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Xbox69 01-25-06 04:23 AM

CH.com payment authorization
I was browsing the CH.com site this afternoon and filled in my address and CC info which brought me to the list of DVDs at the end. I could select 2 for the one-time set up fee of $9.95. I could only find 1 that I wanted so I decided against signing up. I just hit the back button on my browser.

Now I notice a temp. charge on my bank card for $9.95. Could this be from when I submitted the info earlier? I never actually clicked on 'submit selections' on the very last page. That was the final step in the sign up process.

lizard 01-25-06 12:27 PM

^Possibly. I have never had this happen though, nor have I heard of it happening to anyone else. Maybe they now check the CC as soon as one fills in the information. But that sure would be new, in my experience.

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