidente wants to up the ante, he should be seeing a 50% increase in his direct mail costs, with zero increase in sales (at least from the likes of "us".)

We can't make them play smart, but we can use negative reinforcement when necessary to achieve world dominati ... oops, wrong group. I *meant* to write "to achieve our goal of getting DVDs for the least possible cash outlay."
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Old 01-28-07, 01:37 PM
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^ For those of us who choose to get our account information by e-mail, there are no more snail mail packets. E-mail is a lot more convenient and the DS notifications are helpful, although I have nearly always declined it by the time I get the e-mail (I check my accounts almost daily in keeping up the "Not Yet Available for Enrollment" list).

Sticking with snail mail just to increase the costs of Columbia House seems counterproductive to me. I'd rather keep their costs low so that I can continue to get cheap DVDs. And I really dislike the waste that comes with junk mail; I don't want any more paper to recycle.

While I was amused at the wording of this latest announcement, it isn't a big deal to cancel the DS periodically. Those who don't want to do that can just fulfill and cancel the account as soon as possible.

As SterlingBen suggested, the Director's Selections are a major money maker for CH because some people are too lazy to decline them and others are impulse shoppers and actually like getting them. It is hardly surprising that they are making this move toward more DSs per year, nuisance though it is.
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