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Assume that all of these are available to all customers unless specifically listed as member only.

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Coupons should not work for PREORDERS , Criterions, Nook, Legos, Rosetta Stone, Digital, Gift Cards, Memberships, etc.
Free Shipping is $25 (before tax/shipping) or with membership.
Online only a single code can be applied to an order
Return period is 14 days after delivery (possibly 30 days for members at the discretion of the store)
Online ordered items can returned to a local store unless it's classified as a web-only item then it's at the store's discretion to accept
The long standing Free 60 day Trial Offer was discontinued in late May 2016

10% Off Whole Order
Expires 9/18/2019 2:59am ET

"New Member" Welcome Coupons
Welcome coupons now have single use codes so these probably no longer will be generic/multiple use style so no longer will be posted
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Barnes And Noble Coupon Thread Part 2

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Re: Barnes And Noble Coupon Thread Part 2

Appears they reactivated an recent expired code. Not sure of the expiration

Get 10% Off Your Order
Expires September 8, 2019 2:59am ET

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Re: Barnes And Noble Coupon Thread Part 2

$5 off $40.00 and $10 off $75+
Expires September 11, 2019 at 2:59am Eastern Time.
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Re: Barnes And Noble Coupon Thread Part 2

Any Membership 20% off a single item coupons instore/online coming up soon? It seems lately its only 10% &15% certain items or your whole order. I hope they are not phaseing them out. The 20% off coupons were the main reason I joined up years ago.
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Old 09-12-19, 10:42 AM
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Re: Barnes And Noble Coupon Thread Part 2

It's pretty much been impossible to know about upcoming coupons for a while. They changed their staging area for coupons so you can't find them on a sequential search like before.

Usually around weekend of Sept 20th there is a Double Member in-store promotion though rarely any big sale to piggyback on. I fairly well expect some sort of in-store coupon to show in for
that weekend since nothing appears to be emailed for this week, but whether it's 10-15-20 is hard to know. The 15% Single coupons for leaving things in your cart overnight seems to be gone for now. I
haven't been able to get one of the those for a while, but if you sign into a Fresh Browser without popup blocker (a cached/cookie cleaned browser or Chrome Incognito) and wait 30-60 seconds a popup usually shows up
to get a 15% off Single Item Coupon for entering an email. Trick is - it doesn't even have to be a real email and gmail dot blind method works so you can get a 15% pretty mcuh anytime you want. It works in-store and online and doesn't
seem to expire despite what the site says. There is no printable, but if your clerks will enter the code manually it works. All these codes seem to be Batch codes so even though they are different codes, the computer sees them
as the same in store so only one works for transaction. They did recently change to a 3rd batch code it appears so if you saved some from a couple months ago (or last year) you could have codes from up to 3 different batches which
would allow 3 in one transaction. I've never tried to use the 15% single Item codes and a 10-15% Whole Order code in store -- it's possible it might stack since in the past Whole Transaction and single item codes weren't mutually exclusive

The next mailer 20% I would expect middle-end of October
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Re: Barnes And Noble Coupon Thread Part 2

10% Off Whole Order
Expires 9/18/2019 2:59am ET
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Re: Barnes And Noble Coupon Thread Part 2

Google is doing something new in their price comparison engine under the Shopping tab. If you search on an item by UPC through Google's Shopping engine, it will return a list of results from all retailers carrying the item. This includes Barnes & Noble.

They now include active coupons in the search results as well. So it's an easy way to check which coupons are active at certain retailers.
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