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The Unofficial DD 25% off FAQ, Fall 2008 edition

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The Unofficial DD 25% off FAQ, Fall 2008 edition

Old 11-03-08, 07:31 AM
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The Unofficial DD 25% off FAQ, Fall 2008 edition

DVD Talk's Affiliate Link to DeepDiscount

I had to take a break for the last 2 sales due to personal reasons, but now the FAQ is back!

It's almost time again (we think) for this fall's Deep Discount 20% off sale, which means it's time for your unofficial Deep Discount 20%... errr, 25% off sale F.A.Q.!

Traditionally the fall sale starts the second Thursday of November, which would be the 13th (but that is no guarantee that the sale will start that date). In order to assist our newer members (and to avoid multiple threads starting up), I present to you the Fall 2008 edition of the unofficial Deep Discount 20% off sale FAQ. If you have any questions that aren't covered in the FAQ, please post them in this thread, where they will be answered and added to the FAQ. If you'd like to help clarify anything in the FAQ, please do so.

If you want to complain about why you don't like DD, go to the stores forum.

Keep the bashing and "I had a bad experience" stuff out of this thread, please. I will be monitoring the thread closely, and I won't hesitate to report any threadcrappers / troublemakers / trolls to an admin.

Please remember that this information is based on previous sales, and DD can change conditions at their discretion including and up to not even having the sale.

Q What is the big deal, anyway?
A For a few years now DD has held a major sale twice a year, usually in June and November. You get a significant discount off the purchase of almost every currently available DVD. With DD's already low prices, this can turn out to be great savings.

Q "sgnificant discount"???
A In all previous sales, it was 20% off. In the fall 2008 sale, the discount is 25% off. It's currently unknown if this is a one-time change or permanent.

Q "Almost every currently available"???
A Yes. Sometimes a company might request that their movies not be included in the sale. I have no idea why they'd do this, but that's what happened in the fall of 2005 when ADV Films (a major distributor of anime, as well as the Farscape DVD series) requested to not be involved in the sale, and in the June 2006 sale Media Blasters (another anime distributor) made a similar request and had their products were completely removed from the Deep Discount site for the duration of the sale, and ADV left their anime titles but pulled their Farscape Starburst editions a couple days in. Some lucky buyers managed to order pulled releases right when the sale started, and others were able to call DD and convince an unknowing customer service rep to take a discounted order for the items. It's quite possible that ADV or Media Blasters will back out of future sales as well, so grab those films up as soon as the sale starts.

Q What about pre-orders?
A Pre-orders do not quallify for the discount. If the item you want is released during the sale, however, you can order it once it's officially released and get the discount.

Q What about items that are out of stock?
A Yes, out of stock items are included in the sale. As a matter of fact many popular items will go out of stock within the first 3 or 4 days of the sale, and will go on backorder. Even if the item doesn't ship until after the sale ends, you will still be charged the sale price.

Q Does this work with other sales that DD is having?
A It has in the past. That of course is no guarantee that it will in the future.

Q What about HD-DVD and Blu-Ray?
A Yes, those are usually included in the sale.

Q What about non DVD item on the DD site?
A Media storage (racks and cases), UMD's and posters have traditionally been part of the sale. Toys and video games have never been a part of the sale. Books and CD's are not part of the sale either, but in the Summer 2007 sale DD lowered the prices on thousands of selected books and CD's by 20%.

Q Any other limitations?
A Yes, you can't order more than 5 of any one title in one order. DD reserves the right to further limit quantities at their discretion.

Q So when does it start?
A Usually the second Thursday of the month at 4pm Eastern time, but as with everything else this can change at Deep Discount's whim. NOTICE: The fall 2008 sale will start on Thursday, November 7

Q How long does the sale run?
A At least 10 days. In some past sales, DD has extended the sale to last almost the entire month. NOTICE: The sale will run until November 23

Q So how will I know when the next sale starts?
A There will be a thread on the main page of the Bargains Forum. It usually goes up anywhere from a few hours to 24 hours before the sale kicks off. The announcement of the June 2006 sale was first made in the FAQ thread. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not start threads asking when the sale will begin. It's considered bad form, and you will be verbally abused by many people until the thread is locked. This is a major event, so trust me when I say that you will not miss the announcement if you are a regular visitor to the forums. If DD has your e-mail address on file, you will receive several e-mails from them during the course of the sale.

Q How do I get my discount?
A At the checkout screen there is a place for you to enter a checkout code. Enter your code and the discount will be applied to all eligible items. The box to enter the code is on your first checkout page where you select shipping. It is directly under the 4 shipping options. Some people have said that the box does not show up for them. In that case, it is recommended that you clear your cache and try again. If that fails, try a different browser (most of these complaints come from FireFox users).

Q What is the code?
A There are many different codes, a list of them will be posted in the thread announcing the sale. You can use each code one time during the sale. Most of the codes are the same from sale to sale, sometimes a few will change as different groups sponsor the event. Here's some of the codes that have been used:


PLEASE PAY SPECIAL NOTICE TO THIS: If you plan on placing multiple orders, please use the code "DVDTALK" for your largest order. Deep Discount uses these codes to track how people find out about the sale, so the more attention and dollars that come from DVDTalk.com the better for all of us. You don't want ads appearing inside your posts again, do you? Also, please use the DVDTalk merchant link at the top of the FAQ. That gives even more money to this site.

Q Is this one of those sales where the prices are raised the night before?
A Over the last few years, that has been a hotly debated topic here at DVDTalk. In March of 06 a thread was started to track prices throughout the few months before the sale to see if any were raised when the sale began. The final verdict seems to be that 99% of the prices remained the same or went down. The other 1% consisted of prices that went up - sometimes only a few cents, other times high enough that you weren't saving anything from the regular price after the discount - and some titles were changed from available to having a new release date. Some of these were planned price drops, others looked to be items DD was withholding from the sale. Another price comparison thread was run for the November 06 sale with generally the same results. A few items became very expensive, and Deep Discount rectified that situation when it was brought to their attention.

Many times when someone complains of a price increase, it's actually because the title in question was part of another sale that ended before the sale began.

Q So these are the best prices I'll get all year?
A Of course not. You can always count on great Black Friday deals, pre-Christmas sales from Amazon.com, etc. The difference is that the DD sale is on practically everything, whereas other sales are more specific (BBC shows, TV shows on DVD from a certain studio, etc). Make sure to check around and see if you're getting the best price.

Q What about DVD Planet?
A Critics Choice Video, DVD Planet, and Video Collection are all ownbed by the same company that owns Deep Discount, and in the fall 2008 sale will also have 25% off sales of their own. It's a good idea to check every site and compare costs and shipping, as even though they're owned by the same place they might have different base prices. DVDPlanet, for example, traditionally has better prices on Criterion edition titles..

Q I checked around, and I can buy something cheaper than DD's listed price. Can I price match and then get the discount taken off the new price?
A No. You can either price match or get discount according to DD's guidelines. However some people have reported that they were able to convince the DD rep they dealt with to take discount off as well. This is definitely a YMMV (your mileage may vary) situation, and do not expect it to work. Also, remember that DD will pricematch the entire price, which means they include shipping costs if you're pricematching an online site.

Q I've read that some people have had bad experiences with Deep Discount, how safe is it to order from them?
A With a company this large, doing hundreds of transactions a day (probably more, especially during big sales), there's bound to be mistakes made. Most of the time, a quick phone call or e-mail to DD gets the problem fixed. For every bad experience, you will find many, many accounts of positive experiences.

Q I haven't received an order confirmation, usually I have one within a few minutes!
A As it says at checkout, you get an order confirmation within 24 hours. Wait that long, maybe even 36 hours, before being concerned that your order didn't go through. Keep a list of what you ordered so that you can place the order again if necessary. If the possibility of this happening really concerns you, don't place an order at the last minute.

Q It's been 10 business days and I haven't received my order yet!
A 10 days after you placed your order or 10 days after you received a shipping notice? Remember, this is one of the busiest times for DD. While the speed of UPS or the USPS isn't changed by it, the time it takes to process and fill your order does. So while we're all accustomed to getting an order confirmation immediately and having a shipping notice in 24-48 hours, it could take up to a week just for the warehouse to put your order together. So remember to base your expectations off of the date your order was shipped, not placed.

The closer you are to DD's warehouse (I assume it's located at their listed address of Itasca, IL), the faster you will get your items. If you live somewhere like California or Florida, you'll probably be closer to the 10 business days if not a little longer. In cases like this, it's strongly recommended that you build up a big order and pay the extra few bucks to have it shipped priority mail. Sometimes, if you place a large enough order, DD will automatically upgrade it to UPS 2 day shipping as it's cheaper to send that route instead of going through the USPS. It's generally believed that the physical size of the order is what DD uses to decide when to upgrade your shipping, but obviously we are not going to get confirmation from DD because that could result in people taking advantage of the situation.

Q It's been a week since I placed my order, and when I check the status everything is still "in process."
A See the above answer. This is a busy time for DD, and although they normally have an order processed and ready to ship in a day or two, it takes longer and longer as the sale goes on and orders build up.

Q Is there anything else I should know about?
A Yes.

1. If you get your items and the print-out happens to list something as shipped, but then someone at the warehouse has written next to it (or stamped) something like "not available, will ship soon," call DD immediately. This happened to me with an order and if I hadn't called it never would have shipped as their computer had it listed as being sent to me, then someone later down the line found that it wasn't available at the moment.

2. When your order arrives, get the packing list and make sure that your entire order arrived. You should do this any time you have an order consisting of many items, but it especially applies during the sale.

Q What other resources should I take advantage of when checking on prices or things to buy?
A Your biggest resource is right here in the DVDTalk Bargains forum, where many of your fellow DVDTalkers share info. There are threads dedicated to people listing what they have bought so far during the sale. There's posts detailing bargains in other stores.

Also if you are looking for ideas you can search the DVD Talk Review Database as well as check out the highest rated DVDs given DVD Talk's Collector Series Rating

Another important detail is to make a wish list at Deep Discount's web site. Actually you can make it anywhere, but it makes the most sense to have it on DD's site as you can just pull it up and buy titles off of it instead of having to look each one up individually.

Any negative comments (i.e. threadcraps) will be removed from this thread, as well as any debate about prices going up and down and left and right before/after/during the sale. Post ALL THAT IN THE STORE FORUM. IF YOU DON'T LIKE DD OR THE SALE, VOICE YOUR OPINION IN THE STORE FORUM. NOT HERE! NOT HERE! This will remain a FAQ and informal thread.

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Yes, I now see I accidentally put in 2007 in the title. Unfortunately I can't edit the title, so hopefully a friendly mod will do it for me. If that's the only mistake I made in this beast, I'll be very happy!
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Um, it's 2008
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Originally Posted by MovieExchange View Post
Yes, I now see I accidentally put in 2007 in the title. Unfortunately I can't edit the title, so hopefully a friendly mod will do it for me. If that's the only mistake I made in this beast, I'll be very happy!
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Thanks for the FAQ. Can't wait to get hands on Blu-Rays this time around.
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Old 11-03-08, 09:45 AM
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I would not be surprised if secondspin's heynow code becomes activated at the same time...
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I hope they include music also.
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Originally Posted by cdollaz View Post
I hope they include music also.
and I hope they include video games. (which is probably a 1 in a million chance of happening)
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Will Live.com cashback still work during the sale?
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Thanks for the thread.

Will it be also possible for it to include references to the deals triggered by this DD sale onto other online merchants? I mean, DVDPlanet's, and others (someone above mentioned secondspin).
More like a one-stop shop.
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20% off ?

The discount will be 25% off
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Originally Posted by Arana View Post
20% off ?

The discount will be 25% off
Why do you think it'll be 25% off? It's always been 20% off.
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Originally Posted by SkullOrchard View Post
Why do you think it'll be 25% off? It's always been 20% off.
Because the past Thursday during hours the codes worked, and the discount was 25% off.I imagine that it was a phase of tests.

I have a sent order with the discount of 25%
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If true, you get the award for new member best first post(s).
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I am a Portuguese that visit the forum to inform of the editions that do not arrive to my country.My English is bad and for this reason was not registered, but I visit the forum for a long time.

The discount was of 25% in two BD an four DVD series,and I obtain it with the code " DVDTALK".So it is the promotion of June and November of Deepdiscount.

This is the Spanish forum in which I saw that the codes worked already and the discount was of 25% :


Reply #2323

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This also happened a few years ago, when they were apparently testing coupon codes on the live site. You'd think they'd have learned their lesson, but I guess not if this is true.

Based on the declining number of posts in recent 20% off sales threads here, it's possible they are looking for ways to increase volume this time around. A bump to 25% off might do the trick!
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I bought nothing in the last 20% off sale, a first. 25% would bring me back for something.
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Hooray! Cant wait. I'll probably end up spending around $300-$350 this go round. Usually I spend around $1000 but Im trying to cut back and I decided Im probably not gonna double dip on that complete Sopranos Box.
But if its 25% off I may get more.
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Their changes to their international (Canada) shipping charges are what caused me to sit out last sale. An additional 5% off won't cover that increase, so unless they change the shipping costs, I'm sitting this one out too.
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Old 11-03-08, 04:11 PM
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Hoping for some deals here...even with high shipping to Canada. Now that Amazon has another fee added onto there high shipping costs, DD might work out to less.
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Originally Posted by Damed View Post
Their changes to their international (Canada) shipping charges are what caused me to sit out last sale. An additional 5% off won't cover that increase, so unless they change the shipping costs, I'm sitting this one out too.
DVDPlanet.com usually has a 20% off sale at the same time and their shipping costs are fairly decent. It looks like the DVDPlanet sale is now the only option for us Canucks, since DD jacked their shipping costs to outrageous levels and Amazon.com now charges "custom import fees".
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I'm definitely looking forward to it this year. My only concern is which movies to pickup during the sale and which to hope for better (B1G1) deals for on Black Friday. Anyone else find themselves in the same conflict? I'm thinking of mainly picking up older releases that haven't dropped in price enough to suit me, and maybe some WWE Wrestlemania/Rumble box sets. I might also pick up a few Blu-Ray titles and newer SD releases from the smaller studios that I wouldn't expect to see on sale later. I mean I would expect a ton of Warner/Paramount/Universal/Lionsgate/Sony titles on sale later, but what about Weinstein/Genius, First Look, MPI? Can we expect much of their catalogs on sale? I dunno. That's just my thought at the moment. Maybe someone else will have a better idea for how to choose. There are a ton of BDs I want to get caught up on, so I'm really hoping for a big holiday season. Hard to know what to expect now that the format war is over though.
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I bought almost nothing last sale due to all the price increases right before it started. If they are going that route again I'll pass.
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I have almost $700 worth of stuff in my cart right now. Come on DVD Planet, let's get this thing started.
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