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Circuit City Ad: Feb 12-18

Old 02-09-06, 04:06 AM
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Circuit City Ad: Feb 12-18

Circuit City

Just Like Heaven


Golden Girls s4:26eps (save $10 when bought with any other season)

Pretender s3:21eps
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe s1v2:32eps

Gilmore Girls s5:22eps
West Wing s5:22eps
Nip/Tuck s2:16eps
SmallVille s4:22eps

Fresh Prince s3:24eps

Grey's Anatomy s1:9eps
Wallace & Gromit tCotWR
In Her Shoes
Legend of Zorro, The

Corpse Bride, The
Friends s10:18EPS
Entourage s1:8eps
Curb Your Enthusiasm s4:10eps
Dukes of Hazzard s5:22eps
Everybody Loves Raymond s5:25eps

Saw II w/ FREE Collectible Flashing Saw Blade
ATHF v4:22eps
Da Ali G Show s2:6eps
Fresh Prince s2:24eps

CC Roast of Pamela Anderson
Final Destination 1&2 2-Pack w/ FREE Movie Cash for part 3 (plus a 20-minute bonus disc w/ a sneak peek at part 3)

2 for $15
Bourne Identity
Liar Liar
Old School UR
Shaun of the Dead
Ring, The
Van Helsing
Terminal, The
American Me
Fast & the Furious, The
Chronicles of Riddick, The
Born on the 4th of July
Biker Boyz
Game, The
Dawn of the Dead UR DC
Thing, The
Catch Me If You Can
Reality Bites
Along Came Polly
Great Outdoors, The
White Noise
Seed of Chucky
Cat in the Hat, The (Myers)
8 Mile
Animal House
Battlestar Galactica
American Pie
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Old 02-09-06, 06:24 AM
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Thanks...I'm curious what the "Flashing saw blade" looks like for SAW II. I'll still wait for the Director's Cut probably.
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Old 02-09-06, 06:56 AM
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PRetty sweet deal on ATHF. Thanks for the prices.
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I'm in for Saw II, and then Born on the Fourth of July and something else in the 2/15 deal. I almost bought that movie the other day.
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I knew CC would come through and beat BB's price on Saw II. It's been pretty consistent over the last few months that CC's prices on their lossl leaders is about $2 less than BB.
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Old 02-09-06, 08:05 AM
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Glad I held off on buying Entourage S1. $17.99 is too good to pass up.

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Old 02-09-06, 08:22 AM
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Already bought the Final Destination 2-pack at $14.99, which was (and is) fine with me, but it's a steal at $12.99.
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think i'll be getting friends season 10...maybe fresh prince season 2. thanks for the prices!
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Gilmore Girls s5 looks like a decent price.
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Hello, CYE S4.
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Some pretty good prices. Thanks!
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Has The Game ever showed up in a 2 for $15 like this before? Hopefully that SE will be coming soon...
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well, no decent prices on proof.
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wow, those are some good prices on tv sets
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I'm in for Friends (S10), although I was planning on curtailing my DVD buying for at least a week, lol
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Thanks so much OP. Those are some killer prices on some TV sets I've been holding out on.
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Awesome deal on Nip/Tuck season 2.
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anybody know if Seed of Chuck is Unrated, or if The Thing is the newly anamorphic version?
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Gonna go to best buy and price match it.

Finally getting my 2nd season of nip/tuck
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Excellent Tv prices. I will probably pick up ELR s5, FP s2, GG s5, NP s2, and maybe Entourage(never seen an episode,but have heard good reviews).
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It's interesting to see Everybody Loves Raymond S5 and Dukes of Hazzard S5 on sale for $17.99. There have been $13.88 to $17.99 specials on S1 and S2 for both of these TV series, but no specials on S3 and S4. I wonder why they jumped to S5?

The Dukes of Hazzard S5 is 8 DVDs. Unlike Universal who seems like they will keep selling DVD-18s from Mexico no matter how defective they are, Warner had the decency to switch back to DVD-18 after Dukes of Hazzard S3. Unfortunately S5 is missing Bo and Luke, so I'll probably pass.
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Originally Posted by jeffrey r
Already bought the Final Destination 2-pack at $14.99, which was (and is) fine with me, but it's a steal at $12.99.
how much is the movie cash? is this 2-pak worth it. i've seen 1 & 2 on tv all the time, so don't know if there is more value with the extras. and only thought 2 was ok, but was thinking of seeing 3 sometime. also, is there like a slipcover over both or just the 2 single releases?

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damn... I will have to get Nip/Tuck S2
CYE S4, HeMan , Grey's Anatomy (for the wife), Entourage, possibly DOH and the Pam Anderson Roast
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Friends and Raymond for me! Thanks!!!
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