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punit 07-14-08 09:36 AM

Hot!!! B1G1 Offer on Criterion titles at DD (Starts 7/16 and ends 7/29)

Added DVD Talk affiliate link

Starts on 7/16 as per the title of the page (possibly)

Buy 1 movie from the select list of titles below and receive 1 of equal or lesser value free. When purchasing multiple movies you will be charged for the higher priced items and those of equal or lesser value will be at no charge. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Prices are subject to change. Offer Ends 7/29/08 at 11:59pm CST Donít see your discount? Type in promotion code : B1G1CRITE0807 at checkout


Brent L 07-14-08 09:47 AM

Wow, nice deal.

I just wish DVDPlanet would offer the same thing since I have so much credit there. :)

nemein 07-14-08 09:52 AM

Great deal... too bad I can't think of any Criterions that I want that I don't already have :(

Abeworld 07-14-08 10:02 AM

Is criterions release of Blu-Ray the big reason for this sale??

If yes, then probably it would be a good idea for all of us BR collectors to wait for their favorite criterions to be released on BR instead of double dipping.

Which brings another thought: Are extras be the only reason people would go for Criterion BR discs? Because the quality of, say, The Superhero Movie released on BR will be the same as Autumn Sonata!!!!

punit 07-14-08 10:11 AM

Originally Posted by Abeworld
Is criterions release of Blu-Ray the big reason for this sale??

Quiet possible and Janus is also going to release barebone editions very soon!

Paul1957 07-14-08 10:29 AM

Vampyr comes out on July 22, I was going to grab this anyway. Now what to get with it?

Sondheim 07-14-08 10:45 AM


There's an enormous amount of Criterion DVDs that I still want - but the 20% off sale pretty much drained my DVD budget for the summer.

Still, I'll probably buy a few once the code goes active.

basaro 07-14-08 10:56 AM

$32.39/$32.36, is that their regular price on $39.95 MSRP's?
Seems kinda high, more than most everyone else...?
I was a little more excited about this until I saw that. Still might find something though, thanks.

utopianz14 07-14-08 11:02 AM

While I'm excited for the sale, I'm a bit annoyed because I was going to list a whole batch of Criterions for sale on the Exchange forum this morning. Now, I don't think I can sell them for what I initially priced them at.

So, instead of making some money and reducing the size of my collection, I'm probably going to end up buying more DVDs from this sale... Oh, the irony!

Sondheim 07-14-08 11:02 AM

Originally Posted by basaro
$32.39/$32.36, is that their regular price on $39.95 MSRP's?
Seems kinda high, more than most everyone else...?
I was a little more excited about this until I saw that. Still might find something though, thanks.

Yes, they do seem to have raised their prices on Criterions in the past few weeks - possibly in anticipation of the sale (though, no, I couldn't prove that's why they did it.)

But even at those prices - it's still a great deal.

Let's do some math (it's fun!):

Buying "Tokyo Story" and "Early Summer" (regular price of $25.97 at DVD Planet) during the 20% off sale would cost $41.55, at an average of $20.77 per DVD. Buying them during this sale would cost you $32.39 ($9.16 less than DVD Planet), for an average of $16.19 per DVD (a savings of $4.58 per disc.) And DVD Planet has been raising their prices on the newer Criterion releases - so buying, say, "Mon Oncle Antoine" and "Before the Rain" here would be an even better savings over DVD Planet.

Buying two lower-tier titles (say, "The Flowers of St. Francis" and "Boudu Saved from Drowning") from DVD Planet (usually priced at $19.47) during the 20% off sale would cost you $31.15, for an average of $15.57 per DVD. Buying them here would cost you $24.29 (a savings of $6.86 over DVD Planet's sale price) - an average of $12.14 per disc (a savings of $3.43 per disc.)

Which is about the cheapest I've ever seen them. (And if only DVD Planet would duplicate the sale - it'd pretty much be the deal of the century.)

And that's probably more detailed than anybody wanted - buy hey, I'm bored. :)

Kory 07-14-08 11:35 AM

Note that it says "select list" which probably means it won't be all, or even close to all, Criterions.

Edit: Nevermind, I clicked the link. Seems to be a pretty good selection.

Byron_T 07-14-08 11:40 AM

Originally Posted by Kory
Note that it says "select list" which probably means it won't be all, or even close to all, Criterions.

Edit: Nevermind, I clicked the link. Seems to be a pretty good selection.

That's what I thought just reading the post but if you look at the link it has the list. If it's not all Criterions it is most definitely the majority of them.

pjflyer 07-14-08 12:01 PM

C'mon DVDPlanet!

NoirFan 07-14-08 12:16 PM

Originally Posted by pjflyer
C'mon DVDPlanet!

With their lower Criterion prices, coupons, and FBP that would be the ultimate sale.

Tarantino 07-14-08 12:29 PM

Seven Samurai is still $40? If it was listed at $32, I would have picked it and something else out.

= J

kefrank 07-14-08 12:33 PM

Originally Posted by Tarantino
Seven Samurai is still $40? If it was listed at $32, I would have picked it and something else out.

= J

seven samurai has an MSRP of $50. if you did get it and something else, that would be $20 each. $20 for Seven Samurai is a ridiculously great value.

zekeburger1979 07-14-08 12:38 PM

Boy, am I stupid. I couldn't figure out why the code wouldn't work until I looked at the 1st post again and realized that it doesn't start until Wednesday. Doh!

I'll pick up Seven Samurai and The Third Man.

Kory 07-14-08 12:49 PM

These prices are definitely higher than what they were during the 20% off sale. Better deals after the B1G1, but it's kind of bogus that they raise them. Oh well.

Considering picking up Yojimbo/Sanjuro and Thief of Bagdad.

Zen Peckinpah 07-14-08 01:35 PM

I'd buy Days of Heaven and La Haine, but I'm almost certain I'd get it now and then it'd be on Blu-ray next year.

Lipid 07-14-08 01:36 PM

This is a tough call. A year ago I'd jump all over this and place many orders but with the blu-ray info I doubt I'll buy anything. Maybe if some of the boxsets are on sale I might go for it since a boxset blu-ray would be more than I'm willing to pay.

crweb 07-14-08 02:05 PM

Well, if they had listed both, Testament Of Dr. Mabuse and Fiend Without A Face, I'd have bit. Now nothing.

Al_Tahoe 07-14-08 02:12 PM

Originally Posted by Paul1957
Vampyr comes out on July 22, I was going to grab this anyway. Now what to get with it?

Oooooh, thanks for the reminder... definitely gonna pick that one up!

EDIT: CRAP, doesn't appear to be on the list. :hairpull:

blokhed 07-14-08 02:17 PM

Man, that's a great sale, but I've already sold most of my Criterions in anticipation of their Blu-Ray releases.

NoirFan 07-14-08 02:20 PM

Hopefully there won't be another "unavailable" fiasco like with Six Moral Tales during the 20% off sale.

JAY NOW! 07-14-08 03:28 PM

The code is working! The game is on!

Bought The Thief of Bagdad and The Furies for a sweet $32.36 shipped.

punit 07-14-08 04:03 PM

Yes, indeed it's working. Mods, can you please remove starts 7/16 from the title of the thread ?

dmkb 07-14-08 04:24 PM

Is this code reusable?

JMcCraw 07-14-08 04:38 PM

Is Short Cuts OOP? It's not on the list and I don't even see it on the site.

chris_sc77 07-14-08 04:39 PM

^Coupon is reusable (if you even need to put the coupon in in the first place that is)

****Order #1****
A Nos Amours
Before The Rain
Days of Heaven
F For Fake
George Washington
Gimmee Shelter

^Total for Order #1 = $129.56

****Order #2****
Coup De Touchon (Clean Slate)
Fishing With John
Sweet Movie (blind-buy)
Umberto D.

^Total for Order #2 = $48.58

(Titles I'm thinking about ordering: Spartacus (3-disk)/ The Leopard (3-disk);
The Killers (2-disk), The Tales of Hoffman, Solaris, Burden of Dreams, Naked

Kory 07-14-08 04:42 PM

Ordered "The Thief of Bagdad" and "Before The Rain." I've never seen the latter, but I know most of it takes place in Macedonia and was actually filmed there, and my grandfather was actually born there. I'm only 25% Macedonian but it's something I'm proud of. I hope to travel there some day, but I figured in the mean time, I can see a good movie, and experience a little of Macedonia along the way. $16.18 each. Not too shabby.

beebs 07-14-08 05:13 PM

Must resist...


ernestrp 07-14-08 05:23 PM

The Furies
Ice Storm

NoirFan 07-14-08 05:27 PM

Postwar Kurosawa FREE
Three Films by Hiroshi Teshigahara $64.76

I'll place another order once I get paid next week. Hopefully DVD Planet will be mirroring the sale by then. :fc:

alfonsosoriano 07-14-08 05:44 PM

Awesome! I will definitely grab a few of the discs that I've been wanting.

Sessa17 07-14-08 06:04 PM

Damn, still a few criterions I've been putting off getting forever, but I really want to bulk up on Criterions in Blu-Ray, so I'll try to resist this sale.

Matthew Ackerly 07-14-08 06:12 PM

Picked up The Furies and M...

Told myself I would never order from DD again, but what a deal!

Hopefully, Vampyr will be part of this when its released next week

Yakuza Bengoshi 07-14-08 06:34 PM

Originally Posted by Matthew Ackerly
Told myself I would never order from DD again, but what a deal!

You not only told yourself, you told us:

Originally Posted by Matthew Ackerly
I too have stopped ordering from them, even during these 20percent off sales.

Just not worth the hassle and month long wait for product.

I would much rather pay a few extra bucks for a dvd and have it arrive in a timely manner.

alfonsosoriano 07-14-08 06:35 PM

Can't resist the shark.

mnementh 07-14-08 06:43 PM


12.11 Paddle to the Sea
 12.11 Red Balloon
 12.11 White Mane
 12.14 Night and Fog
 16.16 Beales Of Grey Gardens
 20.21 Patriotism
 20.24 Most Dangerous Game
 24.26 400 Blows
 24.26 Au Revoir Les Enfants
 24.26 Blast Of Silence
 24.26 Brazil
 24.26 Burmese Harp
 24.26 Children Are Watching Us
 24.26 Classe Tous Risques
 24.26 Clean, Shaven
 24.26 Death Of A Cyclist
 24.26 Fallen Idol
 24.26 Fire Within
 24.26 Fires on the Plain
 24.26 Fists in the Pocket
 24.26 Forbidden Games
 24.26 I Vitelloni
 24.26 Ivan's Childhood
 24.26 Japanese Hell
 24.26 Kicking & Screaming
 24.26 Kill!
 24.26 Koko - A Talking Gorilla
 24.26 Lacombe, Lucien
 24.26 Le Samourai
 24.26 Lovers
 24.26 Mafioso
 24.26 Mala Noche
 24.26 Milky Way
 24.26 Monterey Pop
 24.26 Murmur of the Heart
 24.26 Nanook of the North
 24.26 Samurai Rebellion
 24.26 Seduced and Abandoned
 24.26 Smiles of a Summer Night
 24.26 Sweet Movie
 24.26 Sword of the Beast
 24.26 Vengeance Is Mine
 24.26 Viridiana
 24.29 ...And God Created Woman
 24.29 Alphaville
 24.29 And the Ship Sails On
 24.29 Au Hasard Balthazar
 24.29 Bad Timing
 24.29 Ballad of a Soldier
 24.29 Band of Outsiders
 24.29 Big Deal on Madonna Street
 24.29 Black Orpheus
 24.29 Boudu Saved from Drowning
 24.29 Browning Version
 24.29 Clean Slate
 24.29 Closely Watched Trains
 24.29 Coup De Grace
 24.29 Cranes Are Flying
 24.29 Crazed Fruit
 24.29 Cries and Whispers
 24.29 Diary of a Chambermaid
 24.29 Double Suicide
 24.29 Eyes Without a Face
 24.29 Fanny and Alexander
 24.29 Fat Girl
 24.29 Fighting Elegy
 24.29 Firemen's Ball
 24.29 Fishing with John
 24.29 Francesco, Giullare Di Dio
 24.29 Gate of Flesh
 24.29 General Idi Amin Dada
 24.29 Hamlet
 24.29 Hidden Fortress
 24.29 Hoop Dreams
 24.29 Hopscotch
 24.29 Horse's Mouth
 24.29 Importance of Being Earnest
 24.29 Ladies of the Bois de Bologne
 24.29 Le Million
 24.29 Le Notti Bianche
 24.29 Le Quai Des Brumes
 24.29 Long Good Friday
 24.29 Loves of a Blonde
 24.29 Magic Flute
 24.29 Man Bites Dog
 24.29 Mon Oncle
 24.29 Mr. Hulot's Holiday
 24.29 Naked Kiss
 24.29 Night Porter
 24.29 Onibaba
 24.29 Pepe Le Moko
 24.29 Pornographers
 24.29 Pygmalion
 24.29 Ratcatcher
 24.29 Rififi
 24.29 River
 24.29 Scarlet Empress
 24.29 Shock Corridor
 24.29 Shop on Main Street
 24.29 Sisters
 24.29 Story of a Prostitute
 24.29 Summertime
 24.29 Sword of Doom
 24.29 Tanner '88
 24.29 That Obscure Object of Desire
 24.29 Touchez Pas Au Grisbi
 24.29 Tout Va Bien
 24.29 Trou
 24.29 Tunes of Glory
 24.29 Umberto D.
 24.29 Unfaithfully Yours
 24.29 Vanishing
 24.29 Walkabout
 24.29 Withnail and I
 24.29 Written on the Wind
 24.29 Young Toerless
 24.29 Youth of the Beast
 32.36 49th Parallel
 32.36 Ace in the Hole
 32.36 Antonio Gaudi
 32.36 Army of Shadows
 32.36 Before the Rain
 32.36 Bicycle Thief
 32.36 Breathless
 32.36 Brute Force
 32.36 Burden of Dreams
 32.36 Canterbury Tale
 32.36 Cria Cuervos
 32.36 Days of Heaven
 32.36 Dazed and Confused
 32.36 Double Life of Veronique
 32.36 Drunken Angel
 32.36 Elevator to the Gallows
 32.36 Equinox
 32.36 Furies
 32.36 Green for Danger
 32.36 Hands Over The City
 32.36 Harlan County, USA
 32.36 Hate
 32.36 House of Games
 32.36 Ice Storm
 32.36 If...
 32.36 Kind Hearts and Coronets
 32.36 La Jetee/Sans Soleil
 32.36 Lady Vanishes
 32.36 Late Spring
 32.36 Les Enfants Terribles
 32.36 Metropolitan
 32.36 Mishima - A Life in Four Chapters
 32.36 Miss Julie
 32.36 Mon Oncle Antoine
 32.36 Mouchette
 32.36 Naked City
 32.36 Naked Prey
 32.36 Night on Earth
 32.36 Nos Amours, A
 32.36 Overlord
 32.36 Pandora's Box
 32.36 Pickpocket
 32.36 Pierrot Le Fou
 32.36 Playtime
 32.36 Ran
 32.36 Robinson Crusoe on Mars
 32.36 Sanjuro
 32.36 Sansho the Bailiff
 32.36 Sawdust and Tinsel
 32.36 Spirit of the Beehive
 32.36 Stranger Than Paradise
 32.36 Sweetie
 32.36 Symbiopsychotaxiplasm
 32.36 Tales of Hoffmann
 32.36 Thief of Bagdad
 32.36 Third Man
 32.36 This Sporting Life
 32.36 Threepenny Opera
 32.36 Traffic
 32.36 Two of Us
 32.36 Two-Lane Blacktop
 32.36 Under the Volcano
 32.36 Virgin Spring
 32.36 Wages of Fear
 32.36 Walker
 32.36 When a Woman Ascends the Stairs
 32.36 WR: Mysteries of the Organism
 32.36 Yi Yi
 32.36 Yojimbo
 32.36 Young Mr. Lincoln
 32.39 3 Women
 32.39 39 Steps
 32.39 8 1/2
 32.39 Ali: Fear Eats the Soul
 32.39 All That Heaven Allows
 32.39 Angel at My Table
 32.39 Autumn Sonata
 32.39 Beauty and the Beast
 32.39 Blob
 32.39 Brief Encounter
 32.39 By Brakhage: An Anthology
 32.39 Carnival of Souls
 32.39 Casque D'or
 32.39 Charade
 32.39 Children of Paradise
 32.39 Contempt
 32.39 Devil and Daniel Webster
 32.39 Diary of a Country Priest
 32.39 Do the Right Thing
 32.39 Early Summer
 32.39 Element of Crime
 32.39 F For Fake
 32.39 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
 32.39 For All Mankind
 32.39 George Washington
 32.39 Gimme Shelter
 32.39 Grand Illusion
 32.39 Great Expectations
 32.39 Grey Gardens
 32.39 Harakiri
 32.39 Haxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages
 32.39 Hearts and Minds
 32.39 Hiroshima Mon Amour
 32.39 I Am Curious... - 2-Disc Set
 32.39 I Know Where I'm Going!
 32.39 Ikiru
 32.39 In the Mood for Love
 32.39 Jubilee
 32.39 Kagemusha
 32.39 Killers 2-Disc Set
 32.39 King of Kings
 32.39 Knife in the Water
 32.39 La Strada
 32.39 Last Temptation of Christ
 32.39 Le Cercle Rouge
 32.39 Life and Death of Colonel Blimp
 32.39 Lord of the Flies
 32.39 Lower Depths: Two Films By Akira Kurosawa / Jean Renoir
 32.39 Man Who Fell to Earth
 32.39 Mona Lisa
 32.39 Monty Python's Life of Brian
 32.39 My Man Godfrey
 32.39 My Own Private Idaho
 32.39 M
 32.39 Naked Lunch
 32.39 Naked
 32.39 Night and the City
 32.39 Night to Remember
 32.39 Nights of Cabiria
 32.39 Oliver Twist
 32.39 Passion of Joan of Arc
 32.39 Peeping Tom
 32.39 Rashomon
 32.39 Red Beard
 32.39 Red Shoes
 32.39 Richard III
 32.39 Rules of the Game
 32.39 Ruling Class
 32.39 Secret Honor
 32.39 Slacker
 32.39 Solaris
 32.39 Story of Floating Weeds/Floating Weeds
 32.39 Sullivan's Travels
 32.39 Thieves' Highway
 32.39 Throne of Blood
 32.39 Tokyo Story
 32.39 Trouble in Paradise
 32.39 Videodrome
 32.39 Wild Strawberries
 36.41 Silent Ozu: Three Family Comedies
 40.46 Battle of Algiers
 40.46 Grey Gardens
 40.46 Leopard
 40.46 Mr. Arkadin
 40.46 Scenes from a Marriage
 40.46 Seven Samurai
 40.46 Spartacus
 48.56 Last Emperor
 56.66 Postwar Kurosawa
 56.66 Yojimbo/Sanjuro
 56.69 Samurai Trilogy
 64.76 3 Films by Louis Malle
 64.76 Monsters And Madmen
 64.76 Olivier's Shakespeare
 64.76 Three Films by Hiroshi Teshigahara
 64.79 Carl Theodor Dreyer - Day of Wrath/Ordet/Gertrud
 64.79 Complete Monterey Pop Festival
 64.79 Eisenstein - The Sound Years
 64.79 Ingmar Bergman Trilogy
 80.96 4 by Agnes Varda
 80.96 Ingmar Bergman: Four Masterworks
 80.96 Rebel Samurai: Sixties Sword Play
 80.99 Great Adaptations: Great Expectations, Lord Of The Flies, The Most Dangerous Game, Oliver Twist
101.21 Berlin Alexanderplatz
101.24 John Cassavetes: Five Films

Neil M. 07-14-08 06:53 PM

Thank you Mnementh!!! Now to spend a large amount of money. I'm so glad I sat out on the 20% sale.

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