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jpb07 05-13-08 08:33 PM

Already have Crimson Tide and Usual Suspects waiting for ISP. I'm planning on going to the well one more time but I'm torn on the second disc. I want Con Air and am trying to decide between Stargate, Gattaca, and Donnie Brasco. I haven't seen Stargate or Donnie Brasco in the past decade....never have seen Gattaca. I like Uma Thurman and liked The Island (which from what I've read is somewhat like Gattaca.) I love the mobster movies. I liked Goodfellas better than Casino but haven't watched The Godfather since my tastes changed (last saw during Freshman year of college...12 years ago.) I always like movies with even a slight amount of historical content. However, I've read the bad reviews of the bad Stargate PQ. Opinions?

reconredneck 05-22-08 09:15 AM

Just purchased 300 & Pan's Labyrinth.. used my $5.00 Coupoun and used in-store pickup ended up paying $13.25 each after tax.. Not bad!

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