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Dimsdale 12-09-07 03:29 PM

Reward Zone members deal
For all you Reward Zone members who still have the latest round of "exclusive savings event" coupons, I just thought you'd like to know that the "10% off" coupon also works with the Family Guy Freakin' Party Pack on sale in today's circular. At $89.99, it's already the lowest price around. Toss in another $9.00 off and I went ahead and picked up a copy for myself. Freakin' sweet.

dsa_shea 12-09-07 03:46 PM

Too bad I already spent too freakin much on the individual releases.

kyle 12-09-07 03:54 PM

As always this is YMMV--some Best Buy sales clerks will take the 10% off sale items while others will follow the wording on the coupon that says off regular prices.

TGM 12-09-07 04:01 PM

Freakin' Ambiguous Thread

RobCA 12-09-07 04:22 PM

Originally Posted by TallGuyMe
Freakin' Ambiguous Thread

I assumed by the thread title that it would be a Family Guy-related bargain. Of course, that doesn't explain why I opened the thread anyway. ;)


Michael Corvin 12-09-07 06:26 PM

Originally Posted by TallGuyMe
Freakin' Ambiguous Thread


kenbenobi 12-10-07 12:16 AM

I preferred the thread title the way it was originally. At least most people could tell it was about Family Guy then. Now the title is even more vague...

shyguy1083 12-10-07 01:05 AM

agreed. came in thinking this was a completely new thread. why not just title it "family guy party pack - reward zone members deal." third title's the charm?

sandman007 12-10-07 05:16 AM

Why do we even need this thread?

whotony 12-10-07 06:34 AM

freakin' bad title

Trevor 12-10-07 06:52 AM

Originally Posted by sandman007
Why do we even need this thread?

We should have a separate thread for every item for which this coupon could apply. That would only be about 175,000 new threads.

I'll start from the A's if someone else wants to start from the Z's.

DirkBelig 12-10-07 09:43 AM

South Park>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Family Guy.

Funk 12-10-07 09:48 AM

Originally Posted by DirkBelig
South Park>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Family Guy.

Your opinion ========= Irrelevance

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