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Huge HD-DVD Sale at Borders.com

Old 12-05-08, 10:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Sweet Baby James View Post
It's now $29.99 and out of stock. I hope that you got your order placed in time, Andrigaar.
I don't think I did. I put it in my cart and started fishing for another so I could do free shipping (wasn't concerned about speed on the order) and it was moved to my saved items list by the time I went to the checkout.

I moved it to the cart and it the order followed through, but we'll see what happens.
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Old 12-05-08, 06:16 PM
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I finally called today... I have Battlestar, Planet Earth, and Heroes all "in process" status... my Sopranos was previously cancelled... the friendly girl I talked to advised me that in process means backordered and since they aren't going to get any more in, I shouldn't expect to ever see them... she wanted to cancel my order but I told her to just leave it pending and let the system cancel it when it does... she said it would continue to periodically authorize that amount on my credit card and I said that was ok as long as there was no charge until shipping...
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Old 12-05-08, 08:11 PM
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Yeah, my Sopranos are still In Process but I'd be shocked if they ever are shipped. And BS about it being backordered, I ordered mine fairly early so I think either they didn't have that many (like less than 20 or something) or they're just not going to ship them at all (and maybe send them back to the studio).
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Old 12-05-08, 08:14 PM
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my planet earth went through... they charged me and then I got the email saying my order was canceled and that I wasnt charged... I am still waiting for the charged to be credited back from borders.
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Old 12-05-08, 09:23 PM
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Got my 2 Royal Spaces and Freedom voL 1 Today!
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Old 12-06-08, 04:40 PM
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Originally Posted by GizmoDVD View Post
Got my 2 Royal Spaces and Freedom voL 1 Today!
You're a punk, Royal Space Force is the one I wanted the most

My order still isn't canceled at Borders, but Amazon apparently shipped my Planet Earth order today. But this thread is telling me I'm outta luck, though I can leave the order open for as long as I feel it humors me, which will probably be a long while.
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Old 12-10-08, 02:34 AM
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Anyone else get any Hd-dvd's?

cancel pending or limbo.

My order is ?
Havn't heard nothing since I place my order.
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Old 12-10-08, 07:27 AM
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All I got is TMNT. They canceled everything else...
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Old 12-10-08, 07:55 AM
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no news here. still "pending". Planet Earth was all I ordered
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Old 12-10-08, 09:38 AM
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Why wasn't Matrix included in this? Last I saw, they still had it for like $109, which is bloody insane compared to the $40 it is everywhere else. What pisses me off even more is the fact the only 1 place has sold it under $40 (frys.com) and I missed that deal.
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Old 12-12-08, 08:40 AM
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Still haven't received any emails from Borders, but it looks like my order was canceled, as I got an email from e bates telling me that my Borders order was either returned or canceled.
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Old 12-12-08, 10:00 AM
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I gave up and cancelled my 2 open orders that were destined to sit in limbo indefinitely. Of course, that took me almost a week on its own, as every time I called to cancel, their computers were down. They've really gone to s**t.
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Old 12-12-08, 01:22 PM
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I know it's likely most of these orders will end up never being fulfilled, but FYI, I just got my Royal Space Force and Mahler HD DVDs from this sale yesterday. The Royal Space Force set (DVD and HD DVD in a thick cardboard case) is very nice.

My first Borders order, however--for Planet Earth and the Sopranos sets--still sits In Processing.
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Old 12-13-08, 09:44 PM
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Seems very random. I ordered late, but somehow managed to get Heroes S1 shipped. All the rest cancelled. If anyone wants to trade for BSG...

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Old 12-13-08, 10:04 PM
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Originally Posted by longrun View Post
Seems very random. I ordered late, but somehow managed to get Heroes S1 shipped. All the rest cancelled. If anyone wants to trade for BSG...
Another reason why Borders.com needs to die. Losers probably got overwhelmed with orders, stopped the ordering on the dysfunctional web site first, and then, because it's easier, went backwards in chronological order through all the orders and handed out the 2-3 quantity of each title they actually had, and then continued from last to first cancelling orders and sending out emails. No offense to you who got the order, but it's so not fair to whomever ordered first!

Hey, anyone notice right after this fiasco, they had advertised any and every imaginable technique to increase sales on the web site?!

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Old 12-14-08, 11:42 AM
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My order still 'in process'....almost 2 weeks later!

I feel some pity for Borders though. I'm pretty sure they'll soon be filing for bankruptcy.
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Old 12-14-08, 06:44 PM
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I think they lead the web in website screw ups this year. The $5 off any item where you could reuse it over and over on the same order was fun a few months ago. Got like $200 worth of books for $30. My planet earth is still being processed and my sopranos was cancelled.
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Old 04-23-09, 02:11 PM
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Re: Huge HD-DVD Sale at Borders.com

just received my cancellation email for Royal Space Force this week

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Old 04-23-09, 02:18 PM
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Re: Huge HD-DVD Sale at Borders.com

Originally Posted by Tolhurst View Post
just received my cancellation email for Royal Space Force this week

Same here. They must be tidying up the books.
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