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JckRbbitSlim 08-31-08 06:48 PM

The refresh trick is (so far) working! God, I hope this works....

Web 08-31-08 06:51 PM

I just got my order through by going back to the last good page I had and then clicking continue. Had to do this like 4 times for each step, but I finally did it. It says my items are on backorder though.

JckRbbitSlim 08-31-08 06:51 PM

It's giving me problems on the credit card page, and I don't want it to go through twice.... So, I guess I'll wait a while.

ShadyLPete 08-31-08 06:53 PM

well, went through for me...only time will tell now

BuckNaked2k 08-31-08 06:55 PM

Can't get to my shopping cart.....shows five items at 80% off, but I can't check out........

JckRbbitSlim 08-31-08 06:57 PM

I'm having the same problem, Buck. I got all the way to the credit card page and when I hit submit, no dice. I don't want to chance having two orders go through so....there ya go.

Spicollidriver1 08-31-08 06:59 PM

This is popping up sometimes now.
We're sorry. Our site will be back soon. In you need immediate assistace, please contact Customer Care at 888-81-BOOKS

JckRbbitSlim 08-31-08 07:01 PM

Hmmm... just got that one now. I can get all the way to the credit card info page, but I don't know if it will charge me if I keep hitting refresh.

My Other Self 08-31-08 07:03 PM

It doens't. That's happened to me - I've been charged once. I got 2 orders to go through now.

Artman 08-31-08 07:03 PM

Check your email, I kept getting the same message but I just got the confirmation sent to me. Hopefully I don't get 20 more...

MonsterMan 08-31-08 07:03 PM

My credit card was charged...but I have yet to receive an email order confirmation. Anyone else still waiting for theirs'?

My Other Self 08-31-08 07:04 PM

I got my first. Haven't gotten my second yet.

Cardsfan111 08-31-08 07:04 PM

Originally Posted by JckRbbitSlim (Post 8908378)
I don't want to chance having two orders go through so....there ya go.

At 80% off, Borders has probably counted on people being charged 5 times per order so they get their advertised prices. ;)

JckRbbitSlim 08-31-08 07:07 PM

Yeah, right? That would be very ironic. It just sucks because I can get all the way there, then.....nothing.

BuckNaked2k 08-31-08 07:07 PM

What a pisser......I'm SO CLOSE!!!

stronghold7000 08-31-08 07:10 PM

It FINALLY accepted my order after many tries, however, it did display this message in red:

Thank you for shopping at Borders. Your order requires additional processing. You'll receive an email in 24-48 hours confirming the status of your order. If you need immediate assistance, please contact Customer Care at 800.770.7811.

JckRbbitSlim 08-31-08 07:11 PM

Bastards. They've found out. Who's the rat?

Anne 08-31-08 07:11 PM

40 minutes of refresh and back buttons, and it keeps putting my items in quantities of 5 or 6 in the cart so my total is like $500 dollars. Driving me nuts, but i'll keep trying.

stronghold7000 08-31-08 07:13 PM

I ordered 4 x Twilight Zone Complete and 4 x Only Fools And Horses Complete - now that I read the order summary, it shows both as backordered

JckRbbitSlim 08-31-08 07:13 PM

For the record, the order doesn't actually go through till you hit submit on the final page, right? Or else I'm going to have some problems here.

My Other Self 08-31-08 07:14 PM

Yeah, you put in your CC, then it takes you to one final page. Then you put it through.

stronghold7000 08-31-08 07:16 PM

Any good box set suggestions?

cinemaphile 08-31-08 07:16 PM

What really stinks was if a couple people did this, they might write it off as a glitch and in the interest of customer service let them go through.
But with the quantity of people taking advantage of this, chances are they're all getting cancelled across the board.

JckRbbitSlim 08-31-08 07:16 PM

I get an Internet Explorer message indicating that I should cancel the refresh or else I will be charged twice right after I hit submit with the credit card information, so I cancel it. This is really aggravating.

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