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Best Deals on Babylon 5: The Movie Collection, Crusade, and Legend of the Rangers...

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Best Deals on Babylon 5: The Movie Collection, Crusade, and Legend of the Rangers...

Old 06-23-07, 03:58 PM
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Best Deals on Babylon 5: The Movie Collection, Crusade, and Legend of the Rangers...

Recently in the Best Buy B5 Sale, I picked up Seasons 1 - 5. Now I am looking to complete my B5 collection by picking up:

Babylon 5: The Movie Collection
Crusade: The Complete Series
Babylon 5: Legend of the Rangers

I've looked but have been unable to find a good deal on these, if anyone could point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it.

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Old 06-23-07, 05:07 PM
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Old 06-23-07, 09:37 PM
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Old 06-23-07, 10:47 PM
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Yes, Crusade is a spin-off of Babylon 5. The movie, A Call to Arms, is a setup for the series. Thanks for the tip, checking it out now
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Old 06-24-07, 01:02 AM
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TRUST ME, RENT "Crusade" and "Rangers", DON'T Buy!

I absolutely LOOOVED Babylon 5 the series (yeah there were a few weak spots in season five but it ended REAL strong!)!

That said, "Crusade" was IMHO a horribly misguided, mis-cast, mis-wrote, mis-directed, mis-take and "The Legend of the Rangers" was just embarising. The main female character in "Legend" enters a 3-D simulator and fires the ship's weapons by "angrily" punching and kicking in the direction of "the enemy ships." It is PAINful to watch! It would have been easier to accept her pointing her fingers at the ships and going "P-KOW, P-KOW." The wonderful Andreas Katsulas, reprising his role as G'Kar, is given wretched lines and a makeup job that looked like Narn Jaundice.

If you absolutely have to watch "Rangers" and "Crusade" to complete the "Babylon 5" experience, save yourself some money and just rent the damn things.

Now, "The Movie Collection" is a tremendously worthwhile buy.
"The Gathering" sets up the beginning of the series.
"In the Beginning" provides a wonderful back-story as well as important elements missing from "Babylon Squared" and "War Without End - Pt 2" (and some of the best work by Peter Jurasik as Londo Mollari)!
"Thirdspace" was a really nice stand-alone movie about Babylon 5 meeting H.P. Lovecraft's "Cthulhu (one of Joe Straczynski's favorite story ideas).
And "A Call to Arms" contains the sum total of ALL that might have been good in "Crusade."

If you want to watch ANY part of "Crusade" it will make NO sense if you haven't already watched "A Call To Arms."

If you can't wait for another DeepDiscount.com 20% off sale, the best prices I've seen for Babylon 5 stuff has been on Half.com. The prices will vary a lot though. But if you watch the site over a few weeks you can generally find someone who will sell at a reasonable price.
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Old 06-24-07, 01:07 AM
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I don't remember seeing any sales on them since Christmas time. I have had them so long that I don't pay attention to price on it anymore though. Now, if you run across a good pre-order price for Lost Tales, I would like to know.
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Old 06-24-07, 04:23 AM
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Originally Posted by arock99
I bought the movie collection and crusade here in Canada at costco for 24.95 CAD each (aprox 27.00 US)

I haven't had a chance to watch crusade yet...is it a spinoff of Babylon 5?
FYI, actually the exchange rate for 24.95 CAD to US dollars is $23.37.
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Old 06-24-07, 08:52 AM
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I wasn't able to find any of it on the Costco Site, US or Canadian. Any other suggestions
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Old 06-24-07, 09:10 AM
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I actually liked Crusade (although I thought the music sounded like pots and pans banging in a kitchen) I thought it had at least had potential. When compared to most of the first Season of Babylon 5 and it was not alot worse off. You can blame TNT for screwing around with it though from what it could have potentialy been.

B5: LOTR 's on the other hand is all JMS's fault not sure what he was thinking. The production values seemed worse then something made in the 80's and the rest was ugh.

As for place to get the movies I would have suggested at DD during the 20% off sale it would have been about 32 bucks.

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Old 06-24-07, 09:38 AM
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Why I love DVDTalk - Everybody asking for help with a purchase gets 50% friendly helpful response plus 50% criticizm for the thing they're asking for help with.

The least expensive online place right now for all three of these titles appears to be DD.
$13.24 B5:LOTR
$39.73 B5:Movies
$39.73 Crusade
$92.70 Total

There might be a coupon for the WB's online store that could undercut these prices. There's a thread over in HD Talk about that.

Update: There is a coupon:
Over at http://whv.warnerbros.com
$14.95 B5:LOTR
$47.95 B5:Movies
$47.95 Crusade
( $22.17 ) Coupon WBWEL (20% off)

I don't know if shipping is included, but the site has an ongoing "Free Shipping on Orders over $60" deal, so it might.

You might also want to consider B5:The Lost Tales, which releases in July. The promo looks great: http://babylon5.warnerbros.com/

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