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JohnIan 07-20-21 06:08 AM

Best Buy DVD Prices (July 20th - 22nd, 2021)
Indiana Jones: 4 Movie Collection (available now)
* Exclusive steelbook; 4k BD/DC combo $81.99

- - -

Spiral $22.99

- - -

Hero Elementary: Spark's Crew Pet Rescue $4.99
90s Kid Star Collection $7.99
Happily $7.99
Assault On VA-33 $9.99
The Berstein Bears: The Complete Series $13.99
The Croods: A New Age $14.99
The Secrets We Keep $14.99

- - -

The Walking Dead: The Complete Tenth Season $49.99
Rugrats: The Complete Series $46.99
L.M. Montgomery's Anne Of Green Gables: Three Movie Collection $7.99
The 4400: The Complete Series $25.99
Taxi: The Complete Series $26.99
Star Trek: Picard - Season 1 $27.99
Garfield And Friends: Season 3 $7.99
Twilight Zone: The Complete '80s Series $25.99
Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Complete Series $79.99 (repackaged)
Star Trek: Voyager - The Complete Series $79.99 (repackaged)
Penny Dreadful: City Of Angels - Season 1 $23.99
JAG: The Complete Series $86.99
Outlander: Season 5 $30.99
Tales From The Darkside: The Complete Series $23.99
Mork and Mindy: The Complete Series $28.99

There you go. Some months back Big Lots! had "The 4400" set for ten bucks. Bought my copy then, haven't watched it yet, blind buy.

PhantomStranger 07-22-21 04:49 PM

Re: Best Buy DVD Prices (July 20th - 22nd, 2021)
The first couple seasons of The 4400 are really decent, vaguely sci-fi adventures by cable standards. There's a remake show coming, which is why this DVD set is getting advertised.

TheOne 07-22-21 05:58 PM

Re: Best Buy DVD Prices (July 20th - 22nd, 2021)
I agree. The first couple of seasons were the best. Got it at Big Lots too for $10.00. Have season 1 and 2 on dvd already but thought it was worth it to own the entire series for that price.

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