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Old 09-19-07, 04:57 AM   #1
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MTV Dorm Room Favorites upto 45% off at
Collection @ DVDAF |
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Old 09-19-07, 06:02 PM   #2
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29.99 8th and Ocean (Complete First Season)
23.68 Adventures of Chico and Guapo 1st Season
31.99 Aeon Flux-Complete Animated Collection
21.99 Andy Milonakis Show Season 1
21.99 Andy Milonakis Show Season 2
21.99 Animations Show Box Set
12.63 Daria Movie-Is It College Yet
12.63 Daria Movie-Is It Fall Yet
30.13 Jackass (Vol. 2 and 3) 2pk
43.99 Jackass Box Set
14.99 Jackass V01
16.88 Jackass V02
16.88 Jackass V03
21.99 Jamie Kennedys Blowin Up Complete First Season
16.88 MTV - Making the Band 2 - The Best of Season 1
39.99 MTV Real World Las Vegas (Complete 1st Season)
29.63 MTV-The Real World: New York (Complete First Season)
10.93 MTV-TheReal World: Exotic Vacations
16.88 MTV: Real World - Hook Ups
16.88 MTV: Real World You Never Saw - Paris
27.93 MTV: Real World You Never Saw - Paris/Hook Ups 2pk
12.63 MTV: The Real World You Never Saw - Las Vegas
12.63 MTV: The Real World You Never Saw: Back To New York
21.13 Mtv Cribs 2pk
13.15 Mtv Cribs-Hip Hop
12.63 Mtv Cribs-Rock
30.48 Mtv Fitness 3pk
33.03 Mtv Fitness 4pk
12.63 Mtv Pilates
12.63 Mtv Power Yoga
19.43 Mtv Video Music Awards Collection 2pk
12.63 Mtv Video Music Awards-Hip Hop
12.63 Mtv Video Music Awards-Rock
12.63 Mtv Yoga
21.13 Mtv's Wuthering Heights
12.63 Mtv-Pilates Mix
16.99 Mtv-Pimp My Ride Complete First Season
18.99 Mtv-Punkd (Complete First Season)
18.99 Mtv-Punkd (Complete Second Season)
12.63 Mtv-Real World Movie-Lost Season
12.63 Mtvs Behind Tough Enough
12.63 Mtvs Inside Fear
12.63 Mtvs Real World You Never Saw-Chicago
18.99 Newlyweds-Nick and Jessica (Complete Final Season)
21.13 Newlyweds-Nick and Jessica (Complete First Season)
18.99 Newlyweds-Nick and Jessica (Complete Second and Third Seasons)
29.99 Nick Cannon Season One-Presents Wild N Out
29.99 Noahs Arc-2nd Season
29.99 Noahs Ark-1st Season
12.63 Real World-Decade of Bloopers
21.99 So Notorious Complete First Season
12.63 Tom Green Subway Monkey Hour
22.99 Two a Day-Hoover High Complete First Season
19.99 Viva La Bam (Complete First Season) - As Seen on MTV
29.99 Viva La Bam (Complete Fourth and Fifth Seasons)
18.99 Viva La Bam Complete Second & Third Seasons
18.99 Wildboyz (Complete 2nd Season-Uncensored)
18.99 Wildboyz (Complete First Season)
29.99 Wildboyz Complete Third and Fourth Season
21.99 Wonder Showzen Season 1
21.99 Wonder Showzen Season 2
42.38 Wwf Tough Enough Box Set
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Old 09-19-07, 07:39 PM   #3
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Ouch! Pass. Thanks for the links, though.
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Old 09-20-07, 09:25 AM   #4
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Ugh. I really miss the days when MTV stood for Music Television.
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