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pilot 11-06-05 09:15 AM

DDD 20% Off Sale Nov. 11-19 (STARTED ALREADY! GO BUY!)
MovieExchange has written up a nice little FAQ which you will find below, that should give you all some information and hopefully prevent the new folks from making threads and then feel bad because the veterans get on your case about making a thread.

<s>Asking when the next sale will be is frowned upon. If you're a current customer of DDD, you will receive an email when the sale starts. If you're a subscriber of the DVD Talk newsletter, you will also get an email when the sale starts. Your best bet though is to watch the Bargains forum, because when it happens, you'll know. You will see a thread, and it grows, VERY quickly. You may also see or hear it advertised on local AM radio stations, and/or even national newspapers.</s>

The sale usually happens twice a year and runs for a week and a half to two weeks. The last one was in June, the one before that was November of last year, but there's never any guarantee that it will take place. We don't get an official post until the day of or the day before the sale.

The 20% is taken off their current list price. Some newer items (for example, Sopranos season 5 during the last sale) are bumped up a few bucks beforehand, but the 20% off still makes for a great deal. You CANNOT use the coupon codes on pre-orders.

There are many different codes to use at checkout for the sale. There's a code for DVD Talk, as well as several others. When the sale kicks off, there will be a thread with people listing all the codes.

Each code can only be used once. You can use multiple codes, on multiple orders. The best bet is to build up a large order instead of ordering things as you think about them.

Another tip is to build your wish list in advance. Look what is on sale at the B&M's the week of the DDD sale, and DDD will usually match (on their webpage) the price, which you then will get an additional 20% off.

If you need DVD Suggestions you can always check out DVD Talk's Highest Rated DVDs (each have a handy link to DDD at the bottom :)

coupon codes:


Ispep Aloc 11-10-05 09:27 AM

DDD 20% Off Sale Nov. 11-19
People are receiving post cards in the mail saying that the 20% sale starts tomorrow. The coupon code list on there is DD11. I'm sure just like every year, there will be the code <b>dvdtalk</b> as well as other codes to use.

Kocheese99 11-10-05 09:27 AM

YAY!!! Lets hope this is true!!!!!

Here's hoping that shelving is going to be included in this sale as well. Can't wait to hear from the man himself, who should be popping on here pretty soon if this is true.

Jtnguyen12 11-10-05 09:36 AM

Wow... impressive ... can't wait

tonymontana313 11-10-05 09:37 AM

Wow. This is a little earlier than the usual sale.

Dr. Henry Jones, Jr. 11-10-05 09:38 AM

since when do they send out postcards?

yeldarb367 11-10-05 09:39 AM


majorjoe23 11-10-05 09:45 AM

Well, that's going to help control my spending, I had planned to pick up King Kong, Seinfeld Seasons 5-6 and King of the Hill Season 5, all of which come out on the 22.

As it stands, I'll probably just grab South Park Season 6 and Land of the Dead.

exharrison 11-10-05 09:51 AM

Awesome. Does this normally start at Midnight or Noon or some other arbitrary time of day?

Geofferson 11-10-05 09:53 AM

Yup - I've seen 11/11 as the start of the sale on other sites as well.

bookcase3 11-10-05 09:53 AM

Does it work on pre-releases? I'm new to this game.

Dr. Henry Jones, Jr. 11-10-05 09:54 AM

Originally Posted by bookcase3
Does it work on pre-releases? I'm new to this game.

No it doesn't.

Dr. Henry Jones, Jr. 11-10-05 09:55 AM

shit.. time to make a list I guess. Only 20 titles or so on my list, even less when I get the latest CH shipment.

Big Worms 11-10-05 10:00 AM


GeoffK 11-10-05 10:24 AM

This is.... Confirmed

mifuneral 11-10-05 10:26 AM

Very cool news. Time to make the list :D

josuff247 11-10-05 10:26 AM

Cool, I was just about to ask When the next sale would happen :P

bookcase3 11-10-05 10:27 AM

Cancelled my Amazon order in anticipation...

Dan1boy 11-10-05 10:30 AM


d'oh, I just remembered...I only had a chance to actually *watch* about 1/4 of the discs I got last time...

bah, who cares...it's the DDD 20% sale !!!

Damed 11-10-05 10:31 AM

Sweet for me, ouch for my wallet.

Dr. Henry Jones, Jr. 11-10-05 10:31 AM

am I going crazy or was this thread deleted for a little while?

ChrisHicks 11-10-05 10:31 AM

and my entire wishlist got deleted when I added a few more dvds to it. :(

Sweet Baby James 11-10-05 10:32 AM

Originally Posted by Lunatikk
am I going crazy or was this thread deleted for a little while?

I think Geoff pulled it until he could confirm the sale.:)

DVD King 11-10-05 10:34 AM

The sale doesn't count pre-orders right? The dates just barely miss the Ran criterion then. Oh well.

Dr. Henry Jones, Jr. 11-10-05 10:36 AM

Originally Posted by ChrisHicks
and my entire wishlist got deleted when I added a few more dvds to it. :(

that sucks, so its happening already? Geez. How big was the list?

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