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75 Fred's Stores Closing In Southern States - 60% Off DVDs YMMV

Fred's is a general merchandise discount chain whose stores are mainly located in the Southeastern states (their headquarters is in Tennessee).

Their stores have always had discounted DVDs (both new and used), with the quantity and selection varying widely from store to store.

The problem has always been that since they've had very few bargains, price-wise, Fred's has never been a place I check regularly. Titles you can find at Walmart, Ross, or Big Lots for $3-5, Fred's prices at $9.99.

They have had a few TV season sets like Kung Fu, Invasion, Wonder Woman, etc. in the past but they were priced at $17.99 (and have also been discounted for less elsewhere).

The last thing I remember buying from them were a couple of Fox Studio Classics I didn't have for $7.99 each.

So I haven't been to a Fred's in quite some time.

I discovered just today that Fred's is closing three of their stores in the Charlotte, NC area.

The closing sales have apparently been going on for some time.

Prices are now 60-80% off and a sign in the store I visited today noted that the store would be closing for good in four days (Thursday).

Things were pretty picked over. The remaining DVDs were discounted 60% off Fred's prices ($7.99 titles were $3.19, $9.99 were $3.99, $17.99 were $7.19, etc.).

This particular store had once had the best DVD selection of the Charlotte stores, with nearly one full side of an aisle devoted to DVDs, but there were probably only about 100 DVDs left.

Most all of them were titles we've all seen elsewhere (Easy Rider, Tony Rome, Buffalo Soldiers, Funny Face, The Freshman, etc.).

There were two TV season sets left (Night Court, Season 1 and Life Goes On, Season 1 for $7.19 each).

The only thing I wound up with was a copy of Modesty Blaise (1966), which is currently out-of-print, for $3.19.

I checked online to see why the stores were closing and found that Fred's is closing just 75 of its 700 stores (which were considered to be "underperforming").

I tried to find a list of affected stores without any luck.

There is a store locator on the Fred's website but it apparently includes all stores, those closing and those staying open (the only other Fred's store closings I could find out anything about on the Internet were one in Texarkana, Texas and some in Louisiana).

My brother saw a stack of 90% off signs near a cash register, so prices are apparently going to be slashed further before the last day and whatever is left will be dirt cheap.

None of what Fred's has is worth expending a lot of effort on, especially since the closing sale has been going on for so long and everything is probably picked over, but if you live near a Fred's store, you might want to check and see if it is one of the stores which is closing.

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Checked out a couple in the Burlington, NC area... nothing there really. That is, unless you want to buy copies of "Ninja Bread Man" for the wii.
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