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The Columbia House TV-Greats Club FAQ (DVDs for under $5 incl s/h- not just TV!) PT2

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The Columbia House TV-Greats Club FAQ (DVDs for under $5 incl s/h- not just TV!) PT2

Old 11-28-02, 04:26 PM
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The Columbia House TV-Greats Club FAQ (DVDs for under $5 incl s/h- not just TV!) PT2

March 2003 Updates:
BB7L for $.89 with free s/h (phone & online)
BG6L, BA4L, BD8L, BE1L (online) see page 7 of this thread for more details

UPDATED SUGGESTIONS:This is part 2 of the Columbia House TV Greats FAQ. While all the facts in the FAQ are not completely up to date, I'll update them as soon as I get a chance

Until then, look at the FAQ, check out the DVDs that are offered and phone in your order. Why? Because that's really the only way to know if the DVDs you're ordering are really available or not.

For any other info, check out the old thread here: http://www.dvdtalk.com/forum/showthr...hreadid=152041


UPDATES: Some (relatively) new DVD Collections available online!!!! (Good Times, Sanford and Son, Xena, Perry Mason and The A-Team) I've also added specific DVD content where available.

Additionally, there are a bunch of new DVD Collections that are NOT available online. See the table for more info.

Also, some people have reported a few new DVD Collections that so far have not been confirmed, see the GREEN & PURPLE part of the table for a list of these titles. As always, any additional information is welcome.




What is the TV Greats Club?

It's a special Columbia House Club that specializes popular Classic TV and movie series'. While most of the available products are VHS video tapes, they also have DVDs
Why should I be interested in this?

Because it's a REALLY inexpensive way to get certain DVDs
How inexpensive? What's the deal? How much per DVD?

It depends on what code you use. The deals have varied from 89-cents per DVD with no shipping, 89-cents per DVD plus shipping, Free DVD plus shipping. But in general each DVD costs less than $5 including the shipping costs of $3.99 per DVD
What are the codes? What DVDs are available?

Below is a table of working codes, the DVD Series' and what the introductory selection that you will receive. Additionally I've included the 3-digit "Stamp Code" that refers to that particular series. Keep in mind that the TV Greats Club offers MANY MORE selections on VHS than on DVD and some of the titles are available on both VHS and DVD. So if you're ordering on the phone make sure to specify that you are interested in the DVD selection and/or reference the DVD-specific "Stamp codes" below. When ordering on the website the 3-digit codes do not appear, but you should still make sure that you have selected the DVD version of a series and not the VHS version.

An "X" in the following table means that the selection (listed vertically) is available on the website using that given Savings Code (listed horizontally)

NOTE: When entering codes on the website, be sure to eliminate any trailing "spaces". Especially if you used copy/paste to enter them.

Current Columbia House TV Greats Codes and Info

Savings Code

No Code
DVD Cost (not incl. $3.99 S/H)

# of default startup selection pages

14 or 13
Between 3 & 15

2 DVD Pages (1)

Stamp Code

Series Title

First Selections
. . . .
EZK or EYF NEW! Woody Woodpecker 100 Minutes of Classic Cartoons (4) (4) (4) (4)
HRZ NEW! Hercules (2) 1hr Episodes (4) (4) (4) (4)
HAS NEW! Lois & Clark (2) 1hr Episodes These Titles Are Not
HSH NEW! The X-Files 4 Episodes Available On The Website
HR4 NEW! Knight Rider (2) 1hr Episodes (4) (4) (4) (4)
SouthPark 4 half hour episodes (4) (4) (4) (4)
K6J or J8O
Dragon Ball Z Captain Ginyu, Assault (4) (4) (4) (4)
13W or EZP Maybe NEW! Babylon 5 While this title has been reported to be on DVD, be aware that: 13W is a VHS Code!!!  
??? Maybe NEW! Star Trek - The Next Generation
These are just rumored  
?? Maybe NEW! Kolchak - The Night Stalker
These are just rumored  
HFQ NEW! Good Times 4 Episodes X X(6) X(6) X(6)
DMH Sanford and Son Pilot: Crossed Swords, Happy Birthday Pop, Here Comes the Bride There Goes The Bride, The Copper Caper X X(6) X(6) X(6)
59S or DMQ Xena: Warrior Princess Sins of the Past, Chariots of War X X(6) X(6) X(6)
DNZ The A-Team 1st DVD has the 2-hour first episode: "Mexican Slayride" with Tim Dunigan instead of Dirk Benedict X X(6) X(6) X(6)
DN4 Perry Mason 2 Episodes X X(6) X(6) X(6)
CFQ All in the Family

Pilot: Meet the Bunkers, Archie's Letter to the President, Archie Gives Blood, Archie and Lionel Again
(also includes Show History, Cast Info and song lyrics)

CQM The Cosby Show

Pilot, Goodbye Mr. Fish, Bad Dreams, One More Time




Hogan's Heroes
"The Informer", "Hold That Tiger", "Kommandant of the Year", and "The Late Inspector General" X X X X
Have Gun Will Travel Three Bells To Perdido, The Great Mojave Chase, The Outlaw, Winchester Quarantine [all from 1957] X X X X
The Avengers The Town of No Return, The Gravediggers, The Cybernauts X X X X (2)
K60 or
The Powerpuff Girls (3) Powerpuff Bluff X X X X
The Thunderbirds Trapped in the Sky, Pit of Peril, City of Fire X X X X
Space 1999 Breakaway, Matter of Life and Death, The Black Sun X X X X
I Love Lucy Cuban Pals, The Freezer, Lucy Does a TV Commercial, The Publicity Agent [all from 1952] X X X X
J0L Best of Japanese Anime Wrath of the Ninja X X X X (2)
The Clint Eastwood Collection The Outlaw Josey Wales X X X X (2)
The Three Stooges 6 shorts X X X X
Favorite Frat Comedies Animal House X X X X
The Julia Roberts Collection Pretty Woman X X X X
Nightmares of Every Kind (3) Nightmare on Elm Street X X X X
K6M The Prisoner Vol. 1 - The Schizoid Man X X X X
Sci-Fi Cinema 2001: A Space Odyssey X X X X
18Z or
The Stephen King Collection The Shining X X X X (2)
The Twilight Zone Nick of Time, The Prime Move, It's a Good Life and more X X X X (2)
18W Star Trek Where No Man Has Gone Before, The Corbomite Maneuver X X X X (2)
Eddie Murphy The Nutty Professor (4) (7) (4) (7) (4) (7) (4) (7)
The James Bond Series (5) Goldfinger . . .

(1) For whatever reason, the DRP code starts you off with only 2 pages of selections, but they are pages of just DVDs as opposed to the other codes which start you with many pages of VHS choices. If you click the "DVD Collections" link then you will be taken to the full 4-pages of DVD choices.

(2) These are the only choices that are included in the initial 2-pages. All of them are also included on the 4-pages of the "DVD Collections" link except for the James Bond series which is ONLY an option on the initial 2-pages and doesn't appear as a selection at all using any other codes. In addition, clicking on "Order Now" from either of the initial 2-pages takes you to an e-mail confirmation page that is a bit confusing. Instead of saying "Your introductory DVD from Title Here (DVD)" it says "Your introductory videocassette from Title Here (DVD) "

(3) These are in the "DVD Collections" section but don't say "(DVD)" next to their titles. However, when you click "Order Now", the e-mail confirmation page lists them correctly as DVDs

(4) These selections don't seem to be availble at all via the website, however they should be valid over the phone and can be referenced by their "Stamp Code".

(5) The James Bond Collection is not available anymore even though it is currently listed on the website if you use the DRP savings code.

(6) At the time of this update, these new DVDs are still showing up as being "$4.95 plus $3.99 shipping" instead of "$0.00 (or $0.89) plus $3.99 shipping" when you click "Order Now" even when using the discount codes. I don't know if they'll actually charge you or not, but phoning in your order might clear up any confusion.

(7) This title is very probably no longer available

How do I get in on this deal?
Is there a phone number to call to order the TV Greats DVDs?

The website is: www.tvgreats.com

The phone numbers are:
1-800-667-0364 (recent)
1-800-538-7766 (recent)
1-800-457-0086 (old?)
1-800-262-2001 (old?)
Are there any "fulfillments" like the regular CH DVD Club?

In a sense, but you're not obligated to fulfill them. The TV Greats Club will send you additional DVDs from your selected "series" every 4 to 6 weeks at a cost of $19.95 - $34.95 plus shipping. The key is to quit the club before they send you the expensive DVDs
You only have to order this one DVD? You are not obligated to order ANYMORE DVDs?

Correct!! Yeah, almost too good to be true.
Don't you have to return the first DVD within 30 days if you quit the club?

No, you do not.
How do I cancel after I get my cheap DVDs?

After you receive your DVD and have paid for it, simply E-mail Columbia House with your account number and ask to have it cancelled. They'll confirm within 2 to 4 days usually.
What's their e-mail address?

Their customer service email is:
[email protected]
I ordered online but it didn't ask for my Credit Card?

They will send you a bill with the DVD.

I got a defective disc, how can I get it replaced?

Send them an e-mail saying that you got a bad disc. They'll send you a new one along with a preprinted return label
How many accounts can I have simultaneously? Is it "two" like the regular DVD Club?

You can sign up for more than 2 at a time. Some have reported to having 4 or 5 accounts going simultaneously
I feel weird having that many going at once. Can I re-enroll after I cancel?

After you receive your DVDs you can call to cancel your account and ask to enroll in a different series with the same deal.
I signed up but never got a confirmation e-mail. What's going on????

You will not receive a confirmation e-mail from the TV Greats club
Is there a limit on how many times I can get the same DVD?

It's been reported that you cannot join the same club twice. Therefore you cannot get more than one copy of any DVD
If I have 2 accounts with the regular CH DVD Club can I still join the TV Greats?

People have reported being a member of both clubs at the same time and never having any problems. 2 accounts open at DVD club and 2 accounts open at 89 cent club. All going to the same address, all on the same credit card.
How long does it take from the point I order to when I get charged?

It usually takes about 2 weeks before it shows up on your CC.
How long to receive the DVD?

It been reported to take up to 5-6 weeks, some have reported 2-weeks. Others say give it 3 or 4 weeks from the time you placed your order.


The Prisoner DVDs are for sale in B&M in 2-disc boxes. Will I get a 2-disc boxed set from the TVGreats Club?

"The Prisoner" and all other A & E sets come in a box with 2 DVD's.
The Prisoner has 5 of these two DVD sets, making 10 DVD's. Each DVD has a volume number.

Basically, you get Prisoner volume 1 which is what ONE of the DVDs you would get in the first set is. I heard that some outlets might sell the Prisoner DVDs separately if you were looking to get volume 2 without having to buy the set, but I don't know of any.
Is "The Shining" the new remastered version?

Yes, people are getting the new remastered versions
Is the "2001" the new remastered version?

Yes, people are getting the new remastered versions
In the Clint Eastwood Collection, do you get the NEW version of "The Outlaw Josey Wales"? Yes.
Is Animal House the Collectors Edition?

I just received my Animal House DVD, It has NO security tag or sticker.

It's been rumored that CH repackages DVDs. On the other hand, it's also been said that they do not. In either case, occasionally you will get a DVD without a security tag or sticker but the DVDs themselves appear to be completely new..

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Some notable additions from the previous thread.


I got a mailing yesterday with the 'get the first for free + $3.99 postage' offer, and the flyer included MST3K as a new offering. Any idea which will be the first title? The picture shows "Mitchell", so that may be it.

Mitchell is the first title.


Alien Nation - DF5 (two one hour episodes)


The Honeymooners - DQD
Land of the Giants (?) - DSX


I paid $3.99 for shipping.


Since new2thePlace asked for new codes I thought I'd post the two I received yesterday. What was interesting to me was that the Product ("stamp") codes for one offer had three extra characters.

B65L one for 89 plus shipping. (If one pays "now" with a credit card, subsequent shipments are $19.95, otherwise they are $24.95. Not useful, just thought it was interesting.)

Listed selections:
Hercules QRA/HSW
I Love Lucy 9JJ/8Z4
Rod Serling's Night Gallery R13/KKZ
Airwolf QQQ/KJ4
Best of Japanese Anime 9H2/4JM
The Avengers Z0Z/1BP
The X-files Z0R/HTH
Mystery Science Theater 3000 Q9F/KKS
The Three Stooges X81/9NW
Knight Rider Q11/HS2

BB6L two for 89 each plus shipping.

Listed selections:
Hercules HSW
I Love Lucy 8Z4
Rod Serling's Night Gallery KKZ
Airwolf KJ4
Best of Japanese Anime 4JM
The Avengers 1BP
The X-files HTH
Mystery Science Theater 3000 KKS
The Three Stooges 9NW
Knight Rider HS2

For both of these codes the web site had 5 additional pages of DVD collections but I noticed that "Night Gallery" and "MST3K" were not listed on the web.




Just got a new offer from columbia house in the mail, code AXAL

Its a free dvd you just pay shipping and processing. Here are the DVD's Listed:

Pre Selected:
M*A*S*H: The Collectors Edition - K68 (Can change it to any of the ones below)

Other Options:
The A-Team - HM2
Airwolf K23
Alien Nation DF5
All in the Family DQ2
The Avengers DRM
Babylon 5 K9J
Best of Japanese Anime II QN3
The Carol Burnett Show DMM
Clint Eastwood Movie Collection DR9
The Cosby Show DQ9
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman K9M
Dragonball Z QR4
Friends K9Q
Good Times KQ7
Have Gun - Will Travel DRD
Hercules KRK
Hogan's Heroes DQ6
The Honeymoooners DQD
I love Lucy DRH
Julia Roberts Collection DR2
Knight Rider KRV
Land of the Giants DSK
Mystery Science Theater K3A
Perry Mason HM6
Powerpuff Girls K60
The Prisoner K6M
Sanford and Son KR2
Space: 1999 K80
Star Trek 18W
Star Trek: The movie Collection K9T
Three Stooges QR1
Thunderbirds K6X
The Twilight Zone K6E
X-Files KSJ
Xene: Warrior Princess HNB


Pretty Woman is the 10th ann edition


Yes, the first DVD will come before the send additional ones. And these clubs aren't related so you can have 2 of these and two regular ones.


According to the mailer I just received it is Star Trek:The Motion Picture Director's Cut.


Star Trek: The movie Collection K9T - Anyone know what movie this is?


You can pay by credit card after ordering on the web rather than pay by check. I had 3 accounts, called up, paid via credit card, and cancelled. I didn't have the gumption to do all 3 at once, so I just called 3 times. Hey, it's toll free, why not? I also got the first CH rep to adjust a bill to reflect a discount that hadn't been applied.


The Carol Burnett Show is now on DVD from them as well. I have the first 3, and they tell me they have 2 more available so far. They have additional volumes on VHS; hopefully these will follow on DVD as well.

The DVDs contain 2 uncut hour long shows; these are not the edited versions seen in syndication.


The A-Team is available on DVD.


I got a circular + stamps recently, and though it doesn't have the Star Trek movie collection, it did have something interesting within the "DVD" section of the stamps:

The Simpsons (K32)

... along with Woody Woodpecker, so you know it's recent. I also know it's not the VHS (K12). Anyone want to try out the code, and find out if it's the complete Season 1?

Something else to update the chart with ... if you want Star Trek TOS with "Trouble with Tribbles" and "I, Mudd", the code is 1BY.


Question about Favorite Frat Comedies. Since Animal House is apparently gone from CH, what is anyone getting now as the introductory DVD?
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Just got an E-Mail offer for 2 FREE plus S&H.
No code, just a link.

$7.98 TOTAL for 2

These were offered...

DVD Collections
SPACE 1999

Movie Based
FAVORITE FRAT COMEDIES (National Lampoon's Animal House)
CLINT EASTWOOD (The Outlaw Josey Wales)
JULIA ROBERTS MOVIES (Pretty Woman 10th Anniversary Edition)
STEPHEN KING (The Shining)
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Suppose I want the COMPLETE A teams series.

How do I actually do this? Can you specify which disc from the series I want to get? Someone said that one person cannot enroll in the same series club twice. So how can you get the complete series?
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Originally posted by DVD DVD DVD
Suppose I want the COMPLETE A teams series.

How do I actually do this? Can you specify which disc from the series I want to get? Someone said that one person cannot enroll in the same series club twice. So how can you get the complete series?
You can only get the first one in the series using these codes. You would have to pay full price ($20-$30) for each subsequent disc.
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No Night Gallery

From a recent mailing, I ordered the Night Gallery. I just got a letter from CH saying that they do not carry it, so they canceled the order. You'd think they would stop advertising series that they don't carry. This is my second rejection on Night Gallery, also shot down twice for Woody Woodpecker. I did get MASH recently, nice disc (slim case).
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I placed an order with the BB7L code (89 cents, no shipping) on the web site. The Cosby Show disc came today with a bill for 8.94 (4.95 for the disc and 3.99 shipping).

What is the most effective way to get this error fixed? I printed a copy of the terms when I placed the order and I've sent them an e-mail indicating their error and the fact that I'd be attaching the terms with my check for 89 cents. Is there anything else I need to do?

I really don't want to get into a protracted battle over this.
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I've been charged the wrong price when trying to use BB7L as well. I just called them up once I receieved the DVDs and explained what I had been charged and what the terms were for the code I used. The guy didn't give me any hastle and I had the extra amount credited back to my CC a few days later.

That was the first time this happened. Incidently, I just saw an order on my CC for an BB7L order I thought had been lost since I hadn't seen anything in over a month. Of course, they charged me for shipping again, so I'll have to call this time too. I guess I can't complain too much when I'm getting the DVDs for $.89!
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I called them and the CSR indicated that I'd have to attach the terms along with the check. She said she couldn't update my balance until then. I wonder if its different since I didn't supply a credit card # or was the CSR just wrong?
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Lad, email [email protected] about it. They take a few days to respond, but at least you won't spend an hour on the phone. In my experience, they do the job the first time, while the phone guys took a couple of tries.
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Incorrect Codes

I just called 1-800-538-7766 and was told that these codes are no longer valid:

K9T -- Star Trek The Motion Picture Series
K58 -- Sci-Fi Cinema: 2001 A Space Odyssey
18Z or 17V -- Stanley Kubrick Series: The Shining

I was able to have the CSR look up both the Sci-Fi Cinema and Stanley Kubrick Series without the codes but the Star Trek Series with the feature films appears to be discontinued.
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Originally posted by evitagen
Lad, email [email protected] about it. They take a few days to respond, but at least you won't spend an hour on the phone.
You were right, they responded within a couple of days and the account is closed and the balance is correct. Hopefully I won't get any flack with my 89 cent check.

Is it a relatively common to be misbilled on these intro TV great offers?
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I have had several accounts in this club. The only times I got misbilled were when I called in an order to get a .89 and no shipping deal. You can have the CSR read back to you that it is .89 with no shipping charges, your introductory selection will come to a grand total of .89, etc. one hundred times, one hundred different ways and they will still misbill you. Then you call to correct the problem, and they'll say, "Wow, I've never heard of that deal. That is a really good price." And all for $4.
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This is from a conversation we had on the previous TV Greats thread...

Originally posted by evitagen
Lad, just put the code in on the website, and order what you want. Then, if the billing is incorrect, just email [email protected] and they will take care of it. I've done this several times. I noticed earlier BB7L wasn't working on the site (only the Cosby DVD was available), so just put in any code and then email and complain.
Recently got a flyer that indicates "The Honeymooners" DVD (KW7) is now available.

However, its not listed on the web site and its not available when I enter BB7L (or E56L---the code that its list under).

Any suggestions on how I can order this one?
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I found this deal.
StartSampling is pleased to bring you this great offer - get a $10 Amazon.com gift certificate when you join the Columbia House TV's Greatest Series Club. You will receive your first videocassette or DVD for only $3.99 shipping and handling with NO further obligation to purchase anything further.

go to StartSampling.com

under offers and contest, click on
What was your favorite TV show?

were available in the movies section of the offer.
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Nice find tranq. I just signed up for it, so I hope it goes through.
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I just tried several times and it keeps taking my selections out of the 'cart'. When I choose the selections and click on the 'checkout' button....it takes me to the VHS selections page and empties my cart
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Does anyone know how many episodes are on the Perry Mason DVD?

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I wonder if will get something other than Animal House if we order the favorite frat comedies.
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Did anybody receive the Amazon gc?
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Originally posted by borisdisco
Did anybody receive the Amazon gc?
I'm guessing you'll have to wait (at least) until the membership is approved or (at most) until you get the DVDs. I applied via StartSampling the other day and still haven't even been approved yet.

But when people get their GCs, let us know
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Has anyone who signed up for this through MyPoints gotten credit? It's been a couple of weeks since I was approved and got my first DVD, but no points not even "Pending." Not sure who to e-mail at MyPoints.
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killed startsampling link

tranq and others,

looks like they just killed off the Amazon and CH deal...
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LBpound: I have the same problem. I usually email [email protected], I think, but I haven't yet. I still need to cancel my accounts first.
Old 01-05-03, 03:51 AM
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I placed an order through StartSampling on 12/28/2002

Just received my gc from Amazon today

Still haven't gotten my approval e-mail yet

but who cares I got my gc

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