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lizard 06-23-06 02:38 PM

TV Edition Club, Discussion thread
As most of you know, the old TV Edition discussion thread was lost in a server update at DVD Talk. Rather than clutter up BYork's "TV Edition, Available for Enrollment" thread, stickied to the top of the forum, I'd like to open this thread for discussing topics relating to the TV Edition of the DVD Club.

Some general information:

You may have up to two open TV Edition accounts in addition to two regular DVD club accounts. This is the TV Edition website.

The best code for use on the web is HDL:

HDL application at newer website (same enrollment titles).
[Edit: the new site link appears to be dead as of 6-22-07.]
[Edit 6-23-07. If you can't get the links above to work, try this:
Go to columbiahouse.com
Click on the TV Edition link at the right side of the page. Enter the HDL code there in the "Have a special savings code?" box.

The banner at the top that says "5 DVDs for 49" is irrelevant; it is always there due to poor website design by CH. The TV Edition offer below it is the one that matters. If you click on "details" you will get the correct HDL offer.

Add your sets to the cart as usual. The offer details should be the usual 2 sets for $9.95, two fulfillments.
Check out as usual, making sure you check the box "I have read and agree to the Terms of Membership."]

HDL gives you two TV sets from the enrollment website for $9.95 (free shipping). The required committment is to buy two more DVDs of $19.95 or more each to fulfill the account over the next year. Note that these DVDs do not have to be sets.

HDL does NOT work on the phone, last anyone tried. The best code to use for a phone enrollment is LE5. That gets you three sets for $24.90, free shipping, with a committment of three DVDs of $19.95 or more to fulfill the account. The phone number for TV Edition applications is 800-861-9505. Edit: a report below by bloopbleep says that LE5 is no longer accepted on the phone. If so, there are no known good codes that work on the phone. Edit2: Canucker45 and Leeta have found a mail-in code that works on the phone: 6J1. The offer is two sets for $19.95, two DVDs of $19.95 or more to fulfill.
Edit3: parkerwilson found another 2:2 for $19.95 code: 0KB.

The sets available for enrollment are limited to those listed on the TV Edition website. As mentioned above, BYork keeps a list of them in the TV EDITION - Available For Enrollment List thread. A few additional titles may be available in phone enrollments. (If you are enrolling by phone ask the CSR about the sets you want. Perhaps he or she will allow them as enrollments.)

Questions about the TV Edition of the DVD Club are welcome in this thread.

lizard 06-23-06 02:51 PM

Originally Posted by comanche_doyle
I want to try the LE5 code by phone, but I have a few questions. First, I have two current accounts with the regular dvd club, so can I even open an account with the tv club without having to cancel one of the regular accounts?

Yes, you may open a TV Edition account even though you have two open regular DVD Club accounts.

Second, can I get a bill it option instead of a credit card option if they will allow me to open the account? Any answers would be greatly appreciated.
A phone application usually requires a credit card. However, some have reported being successful in requesting the "bill me" option when enrolling by phone. You will need to talk to the Columbia House CSR to find out for sure. YMMV.

thejester 07-03-06 10:33 PM

Looks like my latest HJ6 attempt finally went thru!!!

I had gotten a "sorry, we can't offer you a membership" letter 2 weeks ago. I called the only "live" CSR number I could find (at the time) & filled a "complaint" (his words) form. Today I get a "welcome to the club" email from the TV on DVD club - that has been my only enrollment for that club in several months.

lizard 07-04-06 09:47 AM

Interesting. I can't ever recall getting a rejection letter for the TV Edition club and I have never heard of a "complaint form" before, although it is not unheard of to have rejected applications reinstated when inquiries are made, as you know. Columbia House works in mysterious ways.

(For the newcomers here, HJ6 offers the same terms as HDL.)

thejester 07-04-06 09:59 AM

I don't know why the "complaint form" verbage, it sounded more like the "surveys" CH did a while back. Verified name & address, how long I've lived there, if I had previous CH accounts, how many open at that time, etc.

bloopbleep 07-06-06 11:07 AM

I tried two different csr`s over the phone, they said LE5 and LE5D were not in system??????
I had to settle for thier standard buy one tv set, get one free for $19.95 and four commitments over 2 years.anybody have a better code for next time? thanks.

lizard 07-06-06 12:04 PM

^Sorry to hear that. LE5 was the only decent phone enrollment code for the TV Edition club. But I am not surprised that it may have been discontinued. (I am assuming that you were calling 800-861-9505.)

It almost appears that all of the best codes in both the DVD and TV Edition clubs are no longer available on the phone. This policy change happened with the regular CSRs several years ago. Now it appears to apply to the special lines for phone applications as well.

Did they get rid of the special phone application CSRs? If those phone numbers direct callers to the regular CSRs, that would explain why good codes no longer work.

bboisvert 07-06-06 12:07 PM

Originally Posted by bloopbleep
I had to settle for thier standard buy one tv set, get one free for $19.95 and four commitments over 2 years.

Why didn't you just use HDL on the web site? 2 for $9.95, and two commitments over 1 year. It was still working the last time I checked...

bloopbleep 07-06-06 01:59 PM

I dialed 1-800-861-9505 and I don`t use hdl anymore because the last 5 times the applications mysteriously got lost when I used that code. It seems like Columbia House has gone downhill since BMG took over. For some reason I kinda expected this.

thejester 07-06-06 02:13 PM

Originally Posted by bloopbleep
I dialed 1-800-861-9505 and I don`t use hdl anymore because the last 5 times the applications mysteriously got lost when I used that code. It seems like Columbia House has gone downhill since BMG took over. For some reason I kinda expected this.

Have you received any of the form rejection letters for the HDL attempts? My last TV attempt was with HDL (not HJ6 as I previously stated - verified in my records) and I got "rejected" - but then got approved after calling the out-sourced CSR # & answering some questions for their "complaint form" (aka survey). Within 7-10 days of doing the survey, I got an email welcoming me to the club - I had closed my only 2 open accounts (1 & 1) just days after signing up with the HDL.

Legolas 07-31-06 04:12 PM

Since my HDL web applications always go missing and LE5 is not accepted by the CSRs, I guess I'm SOL. :(

legend42 07-31-06 05:37 PM

Originally Posted by Legolas
Since my HDL web applications always go missing and LE5 is not accepted by the CSRs, I guess I'm SOL. :(

Try it the other way around.

After not attempting a web app. for a long time because they'd all get lost, I figured I'd give LE5D a shot online last week (because TV Club codes all seemed to be dead over the phone). To my welcome surprise, I got approved. So it's worth a shot.

John*D 08-01-06 12:33 PM

Signed up last week and received my enrollment email today. These various threads have been really helpful. Thanks!

lizard 08-01-06 02:38 PM

HDL is really for first timers or those who have not had a TV Edition account for quite some time. It isn't unusual to have HDL applications rejected.

You could try HJ6 and see if you have better luck with that code.

foxxvox 08-04-06 10:06 PM

I have tried enrolling online at least 4 times in the last 24 hours.I entered LE5 in the little box,but instead of 3 for $24.95 the offer came up as buy 1 $9.95 1 free w/free shipping.I am 100% sure I entered the correct cc info,but each time it said my credit card was declined.That's strange becase I joined the regular DVD club online less than 24 hours ago with that very same credit card and had no trouble at all.Has anyone else experienced this problem when trying to enroll online with a credit card?I just might have to phone it in instead(unless the only offer the CSR will give me is 1 at $19.95 1 free.I'd rather not spend that extra 10 bucks if I don't have to).

lizard 08-05-06 01:19 PM

^This sounds like a cookie or firewall problem to me.

The TV Edition website doesn't auto-update when codes are changed (I don't know why, it just doesn't), so one shouldn't use the HDL link to enter the site when using another code.

Try another browser, go to columbiahouse.com, click on the TV Edition link. Then enter the LE5 code. Or clear CH cookies before going to columbiahouse.com if using your usual browser.

aynrandgirl 08-06-06 09:51 AM

I just tried LE5 with a cookie-cleared browser. Same problem as foxxvox.

Spez 08-06-06 02:31 PM

Originally Posted by aynrandgirl
I just tried LE5 with a cookie-cleared browser. Same problem as foxxvox.

I put in LE5D and I got the regular offer for it (Buy 1 at $9.95, Get 1 Free, Plus buy 1 at $14.95 with 3 more to buy in 2 years)

lizard 08-06-06 04:05 PM

Ok, I just tried LE5 and got the correct offer, just like Spez did. I believe that the previous two posters are getting the correct offer but just don't realize it. When I said the offer is "3 for $24.90" that is shorthand for "buy one for $9.95, get one free, four to fulfill". "Buy the bonus for $14.95 (total $24.90) and have only three to fulfill." Got that?

LE5 details:

It's true. Get 1 set free when you buy one set for $9.95, with free shipping! All you need to do is buy 4 DVDs over the next 2 years at $19.95 or more, plus shipping and processing, and you may cancel at anytime after doing so.

There's no risk, your introductory package is sent on a 10-day trial basis and includes complete details of membership. If you are not completely satisfied, you may return the package at our expense and we'll cancel your membership and refund your money.

Pretty good, right?

It gets even better...Choose another Set today for $14.95 plus shipping and processing, and we'll count that Set toward your commitment. That means you only need to buy 4 in the next 2 years.

That last "only need to buy 4" is a typo. The purchase of the third set lowers the committment to 3. This has been confirmed on the phone numerous times but I can't recall if the terms during checkout are correct.

Sorry if there has been any confusion.

Bill Geiger 08-07-06 09:57 PM

Anyone else try 42M on the TV site and get it to work? It shows get 6 for .49 (free shipping) with only 3 to buy.

foxxvox 08-08-06 01:48 AM

I don't know about cookies.I just tried again but this time used a Visa instead of a Mastercard and it worked.Thanks to lizard for the "3 for $24.95"offer.Makes sense now and I think I'll give it a try next month(if that code hasn't died by than)Don't know about 42M on the TVonDVD site.Does it show sets or movies?I seriously doubt they would let one take 6 sets(that could be 18 discs or more!)for 50 cents a pop.I called to enroll a couple days in the regular DVD club and was told 42M is no longer valid.Now,do they still send the "welcome to the club"emails?

sotra 08-08-06 06:33 AM

Originally Posted by Bill Geiger
Anyone else try 42M on the TV site and get it to work? It shows get 6 for .49 (free shipping) with only 3 to buy.

This is an old "glitch' in their system. Many of us have tried it, but none have succeeded. In fact any savings code for the regular DVD club "works" on the TV DVD club site, but all applications will end up lost.

lizard 08-18-06 05:18 PM

Just in case you haven't noticed, BYork has posted in the TV Edition Club thread that there are a bunch of new enrollment titles available. It has been quite awhile since Columbia House added enrollments to the TV Edition Club, so this is big news for those who like to buy sets. Here's the list from BYork:
  • 21 Jump Street: The Complete First Season
  • Adam-12: Season One
  • Columbo: The Complete First Season
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation:The Complete Second Season
  • CSI: Miami - The Complete First Season
  • Kojak: Season One
  • Law & Order: Criminal Intent: The First Year
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: The First Year
  • Law & Order: The Second Year
  • Murder, She Wrote: The Complete First Season
  • Naked City: New York to L.A.
  • Quincy, M.E.: Seasons 1 & 2
  • The Rockford Files: Season One
  • Veronica Mars: The Complete First Season
  • Walker, Texas Ranger: The Final Season
  • Without a Trace: The Complete First Season

This is the thread for discussion, if any, of the new titles.

icecube 08-21-06 05:33 PM

Is Father Ted: The Holy Trilogy available via HDL on the website? It's in BYork's list, but I can't seem to spot it on the (non-searchable) HDL application website...

EDIT...never mind, I'm a moron...it's under "Comedy: The 80s, 90s & Today" which is the 1st place I looked, but somehow I missed it...

aynrandgirl 08-24-06 10:38 AM

I've recently tried both HDL and HJ6 enrollments online recently. No dice. Are online enrollments dead? Must you use the phone?

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