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kenbuzz 07-18-08 09:12 AM

It's been a month since the most recent update.

ezyDVD is pretty much done. They're down to 3 titles - I'll post an update below in a few minutes. DVD.uk has added some very nice titles to their clearance sale, including Pan's Labyrinth, Corpse Bride and Constantine.

Updated DVD.uk

Children Of Men
Clockwork Orange
Elizabeth: The Golden Age
Evan Almighty
Hotel Babylon - Series 1
Inside Man
Mercury Rising
Oceans 12
Oceans Thirteen
Red Dragon
Scorpion King
Superman Returns
Van Helsing

New Titles
Ant Bully
Batman Begins
Corpse Bride
Lake House
Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains The Same
No Reservations
Pan's Labyrinth
Twenty Thousand Streets Under The Sky
Wyatt Earp

kenbuzz 07-18-08 09:20 AM

ezyDVD.au Updated

Stock reduced to these final three titles:

Harry Potter 5 - Order of the Phoenix (US$1.75 + shipping)
Queen - Rock Montreal & Live Aid (US$22.00 + shipping)
Star Trek TOS S1 (US$63.70 including shipping)

Shipping is US$5.35 for 1 title, US$9.25 for 2. Shipping is included in box sets.

kenbenobi 07-18-08 11:36 AM

I broke down and got Pan's Labyrinth finally. I ordered it with The Road Warrior, which I've also been meaning to get. I might order 2 more titles. That's the nice thing about their shipping. It is 1 pound each no matter how many you order. So I can place a separate order later without paying more than one order would have cost.

kenbenobi 07-18-08 11:37 AM

FYI, Hotel Babylon S1 is showing as in-stock now... It is 10.95 pounds

kenbuzz 07-18-08 12:16 PM

Originally Posted by kenbenobi
FYI, Hotel Babylon S1 is showing as in-stock now... It is 10.95 pounds

Yeah, I saw that. There are several other titles who have non-6.95 / 2-for-10 prices as well, and a few 2-for-15 HD titles IIRC. Maybe I should've included them, but I opted instead to stick to the 2-for-10 titles for this thread.

Here are some others. All of the US prices assume an exchange rate of 1=$2 and 1.00 shipping cost per title

6.95 (but not 2-for-10) (~US$16)
Evan Almighty
King Kong (1976)
Mercury Rising
Ocean's Thirteen
Red Dragon
Superman Returns
Superman 2 - Richard Donner Cut
Van Helsing

7.49 (~US$17)
Rambo - First Blood V2

7.95 / 2-for-15 (~US$18 ea, 2-for-$32)
Basic Instinct
Becoming Jane
Bleak House
Clockwork Orange
Mighty Heart

9.95 (~US$22)
Top Gun

10.95 (~US$24)
Hotel Babylon S1
Terminator 2

13.49 (~US$29)
Brotherhood of the Wolf

14.95 (~US$32)
Battlestar Galactica S1
Planet Earth
Robin Hood S1

22.95 (~US$48)
Heroes S1

kenbuzz 07-27-08 12:31 PM

iNetVideo is doing their discounted shipping thingy again....

And they've restocked some of their OOS titles with pre-viewed ones. All of their HD-DVDs are now shown as either "New" or "Used", and they've got a link to their pre-viewed inventory: http://www.inetvideo.com/HD%20DVDs/Previously%20Owned/

kenbuzz 07-28-08 02:47 PM

FYI - The free shipping deal is for EVERYTHING in their store, not just their HD DVD inventory. I ended up getting one HD DVD (Constantine), a bunch of LEXX SD DVDs (everything from S3-V3 through S4-V3), a Gamera double-feature, the "Feature Film" made from the original Battlestar Galactica TV series, and a filler title to get my cart past $50.

kenbuzz 08-01-08 12:08 PM

Updated DVD.uk

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
Enter The Dragon
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Lake House
Pan's Labyrinth
Training Day
Wolf Creek
Wyatt Earp

New Titles
Blazing Saddles
Evan Almighty
Inside Man
Mercury Rising
Miami Vice
Red Dragon
Superman Returns
V For Vendetta

kenbuzz 08-13-08 10:18 PM

Got an email from inetvideo today. They've added several new titles and are offering free shipping on orders of $50 or more from now until Midnight 8/20. International shipping is half-price on $50+ orders.

I'll go see what the new titles are...

kenbuzz 08-13-08 10:19 PM


kenbuzz 08-13-08 10:28 PM

Linky: http://www.inetvideo.com/HD%20DVDs/Recently%20Added/

Hot Rod

Black Snake Moan
Blades of Glory
Failure to Launch
Four Brothers
The Heartbreak Kid
The Italian Job
Old School

Aeon Flux
Arctic Tale
Flags of Our Fathers
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
A Mighty Heart
Mission: Impossible
Nacho Libre
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
Sleepy Hollow
Top Gun
Transformers (2D)
The Warriors
We Were Soldiers
World Trade Center (2D)

Dreamgirls (2D)
Into The Wild

Mission: Impossible - Ultimate Missions Collection

Jack Ryan Collection

steelpotato 08-14-08 06:48 PM

thanks :)

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