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JohnSlider 06-30-08 09:05 PM

I wouldn't even pay 1.99 for season 6.

musick 06-30-08 09:07 PM

Originally Posted by John Slider
I wouldn't even pay 1.99 for season 6.

LOL that's what I said... but I did

latenightcreepa 06-30-08 09:40 PM

I got season 6 for $0.00....great deal

DVD Polizei 06-30-08 09:54 PM

Originally Posted by kstublen
If Best Buy really is pulling all the stickers, that is the lamest thing I have heard of them doing in a long time. Manufacture Coupons are the same thing as money for the store. They aren't losing $15 per set, they are still getting that money. Do they not realize this? Sheer incompetence.

Oh, they certainly are. What they want is to sell a season of 24 at regular price AND get the coupon reimbursement. If there is a sale during a studios' coupon date, they pull coupons off DVDs.

Yes, it is lame.

Don't be surprised if the 24 sets go back up to $49.99 and you surprisingly see Fox coupons all over the place.

ENDContra 06-30-08 10:02 PM

So will they at least some of these instock online before the weeks out?
Didnt get S2 and S6 in store, and Im willing to do the "B1G1" deal online in order to complete it (can pawn off the extras on Ebay).

DVD Polizei 06-30-08 10:29 PM

Oh I'm sure they'll have seasons 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. But S1 SE will mysteriously be unavailable until next Saturday.

king3style 06-30-08 10:47 PM

Originally Posted by cinemaphile
I wonder if we just found the problem.... that line sounds like the manager thinks we're going store to store either just buying them at one and trying to return them at regular price at the next, or going store to store buying up ALL of them to return at regular price at a later date or something. Why else would he say "we know what you're doing, going store to store"??

if that's the case, a few bad apples have ruined it for the rest of us. If return scams are NOT the issue, i still don't get it. BBuy gets their money, it's FOX that takes the $15 hit off each.

Can't be return scams. Best Buy only allows one item/one return per no-receipt per year. Probably, just stocking up for ebay resells.

I even thought about picking up extra b/c it is such a great deal. I held back though, b/c I'm content with just getting the deal for my own collection. Not sure if it's still the same case, but the Chicago store on Elston had tons of 24s, all seasons on Sunday when I went.

Rob052067 06-30-08 10:53 PM

Well, I stopped by BestBuy after work. There were two S1 tins in stock, but neither had the coupon. There were however, shelf tags that said $16.99 per season, and a shelf strip that said 'Purchase S1 and get $15 off all seasons'. There was one S2 on the shelf, but no others. I had an employee check backstock inventory, and he brought out a few copies of each season S2-S5, but no S6. I grabbed S1-S5.

Once at the register, they all rang up $16.99. I noted the additional deal on the shelf strip and the cashier went back to the dept. However, they would not honor the deal in combination with the $16.99 sale prices. So, without a coupon, I got nowhere.

I was gonna try another store tomorrow, but from above it sounds like the deal has died. Rats.

Pizza 06-30-08 10:55 PM

My local BB had 1 each of seasons 2-5 and a ton of season 6.

das1330 06-30-08 11:03 PM

BB.Com still hasnt processed my order for SE 1 & 2 for 23 shipped. getting worried they may cancel it on me

HyperWeather 06-30-08 11:22 PM

Saw this thread this afternoon and immediately went to my Best Buy (salinas, cali). All the 24 sets were on their normal shelf with the 16.99 sale tag, but no S1 se in sight. Went to go ask someone if they had them, and noticed them a few shelfs back, but with no sale price, asked if it was on sale and it was. Got all 6 seasons and had no issues with the cashier, she scanned them all took the coupon scanned it and was surprised at the price it came to but just told me to have a nice day and I was out the store. Thanks OP.

Bobaray 06-30-08 11:23 PM

Originally Posted by Bobaray
Bought Seasons 1 and 2 online this morning and picked them up at my local store at 10:00 AM (Sunday). Just noticed the fantastic deals that people were getting, and I'm wondering if I can use the coupon that was attached to Season 1 on the other seasons tomorrow. The coupon states that it is not valid on prior purchases, but I would be using it on a future purchase. On the other hand, someone could have just removed the coupon from the box in store and tried to purchase seasons 2 - 6 without purchasing season 1. Do I bring in my receipt and try to use the coupon or is it a lost cause?

Decided to bring in my receipt and the coupon to see if I could get other seasons for $1.99. At 3:00 pm (Monday), the Best Buy in Palmdale, CA had 3 S1 tins left, all with coupons, plus all other seasons but S5. Took Seasons 3, 4, and 6 (got the last one) to the cashier with the coupon and showed the receipt to show I previously purchased S1. The cashier was going to allow the deal, but the computer didn't (since I wasn't purchasing S1 with the other ones). I then went to customer service and the employee allowed me to "return" and repurchase S1 and S2, even though I bought them online for instore pick-up. She knew about the deal from someone else buying them. Got all seasons except S5 (and of course S1) for $1.99 each.

GenPion 06-30-08 11:49 PM

ARGH! Wish me luck tomorrow guys. I went all around local stores. First hit up Best Buy again after my first denial by the manager on the coupon. The Set's of 24: Season 1 Special Edition didn't have the coupon. Then I went to Walmart to try and get the coupon of the set and price match for the rest. They didn't even have the Season 1 Special Edition. I then went to my local Target. They had the set but NO coupons. Then I went to another store, waited half an hour for a case to be opened with the sole copy of season 1 (which had the coupon and no one ever came). I left disgruntled. I then went to Circuit City. They had all the set's but the sticker's weren't on the Season 1 set. Dang it! I was getting really annoyed. Then I tried to go by another Walmart and they had the Season 1: Special Edition set (loads of copies) but no coupons to be found. Then I tried back at the other store I waited around for half an hour to get the set, was able to buy the set for over $50, and I got the coupon off. I'm returning the set tomorrow and am going to try Circuit City to price match so I can get all the sets. Otherwise, Best Buy is missing Season 6 but I can try to get seasons 1 to 5 there. And if that fails, I can use my coupon to try and get Seasons 1-4 and 6 at the one Walmart that had the season one special edition.

Does Target Price match? Because if they do I could try to get them all their as well.

This has been one helluva challenge.

Sweet Baby James 06-30-08 11:52 PM


Too much effort, IMO!:) I don't believe that Target offers price-matching.

GenPion 06-30-08 11:55 PM


In mine too. :(

ShadyLPete 07-01-08 12:06 AM

I'm heading tomorrow as well, around 11-12pm. As long as they have the sticker I'll buy as many seasons as they have in stock since I don't own any.

My Other Self 07-01-08 12:07 AM

Target doesn't pricematch.

That's a lot of driving around. Where the hell are all the coupons???

Sweet Baby James 07-01-08 12:11 AM

Originally Posted by mcfly
Target doesn't pricematch.

That's a lot of driving around. Where the hell are all the coupons???

I saw the coupons on all of the tins at my local FYE today. Might want to give them a look if they are in your vicinity.

rwp2084 07-01-08 12:12 AM

This deal seems to have dried up everywhere. I had no luck finding it locally. Luckily my brother lives in a more remote area where all the DVDs didn't sell out immediately. It was in Casa Grande, AZ. He went in about 5:00 Arizona time and they had 3 left of S1 with the coupons. He got all 6 seasons. After he left the store he said the clerk said he could just come back in and buy more if he wanted. I told him I would buy them so he went back in. They just had 1 left now of S1 and were down to the last copy of 2 or 3 of the other seasons. He was able to get all 6 for me. After shipping it should run me about $40 total.

MovieExchange 07-01-08 12:44 AM

Originally Posted by John Slider
I wouldn't even pay 1.99 for season 6.

$1.99 is worth it. I wasn't going to buy s6 at regular price, or even at the inevitable $20 I knew it would fall to, but a buck and change? That's worth it for the good first 4 hours, the mid-point showdown, and the time that President Logan appears.

NiCK Crush 07-01-08 12:51 AM

tried 4 Best Buys today... all gone

Jtnguyen12 07-01-08 01:14 AM

I wondering when is the coupon expires ??

dvdfansub 07-01-08 01:31 AM

Hey guys, notice any of your Season One discs scratched?
The cardboard that holds the discs are poorly designed and they're don't protect them well.

das1330 07-01-08 01:39 AM

bestbuy.com order shipped. woo :-D

Bob_F1 07-01-08 01:49 AM

Originally Posted by Jtnguyen12
I wondering when is the coupon expires ??

The $15 off per season coupon expires July 20th.

Best Buy's $16.99 per season sale runs through Saturday. It's the combination of both that makes for such an incredible deal.

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