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[email protected] 06-08-06 05:10 AM

Criterion DVDs on sale at Newbury Comics (B&M)
I was in the Newbury Comics in Nashua, NH last night and noticed a rack of Criterion Collection discs on sale. The two that I remember were 'Man Who Fell To Earth' and 'Ran', both marked at $24.99. Looked like the $39.95 titles were on sale for $24.99, and the $29.95 titles were on sale for $19.99.

Not all were marked on sale, just the ones on the rack (15-20 titles).

sotra 06-08-06 06:46 AM

Any Dazed and Confused there?

James Anderson 06-08-06 10:46 AM

yep! it's $25.99 with this coupon


i picked up 'Sword of Doom' for $19.99
and i was contemplating 'Videodrome' for $24.99

DrStrangeL0ve71 06-08-06 11:51 AM

god damn if only I lived in new england.

Richard Malloy 06-08-06 01:07 PM

I've been quietly shopping this sale since last week... many good titles are included, but unfortunately I have most of them already! The price tiers, as I recall are $19.99 and $25.99. Some more expensive titles - like "Complete Mr. Arkadin" are (I think) $29.99.

Titles I remember seeing:
I, Vitelloni
Shoot the Piano Player
Jules et Jim
Band of Outsiders
Down by Law
Throne of Blood
Complete Mr. Arkadin
Elevator to the Gallows
The other individual Malle releases from the boxset (but not the Boxset)
Short Cuts
Fists in the Pocket
Gimme Shelter
The Third Man

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