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Auto barcode/ unadvertised sales @ Blockbuster

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Auto barcode/ unadvertised sales @ Blockbuster

Anyway, work at a Blockbuster, corporate one, so I have no clue if franchise stores will be doing this.

They actually do these a bit, but this last chunk has been the first time in a while they've been decent. They only take off the coupon after totalling. These are all going until 1/28. Some are good deals, some are lame, but hey, might as well. Some of these flicks have multiple editions, so I'll try my best to relay which ones are the sale ones. Generally, safe to assume it's probably the basic editions unless noted.

Babel (one disc): 9.99
Basic Instinct Ult Ed:7.99
Blades of Glory: 16.99
Boondock Saints 2 disc Sp Ed: 12.99
Borat: 12.99
Bourne Identity- Ult Ed- 7.99
Bourne Supremacy 2004- WS 7.99
Braveheart (reg) : 12.99
Braveheart (sp ed): 12.99 and I actually just bought this one, so it's on sale here for the same price as the other one despite just being released
Casino Sp ed - 7.99
Charlotte's Web 9.99
Dead Silence 16.99
Devil Wears Prada 12.99
Disturbia 16.99
Dodgeball 12.99
Donnie Brasco (regular version) 7.99
The Doors Sp Ed 7.99
Dreamgirls (single disc) 9.99
Eragon 12.99
Evan Almighty 16.99
Family Guy stewie griffin 12.99
Fight Club single disc 9.99
Flags of Our Fathers 9.99
Flicka 12.99
Flushed Away 12.99
Forrest Gump Sp Ed 7.99
Freedom Writers 9.99
Freeway 7.99
Ghost Rider (single disc) 12.99
Gladiator 12.99
Grease Rockin Rydell edition 12.99
Hot Fuzz (single disc) 16.99
Ice Age (single) 12.99
Inside man 7.99
King Kong (2005, single disc) 7.99
Little Miss Sunshine 16.99
Lock Up 7.99
The Marine 12.99
Mask of Zorro DLX ed 7.99
Monty Python and the Holy Grail Sp ed 12.99
Mr. and Mrs. Smith 12.99
The Mummy Collection set 12.99
Napoleon Dynamite 12.99
Night at the Museum 7.99
Norbit 16.99
Office Space Sp Ed 12.99
Passion of the Christ 12.99
The Punisher 9.99
Resident Evil Apocalypse SE 12.99
Riddick Trilogy 12.99
Saving Private Ryan 12.99
Scarface 12.99
Shooter 16.99
Smokin Aces 12.99
Snatch 7.99
Soul Survivors Killer Cut 7.99
Spider Man 2 7.99
Spider Man 7.99
Star Wars Revenge of the Sith 12.99
Stargate Ult Ed 7.99
Stir of Echoes 7.99
Terminator 2 extreme edition 7.99
Titanic 10th anniv 12.99
Top Gun 7.99
Total Recall 7.99
Transformers 16.99
Ultraviolet 7.99
Walk the Line 12.99
Walking Tall (the Rock) 7.99
Wall Street 20th anniversary 12.99
X men 3 12.99

Again, most of these are the basic editions, and I clarified when either the description said or if I'm familiar with that item. Most everything will NOT be marked these prices, and will only show up after totaling up.
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Are these previously viewed movies, and are any of them BD or HD?
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only thing i see that i want would be Casino se.

thanks for posting anyway!
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Are these for new or previously viewed discs?
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No these are new copies.
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