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JohnIan 07-31-21 08:13 AM

99 Cent Store Bargins
The only page on this store I could find on a search was well over a decade old.

So here we are...


Found for two bucks each; "Not Quite Hollywood", "Beyond Skyline" with slip, "The Other Side" and two Olive titles - "The Big Combo" and "The Girl Who Knew Too Much".

A good haul.

Alan Smithee 08-01-21 10:59 PM

Re: 99 Cent Store Bargins
I'm still not going back in those stores until they change their name, as long as they're going to be selling stuff for more than 99 cents. I get the need to raise prices and even some of the stuff they have now couldn't practically be sold for 99 cents, but they still call it 99 Cents ONLY stores and the ONLY part is false advertising.

zyzzle 08-02-21 08:36 AM

Re: 99 Cent Store Bargins
Up until about 2012-2013, everything in the 99-cent stores was, well, 99 cents. Greed came into the picture, and now, less than 50% of their stuff is 99 cents. And what used to be 99 cents, like 3L bottles of soda with real HFCS, are now 1L Sodas with a terrible HFCS / artificial sugars. DVDs (and all their media, even multi-disc sets, including Blu-rays) until 2018-19 were only 99 cents. Why they're now $2 baffles me. They're probably paying 2 cents per DVD / Blu-ray, and those are just overstock which would otherwise have been thrown away by the studios. So, like everything else, even bottom of the barrel stores which used to contain some valuable finds, are now going to the dogs.

JohnIan 08-03-21 05:33 AM

Re: 99 Cent Store Bargins
Another store...

Found two more Olive titles; "The Delinquents" and "The Sender" DVDs.

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